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Zaveri Pearls - Gold Contemporary Look Pearls Choker With Earrings (Set of 2)
Zaveri Pearls
Gold Contemporary Look Pearls Choker With Earrings (Set of 2)
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Gone are the days when our cupboard lockers were only filled with gold and silver jewellery sets, taken out to wear on special occasions. In today’s day and age, the fashion trends are rapidly changing, and the accessories similarly need to keep up with the trend. So, it makes sense to have an array of artificial jewellery set in different hues and materials to complement the overall look. But with so many options available, it is natural to feel perplexed about choosing the right jewellery set for your ensemble to make you shine for the event, making you look absolutely stunning. But we at Nykaa Fashion are here to solve your dilemma! Without further ado, let’s see the kind of jewellery set online we have got for you and try to ace your looks for the events too!


The Jewellery set online comes with an array of options. They might range from a complete package containing essential pieces such as earrings, necklace, maang tikka to the jewellery sets containing only one type of piece which really speak to you. The artificial jewellery set you choose speaks volumes about your style, so you need to pick them accordingly. The scintillating examples of jewellery sets are a set of earrings such as drops, danglers or chandbalis; jewellery sets having chokers or chains; jewellery sets containing beautiful hand harnesses. These artificial jewellery sets could amp up your ensemble phenomenally.

1. Gold Jewellery Sets

Yes, we mentioned that artificial jewellery sets are trending instead of gold and silver jewellery. But then the allure of a gold jewellery set is yet to fade off completely. Gold coupled with either pearls in different hues or the gleaming kundan, exudes that old-world royalty that is so rare these days. The effortless magnificence displayed by our previous generation could be easily captured and carried on in the gold jewellery sets. A gold jewellery set is so ubiquitous that it is hard to underestimate it. But unlike the previous generation, these sets are charming yet easy to carry. Encrusted with fine coloured stones and pearls to look just right, the sets are dignified and glorious. Coming in other styles such as Meenakari, temple and statement, the jewellery sets are sure to look flattering on you.

2. Temple Jewellery Sets

The temple jewellery sets are all the rage these days. Made popular by bollywood actress Vidya Balan, these sets make you feel rooted to Indian culture. A temple jewellery set in a nutshell, is the intricate work done on our ancient temples designed on our jewellery sets. The reason they are so popular is because their designs weave an ancient majestic time in our accessories. They are not just decorative, they are imperative in carrying on our traditions of spirituality in modern times

3. Oxidised Jewellery Sets

There is definitely an elusive charm in an oxidized jewellery set. In the world of gleaming baubles and trinkets, there is something magnetic about the oxidised jewellery set that has still kept us going for it relentlessly. The colour or maybe the dullness, we cannot put a finger on it, but it's like entering a secret world. With time, the oxidised jewellery set has added pearls, coloured stones, tassels for a fashionable twist. These are some of your options to bring some freshness to your jewellery. The oxidised jewellery set with classic Indian motifs such as a flower jewellery set could be best paired with kurtis and leggings for an effortless ethnic look. The modern designs such as a sleek chain set or a choker jewellery set could be best worn with a flattering solid-coloured dress on a brunch or a day out.

4. Kundan Jewellery Sets

The nobility of a kundan jewellery set is hard to ignore. The clear stone which could be shaped and fitted in any Indian jewellery set make it a favourite in Indian women. When you want to exude an ethereal regality, a kundan jewellery set should be your go-to. Kundan stones set beautifully on gold jewellery oozes class, especially if it is a Rajasthani jewellery set. For an upgrade from old designs, coloured beads, pearls, stones are all there to give an extra oomph to the set. The colours such as bright red, indigo, grey, sea -green all modernize this timeless stone. The kundan necklaces could be both long ones or chokers. A flattering blouse could bring out the choker’s beauty or long necklaces against a kurta set could give you oodles of panache.

5. Diamond Jewellery Set

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then sure enough cubic zirconia could also be a part of the friendship group. Also known as American Diamond, cubic zirconia are high-quality stones which unleash your femininity instantly and make you look delicately beautiful. The lovely diamond jewellery set could be clear or coloured in various hues, set in either gold or silver. If you like a quiet fiery elegance gleaming in your ensemble, cubic zirconia designed in gold could be your choice. For the women who love experimenting fearlessly, American diamonds set in silver is your bet. An understated modern design set in American diamonds could be worn in a traditional event to elevate the ensemble. The heavily encrusted and intricately made chokers are your go-to as the lehenga jewellery set to dazzle at your loved one’s wedding.

6. Heavy Jewellery Sets

The basic definition of a heavy jewellery set is that it comprises all the essentials-earrings, necklaces and mostly either a ring or a bracelet, though the combination varies too. The heavy set mostly constitutes a bridal jewellery set. The amazing thing about a heavy jewellery set is that it combines the many of the above-mentioned materials and their awesome qualities, making them look luxurious and eye-catching. They are tastefully made with either coloured stones or pearls to infuse some vibrancy or are allowed to remain neutral. The chokers often have multiple strands of pearls or stones, which make them look heavy while diamonds have very detailed designs, making them look heavenly. The necklaces could be worn in a wedding or a traditional event while the chokers and diamond sets could be adorned in a party or an evening occasion to look scintillating.


