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All women are beautiful in their own way, shine in their own way, and have their own unique personalities. What is common, is that there is a diva inside every single one of them. All it takes is just the right outfit. Bring out the diva in you by donning an effortlessly beautiful outfit, a designer gown. Gowns are easy to wear, look stunning, and are a statement look. Featuring stunning pieces from top brands, Nykaa Fashion ensures you get to pick from the best that there is. Gowns are effortless, easy to manage, and perfect for all the lovely divas out there. Browse from the latest, trendiest, and most stunning collection of gowns online from the comfort of your space on the Nykaa Fashion app. You don’t need to step out to find the right gown to step out in.


From a minimalistic look to a sizzling one, gowns are the perfect go-to choice. Be it your best friend’s wedding ceremonies or an office party, there’s a gown for every occasion. An evening gown with matching heels, a ravishing ethnic gown for weddings teamed with bangles, and a pair of Jhumkas or a simple gown with minimalistic jewellery, are some unbeatable combos. Browse the amazing collection of all varieties of gowns available on Nykaa Fashion online shopping store. Look your best when Nykaa Fashion brings you a remarkable collection of designer gowns. Let’s explore the different styles of gowns available at Nykaa Fashion online shopping store.

1. Party Wear Gowns

Too tired to pair a skirt with a top, or match that shiny blouse with the right pair of bottoms? Well, get yourself a dazzling party wear gown from the amazing collection available on Nykaa Fashion online shopping store. You can go for the shiny sequin look or that bold and sizzling look with a strapless, side slit gown. Whatever the party is for, Nykaa Fashion has the perfect gown to make you stand out. Check out the latest collection at Nykaa Fashion and make your search easy by filtering the search based on the occasion. Simply select party wear and get a wide range of options to choose from.

2. Gowns For Wedding

When it’s your favourite cousin's wedding and there’s so much that you have to manage, don’t take the additional burden of managing a clumsy heavy outfit. Team a beautiful ethnic gown with a pair of jhumkas, some bangles, and a mang tikka for the kind of look that is effortless and enchanting. Nykaa Fashion has curated a collection of incredible gowns for weddings. From western to traditional, whatever look you wish to opt for in a wedding, Nykaa Fashion ensures you get the perfect designer gown for it.

3. Ball Gowns

There’s a secret desire to be Cinderella inside every girl. Well, a ball gown is what you need to realize your dream. Available In beautiful sweetheart, mandarin, and halter neckline, with a flared bottom and many more beautiful designs that are simply majestic, the collection at Nykaa Fashion online shopping store will surely give you that enchanted dreamy look. Nykaa Fashion brings you mesmerizing ball gowns from top brands like , Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion. Your perfect dreamy fairytale look is right here at Nykaa Fashion.

4. Long Gowns

You enter a room and the trail follows, now that’s a statement piece. Buy long gowns on Nykaa Fashion online shopping store from top brands. A long gown gives an elegant appeal and looks fabulous. Nykaa Fashion has curated a fabulous collection of long gowns from renowned brands like Demi, Ritika, Emblaze and so many more. You can pick a long gown available in different style, be it fish-cut, mermaid-cut or straight cut. Nykaa Fashion app is your one-stop solution for all problems about finding the right gown.

5. Evening Gowns

A gown is just the perfect outfit for a fine evening with your loved one. Evening gowns have a graceful and elegant appeal. An evening gown instantly elevates any basic look. On Nykaa Fashion online shopping store you can find a great range of evening gowns from top designers like Ritika, Demi, Sheczzar and so many more. Grab a pair of heels, some classy earrings and a stellar clutch to go with your evening gown from the Nykaa Fashion app and steal the show.

6. Saree Gowns

Planned on wearing a saree for your best pal’s wedding, but don’t wish to miss out on all the dancing because of difficulty in managing the saree, well then Nykaa Fashion has a solution for you. Browse from our gorgeous range of saree gowns that are easy to manage and give you just the look you’re seeking. You can pick the perfect saree gown for you from top brands like Juniper, Soup by Sougat Paul, and more.

7. Off Shoulder Gowns

Sizzle up the party with your sleek and sexy off-shoulder gown. On the days you wish to show off that collar bone, an off-shoulder gown is a perfect choice. It’s elegant, it complements your neckline, and is a popular choice. On the Nykaa Fashion app, you can find a great variety of off-shoulder gowns available in different colours and designs from top brands like Attic salt, Deme, Ritika, and more. The perfect pair of heels and earrings would give a classic chic finish to your ensemble.

8. Sequin Gowns

Shine bright like a diamond in a super stylish sequin gown. Nykaa Fashion online shopping store is the perfect place for you to find a fabulous sequin gown that will make heads turn. Featuring a stunning range of sequin gowns from renowned brands like Attic Salt, Emblaze, and many more. Find the perfect sequin gown on the Nykaa Fashion app by filtering your search based on colour, length, price range, and more. Glitter up the aura of the party by donning a designer sequin gown.

