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Titan - Black Leather Watch -2648NL01
Black Leather Watch -2648NL01
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Did you know that wrist watches were born out of necessity? The situation forced them to fashion out wrist watches from pocket watches which they tied around their wrist with crude leather. And that’s it, that’s how the leather strap watch was invented, out of eager requirement. Just as how this sounds fascinating, leather watches are equally fascinating as well. With its aesthetically pleasing appearance and advanced quality leather, a leather strap watch is a timeless classic. Today, watches are more than just a tool to keep track of time. It is a very crucial part of your outfit and builds up your personality even more which is why people put a lot of thought into buying a watch. Leather watches have a look that cannot be matched. Nykaa Fashion offers you an elegant collection of these leather watch timepieces from hundreds of brands offering you the best deals which is sure to make your jaw drop.


When it comes to leather watches, there are different kinds of straps that you can sport. Let’s get to know what they are: Stitched leather straps: The leather material on this strap is usually stitched with machine or by hand to curate double-thickness straps. Not only that, it adds to the watch’s character as well with its old-school appearance. Racing pattern straps: Their designs have been inspired from the racing cars in the ‘60s and ‘70s and they possess certain practical benefits other than just their design and appearance. Bund or padded straps: The straps have a broad backing and might have either a single or double piece strap. Historically significant, these straps will totally be of great company with any outfit.

1. Digital Leather Watches

These watches are a fusion of the digital watches with the old-school leather straps that not only have smooth functionalities but also give you a super smart look. They have an extremely sporty and voguish look that are perfect for active wearers with an on-the-go lifestyle. You can wear them while working out and keep track of your heart rate, you can use it as a stopwatch and take advantage of multiple features at the same time by adding a vintage look to your attire with the leather straps.

2. Analog Leather Watches

These type of leather watches features the classic analog dial with the traditional setting along with classic and high quality leather straps that can easily amp up your look to a whole another level. If you’re an avid analog watch wearer, adding a leather strap to it would definitely bring out the best in you. These watches are especially versatile and can fuse with any of your outfits with ease.

3. Leather Smart Watches

Make a long lasting impression on your peers with this coming-of-age design leather smart watch. A culmination of the new world technology along with the historical leather strap style, this watch will surely make everyone’s heads turn. Not only that, but you will also be able to access all your required applications right from your wrist while you have the option to keep your love for the classics alive, how convenient is that?

4. Designer Leather Watches

Looking for the perfect watch that adds a dash of luxury to your collection of leather watches? You can find the best designer leather watches here with absolute ease and choose from the top-brands of all time. These designer watches feature the most intricately built designs with the leather straps adding a dash of vintage look to it. You can pair it up with one of your favourite suits to look your classy best.

5. Leather Watches Below 1000

Who said you need to burn a whole in your pocket to buy a leather watch? Don’t get swayed away by such rumours and check out our websites to get the best deals on leather watches under Rs.1000. Sonata has a wide range of leather watch collection under Rs. 1000 that will leave you mesmerized. They are extremely stylish and are absolutely perfect to wear on an everyday basis.

6. Leather Watches Below 5000

Now you can don yourself with an elegant leather watch without going too overboard on your wallet. You can find premium quality leather watches under Rs.5000 like Daniel Klein, Fastrack, Titan, etc. on our website offered by top-selling brands. Fastrack leather watches are the ideal choice for a timepiece in this range. The wide variety of designs and structures will keep you wanting more. Titan leather watches are another impressive choice to go for. If you’re a black lover, then opt for a Fastrack black leather watch and we bet you won’t regret it. The Titan leather watches have great durability and elite quality leather straps that will add an oomph factor to any outfit you pair it with. The elegant designs and smooth functionalities of these watches will make you stand out of the crowd.

7. Leather Watches Below 10,000

Glam up your watch collection with luxurious leather watches under Rs10,000 from top-quality brands like Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger , Giordano and many more. Fossil leather watches include carefully handcrafted timepieces that feature incredibly detailed designs and a jaw-dropping anatomy. The endless functions and characteristics merged with the antique look of a leather strap will take everyone’s breathe away in an instant. If you’re looking for an elite timepiece, you will not only find it easily on our website, but will also get choose from hundreds of different styles.

8. Leather Watches for Men

Men are super picky and concerned when it comes to choosing a watch for themselves. We feature the best collection of men’s leather watches that will make you sweat to make a choice because we bet you’re going to love all of them! Titan men’s leather watches collection offers an exclusive range of elegant watches that you can pair up with your favourite suits to get the best out of it. Fastrack men’s leather watches are another great choice if you’re looking for something to wear on an everyday basis. These can be paired with any of your favourite casual or evening outfits, either way it’s going to make you look absolutely dapper. Another great addition would be Fossil men’s leather watches. The collection offers stunning designs and can be donned on any occasion.

9. Leather Watches for Women

Let your inner love for minimalistic and tasteful aesthetic with elegant leather watches. You can wear them from day to night, from work to a party, and literally any other occasion. And now you can find the best women’s leather watches here on Nykaa Fashion with thousands of brands and styles to choose from. Fossil women’s leather watches deliver classy yet chic timepiece with intricate detailing in their designs and multiple features. These women’s Fossil leather watches are the perfect addition to your modern and voguish closet for your on-the-go personality. On the other hand, Fastrack leather watches for women offer absolutely stylish and impressive designs with superior quality leather straps that are highly durable which make them perfect for everyday use. They can go with any of your everyday outfits perfectly and amp up your look.


We strive to offer you the best and most high-quality products with absolute ease through our platforms. Therefore, we present to you all the top-selling brands that you can think of while buying the perfect leather watch. You have the option to choose from hundreds of brands that offer unmatched and unique styles with incredible quality and features. You can find all your favourite brands like Titan, Fastrack, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Giordano, etc. on our website super easily.


Everyone loves a good looking watch, but just like everything else you should take care of your precious leather watch too to maintain its good looks. • Clean your strap from time-to-time. Pick a day to clean your watch’s leather strap and continue to do so over time. • How to clean it: Detach the straps from the watch before cleaning it to protect the watch and its dial. • Wipe it with a dry cloth first. • Wash the strap with gentle soap to remove the dirt. Use only a small amount of gentle soap along with a damped cloth, not a soaking wet cloth which could damage the leather. • Wipe off the soap residue with the washed damp cloth. • Let it dry off. • You can then use a leather conditioner which is specifically used for jewellery, watches, etc. Do not use harsh conditioners or it could damage the strap.


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