Now that we discussed the kinds of jewellery sets, we will try to demystify which sets are to be worn at which occasions. All the sets mentioned above tend to have their own allure. Designed beautifully, they amp up your style game. But the sets are meant to add oomph to your overall attire, so it is necessary to pick the right one. The occasions generally are ones ranging from casual and party to traditional events to weddings. These events are a spectrum of formality and a balance of dressing up and dressing down is needed to be achieved. We at Nykaa Fashion are here to help you for the same! In the next section, we will cover the common events where dressing and jewellery are of most concern.

1. Bridal Jewellery Sets

The woman of the day has to look the part for the spotlight on her. The bridal jewellery set is traditionally heavy to match the opulent wedding ensemble. The wedding ensemble is usually the one which decides the set, regarding the colours and embroidery it has whether zari or thread or a thick embellished border. For the ensemble going towards pastel colours such as mint green, sky blue or rose pink, heavy jewellery sets of pearls and kundan brings out the ethereality of the attire. For the bride who has chosen a pop of colour in her wedding attire, the colour-coordinated sets made of stones, crystals or beads will make the ensemble look harmonious.

2. Haldi Jewellery Set

The beautiful ceremony of turmeric scrubbing or haldi as it is called is all about a splash of colours. For the bride-to-be, she could choose to wear all white or wear a shade of yellow such as mustard or lemon. As she is the one to be the center of attention with a ceremony involving rubbing, scrubbing and loads of fun with her loved ones, she could opt for a haldi jewellery set that will complement her outfits and make it easy for her to interact with all the guests while keeping a glow on her. Simple kundan or beaded studs with a matching bracelet could be the way to go. In the case of guests, the bride’s friend or loved one could wear simple diamond danglers and a beautiful ring to look understated yet polished. A stone jewellery set could be your ally in this event.

3. Engagement Jewellery Sets

Another special event where the moments are intimate yet celebrated is the engagement party where the bride and groom are dressed luxuriously but not to the extent of the wedding dress-up. Diamond sets designs in floral or geometric motifs is the best way a bride could dress up. The diamond set could be either a clear one or with stones matching the engagement ensemble. The engagement jewellery set should look light yet regal. For the guests, the set could be in high-quality colourful beads with an opulent pendant and matching earrings for an impeccable look. A maverick option for the guests could be threaded silver set to match with the ensemble.


We all love a splash of colours as it is an integral part of our culture. But choosing the right colour with the ensemble for the occasion could be baffling. Some colours seem loud while others seem bland for the occasion. This is where we step in to help you with all things jewellery to help you confidently step in the right direction, whether you want to blend in or stand out. The colours we are going to discuss here are from classic ones such as green, red, blue to the experimental ones such as pink and black. Without any delay, let’s get into it.

1. Green Jewellery Sets

Considered as an auspicious colour by many cultures, green is a soothing colour meaning growth and prosperity. This colour is versatile enough to be worn as a beaded necklace during the day and as a crystal necklace during the night. A green jewellery set could be paired according to the time of the occasion such as yellow and orange during the day while deep tones like purple, black and grey could be for the evening time. For more variety, opt for clear pearl and green stone sets. The shades such as sea green or bottle green could be opted to bring some freshness to your ensemble.

2. Pink Jewellery Sets

A soft and feminine colour,a pink jewellery set would be perfect for giving a soothing effect to your ensemble amongst the other jarring ones of the event. The bright, candy colours such as lime green, sunset orange or yellow could be perfect to wear during the haldi ceremony or a day event while teaming up with the pink set with black, purple or dark brown could be your way to showcase your flawless fashion sense. The shades of pink most in vogue are flesh pink and dark pink which could be worn in day and evening events respectively. The pink looks most harmonious when set in gold but you could experiment with silver jewellery as well.

3. Black Jewellery Sets

The colour most shied away from yet the one that could make you look stellar is black. Considered drab and a fashion risk, black is the colour that could work wonders if done right. The colour could be explored either with back beads set in gold or the silver jewellery we mentioned previously. Both could balance the ensemble just right and make you look classy amongst the loud ones. A classic nocturnal colour, the black jewellery set or silver jewellery could be worn in day time too, provided the ensemble is coloured in emerald green, magenta or purple for a ravishing effect.

4. Blue Jewellery Sets

One of the rarest colours of nature and the one associated with royalty, blue can instantly make you look regal and charming. The shades are enchanting yet classy-turquoise, aqua, navy, sky. All shades are set to make you look distinct yet captivating. Set in gold and accompanied with pearls and kundan, the blue stones and beads set are all that you need to jazz up the daytime event, in an ensemble of colours such as cream, golden or white. For the evening time, a blue set of crystals with pearls would be perfect, with beige or purple to be your choice of outfit.

5. Red Jewellery Sets

The colour is mostly loved by all, red is all you need to feel bold and take fashion risks with aplomb! Set on the backdrop of gold, red stones and beads have the power to make you look fiery and majestic. To let one statement piece do the talking, incorporate the set with a cream, beige, sandy-yellow for the day event. To wear the daring colour at evening time, the set could be worn with colours such as teal, azure, mint green for a lovely effect. The shades to be experimented with are maroon and coral to look a class apart. The red colour could be balanced with pearls, white beads or kundan incorporated sets.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Nykaa Fashion for the jewellery sets from the most tasteful brands such as Priyaasi, Zaveri Pearls, Joker and Witch, Panash, Odette, Peora, Curio Cottage and others as well as all the essentials needed to dazzle at any upcoming event!


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