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Boat - Airdopes 381 N TWS Earbuds with IWP Technology, ASAP Charge & Upto 20H Playback (Blue)
Airdopes 381 N TWS Earbuds with IWP Technology, ASAP Charge & Upto 20H Playback (Blue)
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The perfect escape in a blissful landscape away from the city’s pollution and traffic may not be feasible every now and then but being cuddled up in your favourite cosy blanky with coffee in one hand and pizza in the other all while listening to your favourite beats doesn’t sound that bad either. Why let your perfect escape plan into the world of music get ruined by something mediocre. Go for the best quality branded headphones that offer you the perfect getaway from the monotonous hustle and bustle of your daily life. Whether you’re playing games and focused on the “enemies ahead” or cooking yourself a meal while taking instructions from your mom over a call or simply enjoying the rain listening to some romantic tracks, headphones play a crucial role in your little happy hours. With Nykaa Fashion you are just a few clicks away from the perfect pair of headphones that cater to all your needs. In today’s world, our headphones are our most precious companions, so do not compromise on that important phone call, that intense game, or that latest trending song. Browse from a phenomenal range of headphones online from the comforts of your space at the Nykaa Fashion app.


Headphones in today’s world serve many diverse needs. For the pro gamers, the music lovers or, the binge-watchers, everyone needs a pair of headphones that are a perfect fit into their lives. From classic wired headphones to high-tech gaming ones, Nykaa Fashion has a remarkable range of top-notch quality headphones from top brands available in multiple price ranges, colours, and features so that you find the pair perfect for your needs. The Nykaa Fashion online store has Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones, wireless headphones, gaming headphones, waterproof headphones and so much more. You name it and Nykaa Fashion has it. So, take a break from browsing all those boring documents and files and start browsing the headphones collection. Let’s dive into the various types of headphones available at Nykaa Fashion.

1. Bluetooth Headphones

Turn on your Bluetooth and turn off all your worries. Nykaa Fashion online shopping store offers an incredible range of Bluetooth headphones with a multitude of additional features to ensure that you get the best there is. We have curated a rich and diverse collection of Bluetooth headphones including neckbands, truly wireless ear pods, on-ear headphones and so much more from top brands like Boult Audio, Skullcandy, boat, Hammer, and more. The Bluetooth connectivity is available in both wired and wireless headphone variants. Bluetooth connectivity frees you from being tied down to your devices. Free yourself from wires with a branded Bluetooth headphone that you can find on the Nykaa Fashion online store. Stunning designs, vibrant colours, HD music quality, and water resistance, features that are sure to blow your mind are all available to you from the comfort of your home from the Nykaa Fashion App. Quality music experience awaits you.

2. Wired Headphones

The perfect wired headphones will enable you to reach the vault of musical heaven with stellar bass. Watch your favourite shows, listen to music and enjoy a rom-com over the weekend with superior quality wired headphones available at Nykaa Fashion online shopping store. With the adjustable cushion, secure fit, sweatproof, water-resistance, and more such features, finding a great piece is really easy on the Nykaa Fashion app. With a wide range of options compatible with numerous devices, all you have to do is go to the Nykaa Fashion online shopping app and get blown away by the fabulous range of wired headphones from top brands like Eksa, Philips, Fingers, and many more. Sleek designs, stunning colours, the lovely collection of wired headphones available at Nykaa Fashion app screams “Add to cart”. The gateway to the premium music experience is waiting for you.

3. Wireless Headphones

In today’s fast-moving world, no one can afford to be tied down to their devices. Set yourself free from the web of wires with a fabulous wireless headphone. Keep moving in sync with the fast-paced life without having to drag your device with you. To put an end to your quest to find the perfect wired headphone for you, Nykaa Fashion online shopping store is the perfect place. The striking and appealing range of wireless headphones available at Nykaa Fashion is simply incredible that makes your shopping experience smooth and easy by allowing you to browse the ravishing collection of wireless headphones based on price range, colour, features, and much more. Experience the world of music in high definition with HD quality wireless headphones available on the Nykaa Fashion app from renowned brands like Bolt Audio, Skullcandy, Hammer, and more.

4. Gaming Headphones

Watch out from the enemies ahead with the perfect pair of gaming headphones. Listen to crisp sounds and be never again miss out on the footsteps of approaching enemy with a branded gaming headphone. HD sound, high-quality mic, and comfort fit, the collection of gaming headphones at Nykaa Fashion online shopping stores come with many such amazing qualities. On the road to become a pro gamer, the perfect pair of gaming headphones play a very crucial role. Browse from a phenomenal collection of gaming headphones from top-notch brands like Zebronics, Boult Audio, and many more. Take advantage of the amazing deals and offer on Nykaa Fashion and get yourself the perfect pair of gaming headphones. Available in vivid colours and stylish designs, the gaming headphones at Nykaa Fashion are simply too good. Finding the best headphone for your gaming experience has never been easier.

5. Waterproof Headphones

Headphones have become an integral part of our modern lives. Attending calls, listening to music, playing games, enjoying a jog with an amazing workout playlist and so much more is there for which we need our beloved pair of headphones. When buying something so important to your daily routine, it is always best to go for the waterproof ones. The headphones collection at Nykaa Fashion in addition to offering a variety of striking features like sweat-absorbent, noise cancellation, HD sound, etc., also offers water-resistant features. When your routine takes place both in and out of the water, get yourself a water-resistant headphone from the Nykaa Fashion app and you are ready to five into the pool, track and gym all in a day. Select from top brands like JBL, Crossbeats, Hammer, and more available on Nykaa Fashion online shopping store.


Get the best headphones that there are within the price range well suited to you. Do not let a budget ruin your music experience. Get yourself the best that there is from the Nykaa Fashion app. AT Nykaa Fashion online shopping store, your needs are met efficiently. You can filter the headphone search based on your price range and find the best headphones for yourself. Be it best headphones under 500, best headphones under 1000, or best headphones under 2000, we make it easy for you to find the best pick. Nykaa Fashion brings to a remarkable range to make sure you bring home the perfect headphone that beautifully complements your routine and is a perfect solution to all your requirements. The best headphones are will never again fall out of budget.


Nykaa Fashion has curated a collection of top-quality headphones from globally renowned brands. Headphones offering HD sound, water resistance, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and many such incredible features are all available on Nykaa Fashion from top brands. Here are some of those:

  • Boult Audio brings you wired and wireless headphones that offer premium quality sound.
  • BoAt has a phenomenal collection ranging from Bluetooth headphones to basic wired ones.
  • Hammer offers headphones with sleek designs and amazing audio quality.
  • JBL headphones are available in different variants offering crystal clear sound.
  • Skullcandy brings to your headphones vibrant colors and unique designs.

Portronics, Zebronics, Crossbeats, and many such popular brands are available on Nykaa Fashion to give you a choice from nothing but the best. Do not let the premium audio quality slip by and get yourself a quality headphone from Nykaa Fashion online shopping store.


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