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Daniel Klein - Black Round Analog Watch For Men - DK11125 - 1
Daniel Klein
Black Round Analog Watch For Men - DK11125 - 1
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A watch is not just another mere accessory, it speaks for you and through you. It’s not just another fashion statement, it’s your personal statement. The intricate design, the flawless mechanism, the endless features, everything sums up together to show off your personality in the best possible way. And if analog watches are your style, then you wouldn’t find a better platform to shop from other than Nykaa Fashion. With a seamless shopping experience and thousands of top-selling brands, we bring what’s best for you right at your fingertips. These analog watches have been carefully crafted with the best quality material to give a satisfying experience and made available to you with ease through our website. We have everything you need, specially curated for you and your style.


Choosing a watch might be more than just a casual venture. To pick the right watch, you must familiarize yourself with certain aspects of it that you must keep in mind while buying an analog watch. This will help you find “the one" for you. First, the watch movements. This means the watch’s hands encompassing the dial, which is actually the mechanism of the watch. If you’re a fan of the olden times, a mechanical watch might fit your taste perfectly because of its manual winding feature. Automatic watches have the same precision as that of mechanical watches but do not feature manual winding, instead, they’re just automatic. Quartz crystal watches are the most common ones that you will come across. Not only are they affordable, but their accuracy is also amazing. They can easily fit your budget and are super reliable. If you want to get a watch depending on the occasion, then there are several types to choose from, although most of them are quite versatile which is even better, isn’t it? No effort required at all, just hop onto our website and pick your favourite one!


There’s one unique piece for every age and gender in the store that will definitely satisfy their fashion needs to the fullest. The site features analog watches for men that show off bold and chunky designs that you can pair with a sleek and classy suit. The collection of analog watches for women feature several intricately designed pieces in hundreds of different colours to match your closet for every occasion. We also have the widest collection for your little kiddos to flaunt. Our collection of analog watches for girls have incredibly cute pieces that they would just love to flaunt amongst their pals and fun character-printed boys analog watch that your little one will sport with style.


Men do not usually like to engage in inculcating multiple accessories in their attire. They like to keep it minimalistic, yet highly attractive. How do they do that? By donning a watch that speaks through. This is what makes them extremely picky when it comes to buying watches. Among the top choices, you can find Fastrack analog watches for men that is perfect for all casual occasions, Titan analog watches for men is another top tier choice that you will just love to don your wrist with. If you are a lover of black, add the very cool and stylish Fastrack black dial analog watch for guys that you can pair with literally everything. The design, the precision, the features, everything counts because this might be the only piece of accessory they finish off their ensemble with, so make it count. Keeping everything in mind, our collection on Nykaa Fashion meets all your expectations. From simple and minimalistic designs with minimal features to a culmination of the highest technology with superb craftsmanship, we have it all.


Too many accessories can be overpowering. Minimalism is the new source of attraction. Are you looking for a piece to add to your minimalism inspired collection? Then analog watches are the perfect pick for you and we have got you covered with our best-selling watches which you can cop with the best offers! Find thousands of different watches in a variety of designs that will make everyone’s jaw drop. We present to you all the best brands of top-notch, like Fastrack analog watch for women that has an impeccable quality that you can include in your collection with the best possible offers that you will come across. Style it with your beautiful midi dresses for a brunch with your girlfriends or with a super sleek and sophisticated pantsuit to rock that presentation, we have got everything you need to slay every day.


There are analog watches classified on the basis of their mechanism and their style dossiers. You can explore what kind of mechanism works best for you and fuse it up with your style, this will be the absolute perfect pick for you. There are five types of styles, dress, field, dive, aviator and racing. The dress watch is what defines simplistic and sophisticated designs. It is not-so-flashy and has a sleek design that subtly grabs attention and makes you look like an absolute gentleman. The field watch is more of a rugged watch that is all about functionality while still showing off a very upstyle look. You can pair it with any kind of attire on occasion due to its versatile appearance. Then comes the dive watch. This is the most common type of watch that you might have come across. As the name suggests, its signature feature is that it is water-resistant. They usually have a metal casing that looks highly classy and modish. Coming to the aviator watch, this watch is historically iconic. It doesn’t have an exact style but keeps playing between different designs and gives you a variety of options to choose from which you can pair on any occasion that you want. Finally, the racing watch. This timepiece was specially curated for maintaining accurate timing for the racers. Their main features are their chronograph style and a large dial. They have more of a flashy and eye-catching look, thus making them an obvious choice for casual occasions.


