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Swayam - 210 TC Floral Print Cotton Satin Extra Large Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers - Golden
210 TC Floral Print Cotton Satin Extra Large Bedsheet With 2 Pillow Covers - Golden
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After a hard day at work, all you feel like doing is changing your work clothes and getting into bed. We all associate bed with incredible relaxation. We often make sure our bedrooms are the best, from calm wall colors to peaceful ambience. We make sure that we have the fluffiest pillows, the coziest blankets, and the most comfortable mattress. All good so far, but we often forget a significant component - a bedsheet to adorn our bed! A soft bedsheet is often an ignored factor, simply because we are either assuming that all bedsheets are soft or we are unaware of the materials that are soft or harsh in touch.

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Since soft bedsheets are also essentially a type of cloth, we need to keep in mind the materials that make them. We know that materials are preferred due to their feel and texture. This factor is also amplified more by the season we buy them in. So, in this section, we will elaborate on the popular materials such as cotton, woolen, silk, and fur. Material is the first factor we consider while buying soft bedsheets online.

1. Soft cotton bedsheets

A well-known and popular fabric in tropical countries, cotton has been hailed as a savior during the unbearable hot days and nights. The advantages of cotton are that it is a natural fabric, durable and comfortable, and does not cling to the body. These qualities can make great soft bedsheets. Since it is a very well-loved fabric in our country, the soft cotton bed sheets come in a variety of colors and designs. The soft cotton bed sheets available at Nykaa Fashion are sure to delight you! Check out this beautifully printed Soft bedsheet set and this classy Blue bedsheet set. These soft cotton bedsheets are sure to make your bedroom look lovely and soothing.

2. Soft woolen bedsheets

Just as we think about soft cotton bedsheets for the summer season, the soft bedsheet for winter is the soft woolen bedsheet. Wool is the perfect material for the winter season since it protects us from the cool winds, is very breathable, and is durable. These qualities make the soft woolen bedsheet perfect for the cool wintertime. Since the winter is often associated with everything grey, dark, and dull, you can shop for them in bright colors. Bring a cheer to your bedroom in hues such as purple, dark green, golden yellow, pink, and basically any of your favorite color!

3. Soft silk bedsheets

Seen as a very plush and expensive material, silk is often considered when the room needs a decor upgrade. Along with a refined appearance, silk is also considered to be strong and durable. Silk has always been debated about, whether it is advisable to use it daily. The reasons being that silk is considered too luxurious for everyday usage and also bothersome during hot the hot season. We can recommend you to try out popular silk sheets and see which one works for you. A huge factor is also your body temperature at night, whether you feel easily heated or not.

4. Soft fur bedsheets

Fur is a material becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the younger demographic. High-quality fur soft bedsheets are immensely soft to touch and have a very plush texture and look. For all those who want to give a serious revamp to your bedroom and give a stylish edge to your bedroom, we would certainly recommend soft fur bed sheets. We would advise you to use them during the cooler weather since fur is a heavy material that can make you feel quite warm effortlessly. Buy them in colors like jet black for a gothic rebellious vibe or a soft hue like pink to make the room look soothing. Fur bed sheets can be the best way to make your bedroom look like the ones you see on social media!


Now, we come to an important section - bed size. However soft and attractive a bedsheet would be, if it were not bought according to the bed size, it would lead to regret and heartbreak. So, while buying a bedsheet, you need to consider the bed size it will adorn. As we know, there are some popular bed sizes we see in our home and others. They are king-size, queen-size, double bed, and twin beds. We will elaborate on how the soft bedsheet must be shopped according to this crucial factor in this section. Size is the second factor we consider while buying soft bedsheets online.

1. Soft bedsheets for king size bed

A very popular bed size in the market, king size beds are the biggest size there is. They are popular with couples that live together and even couples with babies since they need a bigger space. Being a popular bed size, the options you get for the bed sheets are also in a wide range and competitive quality. You can check out this very attractive Soft Bedsheet for King Size Bed as your next buy.

2. Soft bedsheets for queen size bed

Another equally popular bed size is queen size. The simple way of understanding the difference between the king size and queen size is the width. While the length is more or less the same, the king size has more width than the queen size. This difference is important to note since we shop for bedsheets not just in terms of length but also the width. The bedsheet should neither be too size crunched nor should have too much fabric. This beautiful Queen Size Bedsheet Set can be perfect to spruce up your bedroom.

3. Soft bedsheets for double bed

An even more compact variant than a queen-size bed is the double bed. This kind of bed is perfect for people who share a room but cannot accommodate twin beds due to space issues. Since the size is smaller than the standard ones, the double beds are more affordable. Still, this kind of bed can be adorned with good-looking bed sheets as the size is now becoming popular since the homes are becoming smaller and smaller. This abstract print Bed Sheet Set for Double Bed can be a great option to deck up your double bed.

4. Soft bedsheet for twin bed

This kind of bed size is popular with the younger generation who rent a place together with their friends, cousins, or anyone who shares the bedroom or the sleeping room. These are two beds not conjoined, that is, two separate beds at a distance in one room. Each bed can adequately accommodate one person, thereby not violating the personal space. This size is also fast becoming popular since the younger demographic share a home and other living expense with each other. In terms of bedsheets, the same bedsheets in the quantity of two can be bought to give the space an overall synchronized and harmonious look.


Now comes one of the exciting parts of the soft bedsheets blog - colors! As humans, we are deeply fascinated by hues and we have our preferences. While some like bright, trippy colors others love the classy neutral shades. The hue also determines the overall look of the bedroom. Opting for too light a shade can make the person sleeping in, feel alert while too dark colors can make the room look unappealing and sad. Finding the perfect shade might feel very tricky but what you can do is coordinate the bedsheet color with your overall bedroom decor and see which shades work. In the end, if you are happy with extreme shades, you do you! Without further ado, let us check the popular shades we are obsessing over these days.

1. Pink soft bedsheets

Considered to be a very soothing and sweet hue, pink can easily bring a distinct cheer to your room. Long gone are the days when pink was considered a heavily feminine color. In the ever-changing world of style, pink does not belong to a gender anymore. It is all about the color scheme and decor theme you choose. You can opt for a darker or lighter shade of pink according to your preference. Consider this appealing Pink bedsheet set to make your bedroom a fine space to sleep in!

2. Violet soft bedsheets

A color that has caught the fancy of humans since time immemorial. Violet and purple are often thought to be the same. Violet is a color in the spectrum whereas purple is a mixture of red and blue. Considered to be rare in ancient times, the colors violet and purple were allowed to be worn only by the royals and forbidden to be adorned by the commoners. So, it is natural that violet will bring a royal upgrade to your bedroom.

3. Grey soft bedsheets

Grey is associated with wisdom and neutrality, and everything in-between as we know ‘grey shades’ since it is a middle ground between the extreme shades of black and white. This color is quite versatile. It can work in a neutral color palette and also can be helpful in bringing balance to a bright space. To introduce this color in your bedroom, you can deck it up with showpieces from wood to bring warmth to the room, while keeping the look harmonious. This printed Grey bedsheet set can be perfect to decorate your sleeping space.


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