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Nykd by Nykaa

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Nykd by Nykaa


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Nykd by Nykaa - Lift Me Up Bra - Maroon NYB042
Nykd by Nykaa
Lift Me Up Bra - Maroon NYB042
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Nykd by Nykaa

Nykd by Nykaa, pronounced "naked", is Nykaa Fashion’s private lingerie and sleepwear label. The brand was launched in 2020 and is an ode to all things comfortable, soft, and sleepwear related. A home grown & proudly Indian brand, Nykd has a global heart. Riddled with limited and restricted intimate options for women on the go, the thought that drives Nykd is simple – to significantly notch up women’s fashion! Unique prints, fine fabrics, and unparalleled craftsmanship transform regular underwear to something more fit for the modern-day woman – something quintessential, of course! Nykd looks beyond the sea of blue stripes, red checks, and yellow solids. It looks beyond the primaries, and into the vast horizon of intimate fashion for women that is yet to be explored. The brand blends varied cultures, experiences, thoughts and beliefs to transform regular and everyday mundane items into transformational bras, panties, and sleepwear. Not only does it aim to seamlessly combine a strong heritage and cultural identity with a whimsical twist, it also aims to revolutionize women’s fashion and style. With one simple idea and an undying will to create a range of contemporary, amazing, and eye catching underwear, the womenswear label was founded and dreamed up to ensure that every woman is able to celebrate her uniqueness and her quirks. Browse the range on Nykaa Fashion.

Nykd Bras

Nykd aims to allow everyone to explore their complete range of bras – a range that they’re constantly focused on expanding – and at the same time, make women’s fashion less conventional and normative. They house sports bras. They house push up bras. The brand houses multiple bra types. The brand has discovered and realised that the Indian woman cannot be tamed. And why should she? All quirks and personalities deserve to be celebrated. Nykd propagates that celebration through the ever changing and evolving medium of fashion – curating culturally relevant yet creatively revolutionary bras and bra sets. Cutting edge techniques, expert craftsmanship and out of the box thinking help realize an idea that at one point seemed a distant dream. At Nykd they work day in and day out to seamlessly blend modern technologies, trends, and techniques with cultural heritage to create pieces that are going to be everlasting and special in your wardrobe. Our garments are an ideal combination of bold and everlasting and can be easily mixed and matched with pieces you already own, which is the underlying theme of everything we curate – bras and lingerie that just ‘fit’. A combination of fine technologies and a stellar design sense are the bras that Nykd churns out. We agree with the words of Miranda Priestly – that florals are in fact not groundbreaking. We’ll expand on that a little more – neither are polka dots, regular stripes, or anything 70’s inspired. The trick to constantly creating lingerie that is culturally relevant is to connect to the current zeitgeist, something that Nykd is very focused on doing.

Naked Panties

For us, at Nykd, style and expression go hand in hand with the perfect panty. We encourage our consumers to explore our whole assortment of womens underwear – to find something that truly suits them and appeals to their sensibilities. All our garments are designed to ensure that the wearer feels most comfortable and most herself. After all, no woman is ordinary. Nykd constantly refines its design, tailoring, and details. All developments are analysed and scrutinised to ensure that the wearers needs are always met. The meticulous standards and luxurious pleasure that the garments from Nykd offer are unparalleled. Forever experimenting with silhouettes, form, fabrics, the team is constantly progressing, making each garment with infinite care, to ensure exceptional wear.

Nykd Sleepwear Collection

The brand has been born out of a love for Indian culture, heritage and tradition. The team is and always has been in awe of craftsmanship wonders that stitch the rich fabric that is India. With a strong belief that clothing and fashion truly do exude one’s individuality and personality, the idea for Nkyd was to create garments and fabrics that each modern Indian woman could interpret, wear, and carry off in her own unique and distinctive way. The garments we produce tell the story of generational wisdom deeply rooted in the textiles, fabrics, and sleepwear apparel of India. Fashion and sleepwear as we know it has undergone a radical transformation under the banner and helm of forward and new-age thinking. As our brand evolves and enters the space of quirky fashion, it becomes the pioneer of change in sleepwear apparel, channelling the culture and uniqueness of the country and its people. Nkyd is all about tapping into and exploring the current zeitgeist while still remaining true to and paying homage to our culture and heritage.

Nykd Lingerie Essentials

With a range of lingerie that is fit for a range of different occasions – from the bedroom to the brunch table – we hope to ultimately expand to more and more. All aspects of a woman’s clothing should be in line with her personality and so Nykd hopes to revolutionize everything we can – from women’s nightdress to camisoles. Lingerie is an unexplored facet of ladies innerwear fashion in India and Nykd aims to delve into that unexplored territory to curate a range that is unlike any other. Looking beyond the restrictive options, the brand takes into consideration comfortable materials and flattering silhouettes for girls underwear. The lingerie that we produce is a result of the finest and most precise technology and are sure to turn heads when spotted.

Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion has revolutionized and changed how indian consumers shop and purchase online. The company curates luxury fashion and designers for Indian women, creating a platform for top notch brands and labels. Nykaa Fashion is guided by the principle of allowing every woman to find her style statement that is an indication of her personality. It houses carefully chosen products to bring you a step closer to being the stylish version of yourself that you aspire to be. Shop from a wide and exhaustive range of apparels, accessories, footwear, bags, lingerie on Nykaa Fashion and get your hands on irresistible discounts and offers. With delivery all over India, Nykaa Fashion presents you with an unmatched shopping experience. It also ships internationally. Nykaa fashion offers COD options, easy returns and amazing customer service. Happy online shopping, only with Nykaa Fashion!

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