9. Silk Gowns

For the days you want to enjoy an evening with your special someone and looking for an outfit that feels good and looks good, Nykaa Fashion has exactly what you need. A beautiful silk gown is a perfect choice for those special evenings. It feels incredibly soft on the skin and creates a statement look. On the Nykaa Fashion app, you can browse a remarkable range of silk gowns from top brands like Sheczzar, Deme, Ritika and so many more.

10. Fish Cut Gowns

If you are looking for an outfit that not only complements those curves but also makes you stand out, well then the perfect pick would be a marvellous fish-cut gown. It hugs your body perfectly to let those curves shine and the flared bottom complements the overall look. On Nykaa Fashion there are some stunning fish-cut gowns for you to pick from top brands like Emblaze, Sheczzar, Ritika and so many more. Steal the show in a stunning fish-cut gown that you can get online delivered to your doorstep from the Nykaa Fashion app.

11. Heavy Gowns

Whether it’s a wedding, an engagement party, or a fancy event, you need something to take your style quotient up a notch. A beautiful designer heavy gown will set you apart from the crowd. Be it intricate embroidery, or pearls and sequins, or even a long trail, a heavy gown always carries that oomph factor. Buy online from the comfort of your space a designer heavy gown from top brands featured on the Nykaa Fashion app.


Be it hot red, breezy sky blue, or peppy pink, Nykaa Fashion has curated a collection of stellar designer gowns available in every colour. Match the vibe of the occasion by choosing the gown of a colour that resonates the aura. Red for a festive occasion, blue for a chill hangout, black for a classy event, and so on. Let’s dive into some of the popular colours in gowns on Nykaa Fashion.

1. Black Gowns

A classic black gown never gets old. An all-time favourite, that creates a statement look every single time. Be it a black velvet side slit gown, or a black mermaid cut gown, the royalty of black never gets old. You can browse a phenomenal collection of gowns in all verities be it long gowns, evening gowns, fancy gowns, and more available in black colour on Nykaa Fashion online shopping store. Simply put ‘black’ on the colour filter while searching for a gown on the Nykaa Fashion app and you’ll have in front of you a whole range of black gowns from top brands.

2. Red Gowns

The colour of love, the colour of passion, red is a statement in itself. From cherry red, crimson red, rose red to wine red, ruby red, and scarlet red, on Nykaa Fashion you can find a remarkable range of red gowns available in multiple designs and patterns. Nykaa Fashion app makes your search easy by allowing you to put the desired colour on the filter section and voila, you have a wide range of red gowns in front of you.

3. White Gowns

White gowns scream, a beautiful Christian wedding, an evening on a hilltop café, a beach date, and more such beautiful scenes. It’s a peaceful tranquil colour, with a positive breezy vibe. On the Nykaa Fashion app, simply put ‘white’ on the colour filter while searching, and then treat yourself to a variety of beautiful mesmerizing white gowns. At Nykaa Fashion online shopping store, you have a wide range of gowns from top brands for that perfect look. From a simple gown to a bridal gown. White simply slays.

3. Blue Gowns

Inspired by the ocean and the sky, the colour blue carries a lovely vibe. In hues of sky blue, royal blue, arctic blue, sapphire blue, teal and so many more, the range of blue gowns on Nykaa Fashion is just incredible. Blue is an all-time favourite colour and looks stunning on everyone. Browse the remarkable range of blue gowns on Nykaa Fashion and become the talk of the town. Filter the search based on colour and make your life easy and stylish with the Nykaa Fashion app.

4. Pink Gowns

It’s cute, it’s vibrant, and perfect for that adorable look. The colour pink has a lovely vibe to it and creates an amiable look. Hot pink, blush pink, rose pink, strawberry pink, rouge pink and so many more lovely shades of pink are all the perfect choices for a cute blossomy look. Browse the collection of beautiful pink gowns available on Nykaa Fashion. You can filter out the search based on price, colour, style and find the perfect pink gown on the Nykaa Fashion app.

5. Yellow Gowns

Bright sunny days, a fun trip to the beach, or an adventurous summer vacation, all resonate with the lovely vibrant colour, yellow. It's bright, it’s cheerful, and perfect for summer spring collections. A vibrant yellow gown is sure to make you the centre of attention. From lemon yellow, corn yellow, honey yellow to the Tuscan sun, mustard, and canary shades of yellow, Nykaa Fashion brings you a fabulous collection of yellow gowns for the bright look.


Nykaa Fashion has a remarkable collection of designer gowns from top-notch brands. Here are some of them-

  • Deme, a premium celebrity luxury brand exuding elegance through unique silhouettes, fine fabrics, and a modern touch.
  • Soup by Sougat Paul, features fusion wear drenched in refreshing prints and pristine hues.
  • Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion makes sure you stay trendy and celebrate the joy of dressing up.
  • Attic Salt, a unique label focusing on sustainability and keeping the local artisans' work relevant in modern India.
  • Emblaze, offering chic and elegant styles to shift an outlook towards being essentially fashion-forward.
  • Ritika, designs with a gorgeous twist on everything evening, resort, and bridal with the finest eye for colour.
  • Sheczzar, a contemporary fashion label that strives to combine modern and unique elements with impeccable designs.


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