On a budget but can’t compromise on fashion? We got you. You can easily find the best deals under Rs. 1000 from brands like Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, Sonata, Timex, Chumbak, etc. Find the right fit for you for your casual wear, party wear, formal wear, and evening wear. Pick a minimalistic Sonata analog watch and pair it with a crisp striped shirt and tuck it halfway into a cute pair of flared jeans or go for a stylish Timex metal strap watch and finish off your formal attire on a high note. The versatility doesn’t diminish just as yet. You can find numerous variants of highly stylish analog watches that have been carefully crafted to hype up your fashionable taste buds.


You don’t always have to go over-the-top to get a nice and classy watch. Cop the best analog watches in under Rs. 5000 from famous brands like Fastrack, Titan, Tommy Hilfiger and many more brands that will instantly grab everyone’s attention with their super eye-catching designs and features. You can opt for a cool Fastrack analog watch that comes in so many different variants that you can don on any occasion. These Fastrack analog watches feature trendy and cool designs that give an upscale look to your attire. Titan analog watches are absolutely unmatched with their creative and unexcelled designs. Sport a Titan analog watch along with a very classy suit and trouser to get the best out of the look.


If you want to inculcate a dash of pure class into your accessory collection, then Nykaa Fashion is the right place for you. Find thousands of styles under Rs. 10,000 and add an exclusive piece to your collection. Nykaa Fashion presents you with all the best-selling brands with the most outstanding collection. Featuring brands like Titan, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil and much more, you can find just the right piece for your classic closet. We have watches featuring a classic round dial with a solid colour that will fit your minimalistic closet just right, watches with roman numerals on the dial that adds a hint of antique to your look, making you look stylish as ever, watches going beyond the normal with their never-ending features that will grab everyone’s attention in an instant. The list does not end. You can easily find the most remarkable collection of analog watches on our website that will make you sweat as you try to make a choice.


Brands like Fossil presents you effortlessly cool and timeless designs that will sweep you off your feet. You can pair a Fossil analog watch along with a classic solid shirt and trousers to get a crisp and clean look If you’re going for a black dial, then the Fastrack black dial analog watch is what you’re looking for. Style it with a polo T-shirt with a classy collar neck and chinos to get a travel-ready look. Or you can go for a completely black design with the Fastrack black analog watch that adds a unique and eye-catching factor to your ensemble. If you’re a person with a modern minimalistic taste, you can opt for the very voguish Fastrack minimalist analog watch to keep your ensemble on fleek. Titan neo analog watch is something to look out for. The design has been carefully crafted with multiple little dials having different features. Add it to your formal wear and step into work in style. Need an essence of tech in your watch? Pick this very cool Fastrack analog digital watch that will definitely meet your expectations.


Your watch has many foes, and no matter how many times the technology has been upgraded, in the end, you have to take care of your precious watch and eliminate these unwanted outcasts. 1. Regularly wind your watch. Pick a day, any day and make sure you wind up your watch to re-energize it to the fullest. For any manual watch, this is a good habit that you should definitely incur in your routine. 2. Avoid winding your watch while it’s on your wrist, you might end up breaking or bending the crown. 3. Your watch may be water-resistant, but it could impair over time. There are machines that could check the accuracy of your watch’s water resistance, so keep it in check from time to time. 4. Keep your watch clean. A watch can amp up your look to the fullest but a dirty watch is extremely unappealing. Clean it with a microfiber cloth, but do not use water and soap as it might creep into your watch’s internal space and completely damage it. 5. Do not ever push your watch to its limits, you will end up permanently damaging it. Some people just can’t help but try out things that they really shouldn’t. Like drowning their watches in depths of water for hours to check their water resistance. Please do not ever attempt to practice such things. 6. Lastly, keep servicing your watch over time. Like everything else, even your watch needs maintenance and care.


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