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Klotthe - 210 TC MultiColor Geometric Polycotton Fitted Double Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
210 TC MultiColor Geometric Polycotton Fitted Double Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers
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Over the course of two years, we have realised that home is indeed where our heart is. Being cooped up in rooms for a number of unbearable hours, we have understood that the space we live in needs to be both comfortable and good-looking. The part of our home where we often crash after a long hard day is our bedroom, where we finally shut out the world and go for a hopefully peaceful slumber. So, it is quite natural to shop for everything that we need to make the space amazing. In this article, we are going to discuss all the bedsheets. If you are doing bed sheets online shopping and want the best branded bedsheets online, Nykaa Fashion has them all! Let us learn more about the bedsheets!


As we all understand, the material for anything we adorn has to be comfortable according to the season. While there are some materials that are seasonal, others could be used all year round. The same is the case with the bedsheets. While there are different types of bed sheets available and many options of bedsheets online, we need to know their material and choose them according to the climate we live in and the ongoing season. Let us check out the best bed sheets of the popular materials.

1. Cotton Main Bedsheets

A favorite fabric for all the countries with considerably warm or tropical climates, cotton has so many advantages that it practically is a staple at every home you see in our country. Cotton is comfortable, it does not cling to you, is breathable, and quite durable. This material is perfect for the harsh summer months in particular. Since cotton is in high demand, you can get them in many options, from plain bed sheets to fancy bed sheets. Check out this gorgeous printed Cotton Double Bedsheet Set

2. Linen Main Bedsheets

Another fabric to consider while choosing a bedsheet or bedsheets, is the increasingly popular fabric called linen. Like cotton, linen is also a natural fabric, and has many good qualities. Linen is a strong fabric that is also absorbent and it tends to dry faster than cotton. Along with cotton, linen is also a very reliable choice for tropical weather. Linen also feels cool to touch and the more it is washed, the softer it gets. There are many good quality bed sheets available.

3. Silk Main Bedsheets

A fabric with a very luxurious look and feel, silk bedsheets have always been a popular choice to spruce up the bedroom on any festive occasion. Any time you feel the need to change the look of the bedroom into something more glamorous, silk bedsheet could be your bet. You can shop branded bedsheets online for designer bed sheets and branded bed sheets in silk. This fabric is also very strong and durable, so you can get home decor bedsheets and great choices in branded bed sheets.

4. Polyester Main Bedsheets

A fabric that is fast becoming a reliable option for many people out there, polyester is a man-made fabric having the great qualities of being both lightweight and durable. Apart from these highly coveted qualities, the fabric is also quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean. With so many advantages you will be spoilt for choices while doing bed sheets online shopping. You can shop from many best quality bed sheets. Polyester bed sheets can be perfect for people looking for amazing bedsheets on a budget.


We have dealt with the well-known materials that you can shop bedsheets in. It is time to consider another important factor - the bed size for the bed sheet size. There are some popular sizes namely - king size, queen size, double bed, and twin bed. We are going to discuss how to choose the bedsheets according to the bed sizes.

1. Bedsheets For King Size Bed

Perhaps the most popular and well-known bed size out there, the king bed size is the standard size in most houses. This is one fo the reason you can get a lot of options for this bed sheet size. The king size bed are big in size and therefore considered very plush and comfy due to its sheer size and width. Because of its wide surface, the designer bed sheets and heavy bed sheets look absolutely breathtaking. You can check out one of this plain King Size Bedsheets.

2. Bedsheets For Queen Size Bed

The next favorite bed size is the queen size bed that has difference in width, the king size having more width. Nonetheless, the queen size bed is comfortable enough for two people to rest and sleep in adequate space. The king size bed, on the other hand, is more appropriate for the couples who have a baby they need to keep between them for the safe sleep. This beautifully printed Queen Size Bedsheet Set can be the next buy for your bed.

3. Bedsheets For Double Bed

The popular size after the queen bed size is the double bed. While the queen size is great for two people to sleep decently, the double bed could be perfect for a single person who likes no compromise in their sleep space. The double bed is perfect for anyone who lives alone and wants a compact bed for their bedroom. This bed size also lets you afford bedsheet that is more economical since the other bed size are quite big. So if you are thinking of buying an attractive bedsheet, we would recommend you this lovely Double Bedsheet with Two Pillow Covers.

