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Swayam - 200 TC Floral Print Cotton Double Bed Sheet With 2 Pillow Cover - White, Blue
200 TC Floral Print Cotton Double Bed Sheet With 2 Pillow Cover - White, Blue
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If there is one thing that merges style and function in your home decor, it's the bed sheet or the bed sheet set. Available in various hues and prints, with a softness that makes you feel you are on a cloud, the bed sheets are one of the home essentials to be carefully selected for harmonious home decor. When you need bed sheets that are not only value for money but also very creative and contemporary while being high-quality, look no further - The popular and trusted brand Swayam is sure to meet all these needs and much more! And the best news is, swayam bedsheets online are available at Nykaa Fashion. Check out their beautiful collection here!


When it comes to bedsheets, even before the aesthetics, the material and the feel of the bed sheet is really important. We all have faced the situation where the bed sheet looks very eye-catching and we are ready to buy it, only to find out that it is very uncomfortable to reside in. To avoid this kind of disappointment, swayam bedsheet is known to be alluring and made from well-known materials which can help you choose them in a better way. This section is dedicated for the same purpose.

1. Cotton Swayam Bedsheets

One of the most beloved and trusted fabrics, cotton has time and again proved to be a reliable material for all things clothing. Cotton is known for being sturdy, long-lasting, and perfect for almost any weather conditions. That is why Swayam bedsheets have a wide range in cotton which are sure to make you feel spoilt for choices. From bold colors to eye-catching prints, Swayam has them all in the background of this fabric. Check out this lovely black and grey cotton bedsheet set and this blue cotton bed sheet set with vibrant motifs.

2. Satin Swayam Bedsheets

A very plush and luxurious fabric, satin has always been that one dreamy fabric which changes the whole mood of any room it is adorned in. Whether in chairs, sofas, or beds of any sizes, satin sheets have always been used to bring some sophistication and oomph to the overall decor. Satin bed sheets are even perfect during any party, when you want to just make the overall decor very festive ready. So in this sense, satin bed sheets can be your bet when you want to level up your decor right up till bedding. Swayam bedsheets have a posh range of satin bedsheets. We would recommend the eternally classy grey bed sheet set and the stylish off-white satin bed sheet set with geometric print.


When it comes to bed sheets, there are various sizes available according to the bed size it caters to. The most well-known is the king size bed which is the biggest in size. Then comes the queen size bed, big in size but not as much as a king size bed. While the double bed may look similar to a queen size bed, the rule of thumb is that the queen size bed is around 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than the queen size bed. People who have experienced sleeping in both kinds of bed would know the difference. Twin beds, as the name suggests, means having two single beds, at a little distance from each other, but in one room. Let us check out what Swayam has to offer in terms of bedsheets for these popular bed sizes.

1. Swayam Bedsheets For King Size Bed

The king size bed needs to have bedsheets that looks as grand as its size. Since it takes the most space in any bedroom and is the most prominent, the bed sheet of the king size bed. From printed to solid, a Swayam bedsheet caters to your taste. For the lovers of solid colors, we would suggest using contrast colored bed sheets, for instance, this dark grey king size bed sheet set when your room is painted light grey.2. Swayam Bedsheets For Queen Size Bed

Another popular bed size that occupies a wholesome space in a bedroom, the bed sheets for the queen size bed are now available in many different colors and prints. From dark colors to cheerful prints, Swayam has them all! For the fans of prints, geometric to natural, all prints are there to level up your bedroom decor. If we can recommend, this bold queen size bed sheet set in blue will just bring a pop of color and cheer to your bedroom.

3. Swayam Bedsheets For Double Bed

A compact bed size, double bed is growing popular with younger generation as the sizes of the homes are becoming smaller. For the families looking for the double beds in their bedrooms, swayam double bedsheet will look amazing for their beds. For the maximum impact in the bedroom decor, opt for a printed bedsheet set. The most striking prints are floral and geometric which are soothing yet fascinating. This swayam double bedsheet in bold red and floral print is sure to make a stellar impression while being high on comfort meter.

4. Swayam Bedsheet For Twin Bed

The bed size which is fast becoming popular, courtesy the smaller home sizes, twin beds as mentioned earlier are two separate beds in one room. These beds are popular in the case of a kid's room or guest bedroom. But even if the bed size is steadily growing popular, it does not mean you have to compromise on style. A swayam single bedsheet can prove to be a game changer. We would recommend this swayam single bedsheet in blue geometric print for a splash of color, or this sober cream and pink twin bed sheet set for a calming effect.


Like all things decor, there are many options for colors in the bedsheets. With Swayam, you need not worry about the style quotient for your bed sheets. From the classic blue, red, orange, white to experimental purple, maroon, beige, teal, you can choose from them and many more! The choice of colors is, of course, dependent on personal preference. But then, the overall decor needs to be considered also. If your bedroom is minimal with sparse furniture and knick-knacks, opting for a printed bedsheet can really liven up the bedroom. On the same line, if your bedroom is bright and extravagant with a lot of furniture and articles, a solid hued bed sheet set is the way to go.

1. Pink Swayam Bedsheets

A calm yet cheerful hue, pink is the one color which brings smile to people effortlessly. Pink is perfect when you have to make the room very cosy and inviting. The hue, along with harmonious prints is sure to make your bedroom the heaven you rest in after a long day. For a variation, you can either opt for this color block pink bed sheet set or this dark pink bedsheet set if you love dark hues.

2. Blue Swayam Bedsheets

A color favorite of many, blue is that one hue that fascinates and hypnotizes all of us. Whether it is light blue with its calming effect or a dark blue exuding mystery we all cannot quite say on, blue is also that one color which is associated with day and night. While the sky blue brings some cheerful vibes for us in the day, the midnight dark blue makes the night inky than ever. From swayam fitted bed sheets range, check out this blue abstract print swayam bedsheet, and even this turquoise and blue motif swayam bedsheet set.

3. Grey Swayam Bedsheets

A classy hue that is hard to ignore, grey has always been a color which made people stop and stare. A color that symbolises balance and neutrality. But if you feel that grey is a dull color that should not be there in your decor, a swayam bedsheet will prove you wrong. They have an excellent range of grey bedsheet that will make you change your opinion. They have grey bedsheets in abstract and floral prints, like this lovely grey floral bedsheet set. For those who love the hue as it is , swayam bedsheet has that too. Check out this solid grey bed sheet.

So what are you waiting for? Head to buy swayam bedsheets online from Nykaa fashion and also find all the other home essentials for your lovely abode


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