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Buy Digital Watches Online

Discovered in the ’80s, digital watches have evolved from being used as a tool to a high-end accessory that is popular among all genders and ages. A watch that displays the time digitally or in numerical digits i.e. hours and minutes (sometimes seconds) instead of an analogue display i.e. hands on a dial is called a digital watch. Digital watches come in super stylish designs, colours and various added features that are unmatched by analogue watches.

Types of Digital Watches

There can be several types of digital watches, though some of the most common kinds you’ll find are:

1. Sports Watch

One of the most important and preferred kinds of a digital watch is the sports watch. They’re usually water-resistant and has a sturdy design. These watches also have various other features like timers, heart rate meters, alarms and more.

2. Diving Watch

This one is water-resistant to certain meters and as the name suggests, used by divers and swimmers. These watches also come with other features like timers.

3. Dress Watch

A sleek and attractive design make dress watches a great choice. These watches have a digital dial that is uncluttered as well as easy to read. The straps are mostly made from leather or metal.

4. Field watch

These feature canvas or leather straps and have black dials with white colour lettering and numerical. They also have a display that is illuminated with LED.

Digital Watches based on Gender

High-in-demand by all genders, digital timepieces are most popular among sportspersons, students and anyone who likes to read the time most easily while being in style. Discover which watch design suits you best on basis of your gender which helps you make the best buys.

1. Digital Watches for Men

A digital watch for men is the most accessible way to read the time. It is also very popular among men due to the youthful look it lends to the wearer. You can find a plethora of options based on colour, occasion, dial type, water resistance, strap colour and material, case material, shape, features, closure, compatibility and many more. You can explore both fun and functional choice on Nykaa Fashion with collections from the finest brands. Fastrack digital watches for men are perfect for men who like intricate designs and efficient pieces. You can choose a watch like this Fastrack Blue Dial Watch that is a versatile and classy pick for both, sports and social occasions. If you are looking for an elite piece, go for a Fossil digital watch for men like this GEN 5 The Carlyle HR FTW4025 Digital Smartwatch. It is a touchscreen watch with a minimal design and various helpful additional features.

2. Digital Watches for Women

A digital watch for women comes in various colours and designs to choose from. You can go for a feminine style or a rugged one, the choice is yours. Select a piece based on different features and amp up for all the adventures you want to seek. At Nykaa Fashion you’ll find an all-encompassing range that features various top-notch brands. Go for a Fossil digital watch for women, as it has a collection of elite and upbeat styles. This Fossil GEN 5 Julianna Digital Smartwatch is perfect to pair with every day and ethnic wear. Opt for Fastrack digital watches for womens if you want a robust and sporty piece. .

3. Digital Watches for Kids

While selecting a kids digital watch it's best to go for styles that are strong and sturdy with bright colours. A digital watch for boys will keep your kid pumped up about sports practice as well as being on time. Gift your adorable girl with a digital watch and see how she aces sports and loves the cool new accessory. Go for a Fastrack digital watch for girl that is durable and super easy to read. Fastrack digital watches for boys come in many designs to choose from that’ll make your kid the happiest.

Digital Watches based on Price/h2>

It is important to keep the digital watch price in check while shopping to stay within budget. Below we have listed a few watches according to price brackets to make it easier for you to shop and make the best buys.

1. Digital Watches Below 1000

You can get efficient and stylish pieces under 1000 from brands like Sonata, Zoop and Fastrack that are best for everyday use.

2. Digital Watches Below 5000

Find aesthetic and elaborate pieces under 5000 from brands like Fossil, Sonata, Fastrack, Daniel Klein, CAT, French Connection, TraQ by Titan, Timex, Skagen, SuperDry, Lacoste, Helix and Scuderia Ferrari.

3. Digital Watches Below 10,000

Go for the most hi-tech and modern pieces that are under 10000 from brands like Timex, CAT, SuperDry, Scuderia Ferrari, French Connection.

How to Choose a Digital Watch

You can select a digital watch as per the below-given parameters: 1. Gender 2. Brand 3. Price Range 4. Size 5. Colour 6. Occasion 7. Dial Type 8. Warranty 9. Water Resistance 10. Strap Colour 11. Shape 12. Closure 13. Strap Material 14. Case Material 15. Dial Colour 16. Chronograph

Top Digital Watches Brands

Shop at Nykaa Fashion for a wide range of the most stylish and sturdy styles in digital watches from the finest brands. The Sonata digital watches come in colourful shades with versatile features. A Fastrack digital watch is strong and stylish at the same time. Go for a digital wristwatch Fastrack to keep up with the trends and sport the best styles. A Fossil digital watch is suitable for dressing up for special occasions. A Titan digital watch is durable and efficient.

Tips to Maintain Digital Watches

• Wiping – Use a soft cloth to clean your watch off the sweat and dust. • Storing – Carefully put your watch inside the case and avoid putting in areas that cause magnetization. • Servicing – Take your watch to a professional and get it fully serviced every two to three years.

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