4. Bedsheet For Twin Bed

As the name suggests, they are two separate beds in the same room with a decent distance from each other. These beds are perfect if you are living with a roommate or anyone who you do not want to share the space of the bed with, These beds are also ideal for the guest bedroom, if you have one. You can buy a pack of bedsheet adorned with the same design for a synchronized look.


We have dealt with the topics of materials to consider while buying a bedsheet and how to understand the differences between the bedsizes. It is time to focus on basic things to keep in mind while buying the bedsheet such as how to choose bedsheets based on your bed size, how to choose good-qaulity comforter, and which fabric will be appropriate.

1. Size of your Bed

While you may be tempted to choose the latest bedsheet available in the market, this would not be advisable. There are two basic but very important types of bed sheets that people are just becoming aware of - that is, fitted or flat sheets. Flat bedsheets are just enough to cover the bed’s upper surface, without considering the side measures. Fitted bedsheets, on the other hand, are designed to cover the corners of the mattress. Since flat sheets are just covering the upper surface, they can be versatile enough to be used for both queen size and double bed, where size differences are minor. However, with fitted sheets the fabric is more and you need a snug fit and the look of smooth bed sheets, you would need to select for the exact bed size.

2. Good quality Comforters

With the growing awareness of bedding accessories, a comforter is the one that comes to people’s minds frequently. A comforter is stitched think blanked filled with fiber. The comforter is used by people who need a thicker covering than sheets and other conventional blankets available. A good quality comforter is quite appropriate for the ones who feel perennially cold since it is quite thick. The points to keep in mind while buying the same are hypoallergenic materials, getting the comforter that looks harmonious with your overall bedding, and purchasing a comforter according to the season.

3. Fabric of the Sheet

While we talk about the fabric, we need to talk about how the fabric feels. It is quite easy to sway on the other side of the comfort, forgetting it, and just going for aesthetics. There may be a situation where the bedsheet looks just perfect for your bedroom but on stroking it between your fingers, you realize the fabric does not feel right. It might itch, feel stifling, feels too heavy, etc. You need to remember that comfort is always the key. Keep in mind the season, any allergies, and the material that’ll fit your sleep routine. For example - If you feel hot easily while sleeping, then you can opt for a cotton bedsheet.


You bought the best bed sheets, great! Now you can level up your bed’s look with some must-haves. Pillows, as we all know, are essentials, for most people who like a little support while sleeping. Cushions, on the other hand, are tiny pillows, mainly for a decorative appeal. You can choose either based on the utility of the bed. A thumb rule is to coordinate the look and to make sure nothing feels mismatched. So for example, if your bedsheet is dark blue, then going for light blue or silver-colored covers can look attractive. Opting for comforters can add a dimension to the overall decor. You can also invest in a duvet to prevent your comforters from getting dirty.


By now, you might be feeling quite knowledgeable about bedsheets. From the materials to size to tips, we have gone through them all. However, in this section, we will answer some general questions that come up in many people’s minds while buying bedsheets. Let us dive into the questions and try to solve the queries.

1.How do you know if you are buying good sheets?

Make sure you are buying from a reliable brand or label that has a reputation for making the finest bedsheets. That is the first line of defense. After that, you should not assume anything about your bedsheet, whether it's the size, fit, color, material, feel, or anything else. Keep an eye on the weave pattern best suited for your needs and know thoroughly about the return policy, whether buying online or offline.

2.Which bedsheet material is the best?

As we extensively discussed in the materials section, the material to consider completely depends on your sleep requirements. When you want designer bed sheets to spruce up the look, satin and silk can be your fail-safe bets. If you feel easily hot in your sleep time, cotton works for you to keep you cool. Linen is also a good option when you want a bedsheet made of natural fabric. Polyester is best when you want to merge quality and budget.

3.What is the highest thread count for bed sheets?

Simply put, thread count or tc is the number of threads, horizontal and vertical, per square inch. It is understood that the higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet will be. The higher thread count also ensures that the bedsheet wears well, and might become softer to touch. The best tc for bed sheets is often debated, with some going as high as 1,000 but that is also something to watch out for. A standard range of high-quality thread count is from 200 to 800. The most accepted and known one is a 300 tc bedsheet.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Nykaa Fashion for bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, & many other superb bedroom and home must-haves!


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