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Fossil - Latitude Hybrid HR Black Smartwatch FTW7020 For Men
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Latitude Hybrid HR Black Smartwatch FTW7020 For Men
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The watch you wear speaks a lot about you. The watch gives a little insight into who you are as a person. So, it is important to give it a lot of thought before making a choice and a purchase. Especially today, when everyone’s trying to keep up with the technological advancements, you want something that is timeless yet relevant. Today, the dynamics of watches isn’t what it used to be. Watches are more than just an accessory. They aren’t simply used to keep track of time or as a status symbol rather a lot more. Smartwatches have changed the game with their constantly updating and revolutionizing features. And lucky for you, Fossil smart watches have everything you’re looking for to stay ahead of the curve in terms of style and tech. Fossil is an American fashion-watch brand that strives to create men’s and women’s accessories that are authentic and classic in design while keeping up with modern technology. The brand has been around for a long time and remains popular even today for their stunning timepieces. They have an extensive collection of smartwatches for you to browse through and purchase online on Nykaa Fashion! Keep scrolling to know more.


Smartwatches are a staple fashion accessory. They are something you can accessorise with every occasion, event and almost everyday. And if you’re going to be wearing something so frequently, you might as well know what they’re all about. For instance, Fossil smartwatches have certain key features. There are hybrid smartwatches that allow you to stay connected digitally without compromising on style. They come with detachable belts and straps allowing you to style and match them with your ensemble depending on the mood, occasion & activity. Every Fossil smartwatch also has a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor to help keep your health in check and reach your goals. Other basic features include text and call alerts to keep you connected 24/7. However, touchscreen smartwatches also include social media updates, google assistance & voice activation, control over music and clicking Instagram worthy pictures hands-free! They are easy to navigate through with a design that speaks for itself and an excellent choice for someone who is trendy yet not tech savvy.


Fossil has a wide range of smart watches to choose from on Nykaa Fashion. Depending on your personality, usage and style, there’s one that fits and fulfils all your needs while looking neat on your wrist!

1. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatches

With amazing style options and designs, Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches surprise you with their incredible latest features. Features you can access right from your wrist! The Gen 5 smartwatches are perfect for every occasion, from a morning run to a formal evening. They can also track your run with an untethered GPS, measure heart points and keep track of your goals, and sleep. It is also swim proof, while allowing you an 8G storage to download your favorite apps. It comes with multiple battery modes to keep your smartwatch working longer even on a low charge. These Fossil smart watches can answer calls with a built-in speaker, receive and reply to texts and can be customized as per your fashion needs with thousands of watch faces always on display. To top it all, these watches are compatible with both Apple & Android making them perfect for every user.

2. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatches

Enjoy the spectacular Gen 5 features and additional other now in a smaller dial size option perfect for slender wrists. With a built-in speaker, multi-day battery modes, heart rate, tethered GPS and an activity tracker you can get it all done right from your wrist. This tiny package comes with a 4GB storage and can also control your music, smart home devices and download your favourite applications without compromising on style with thousands of watch faces to choose from!

3. Smart Sports Watches

Fossil sport smart watches flaunt a rather eye-catching design with tons of colors and a fit for everyone. These lightweight, color popping watches have the power of the Wear OS by Google that is compatible with both Apple and Android. Whether it’s going on morning run or coffee dates, Fossil sport smartwatches are sure to get you through the day with their easy-going design. They are swim proof, can extend their battery life depending on usage and help you stay healthy and fit with Google Fit to monitor your progress. You can also leave your phone behind on your daily runs and use the untethered GPS to track your performance while jamming to your stored music. They also have social watch faces to access your social media notifications and more from your wrist! Customizable watch faces and watch apps help you stay on trend.

4. Hybrid Smartwatches

Fossil’s hybrid smartwatches sport the perfect blend of classic & timeless design and modern technology for people who like a little old school glam. These smartwatches look like your basic analog watch but act like a snazzy smartwatch. You can receive calls, text and your social media notifications right at the touch of your wrist. Side buttons help you navigate and customize your user experience from ringing your phone to checking the date & more. These hybrid watches are also powered by a battery, which eliminates the need for charging aka no charging needed. EVER! You can also control your music and track your fitness activities like other smartwatches. Lastly, you can now travel to any timezone without worrying about changing your clock with these hybrid watches that automatically & instantly do the needful for you!


Fossil smartwatches are gender fluid and cater to both male and female audiences with their exemplary designs. They are super versatile to style, no matter what the occasion. Their pieces attribute a perennial elegance and beauty that are worth the investment.

• Fossil Smartwatches for Men

When looking for an effortlessly cool, minimal and sleek accessory to style your day-to- day ensemble with, Fossil smartwatches for men, especially the Fossil smart watch is a wonderful choice and investment. The eternally stylish design is perfect for both formal and casual events. This timepiece exudes finesse, taste and a hint of sophistication. The changeable straps give you the freedom to customize and match your outfits. Choose from a spectacular range of 5 colors depending on your personality and personal style to track your activity, receive calls, texts and more right from your wrist. Style it with a crisp formal shirt, trousers and oxfords to complete and complement your workwear ensemble. Or you could team it up with a casual slim fit tee, denims and sneakers for a casual date!

• Fossil Smartwatches for Women

As a woman, a watch can be the most primal, elevating and empowering accessory to style with. Get the best of both worlds of modern day tech and plush design with Fossil smart watches for women. This Fossil smart watch features a quintessential chic and elan design perfect for formal and informal styling. The changeable straps give you the freedom to customize and match your outfits. This versatile & stunning design is synonymous with poise and grace. Choose from a spectacular range of 4 colors depending on your personality and personal style to track your activity, receive calls, texts and more right from your wrist. Accessorize it with a white shirt, black trousers, heels and a minimalist makeup for a perfect desk to dine look.


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