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Holland Flower Fields Bedsheet & 2 Pillow Covers (Set of 3)
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When it comes to our bedroom, we need our best and the most comfortable things around. We always ensure that our bedroom is our haven, our sanctuary. So, it's only natural that we would not only want to keep the bedroom cosy but also beautiful and full of life. The best way to do so is with colourful bed sheets. They come in various hues and are perfect to match with your aesthetic taste. They can be light or dark, but they need to look harmonious with your bedroom decor. Without further ado, let us explore the vibrant world of colourful bed sheets.

Types Of Coloured Bedsheets

When we envision a bed sheet colour, we think more about solid colour bedsheets. But then like all the aesthetic choices, we have choices for this heavenly drape for bed too! In this section, we will explore some popular kinds of bedsheets for sprucing up your bed and how they can be best selected according to your bedroom decor.

1. Solid Bedsheets

In simple terms, this bedsheet is what we call a single colour bedsheet or a plain colour bedsheet. These kind of bedsheets are perfect when you do not need extreme kind of makeover to your bedroom with printed colourful bed sheets. They can be in any color, light or dark. You can either go for a contrast effect such as this bed sheet in black colour for a white decor, or a simple light and dark contrast such as a purple bedsheet in a lavender coloured room.

2. Colourful Bedsheets

This kind of colourful bed sheet is a stark difference from a plain colour bedsheet or a single colour bedsheet. There is no particular bed sheet colour to define here since it will be printed and therefore with motifs in various coordinated colors. Thai type of colorful bed sheets are perfect for people who love a little more sprucing up and feel a flair is needed in the bedroom which might not be achieved with minimalist solid bedsheets. Check out this cheerful yellow bedsheet set for inspiration!

3. Pastel Bedsheets

If you think pastels are too sober and only for a particular age group, think again! Pastel bed sheet colour is perfect when you want a very soothing effect in your room and want to simply forget the noisy, cluttered, and jarring world. They have a calming effect and are for sure to make you look forward to your bedtime. Check out this lovelypure cotton bedsheet set to make you feel like having a restful time devoid of tech gadgets and make your bedroom your solace after a long and hard working day.

4. Dark Bedsheets

All those fans of rich, dark, and intriguing colours, hail! This kind of bed sheet colour is not always remembered fondly or spoken up first when choosing your colorful bed sheets preferences. But then we can turn that around! The dark bed sheets can be your way of immediately creating a simple and interesting aura in the bedroom. Keep in mind that for the best effect, the bedroom should be minimalistic for the dark bed sheets to be the center of attraction. One of the ways to incorporate dark bed sheets is to choose a single colour bedsheet or a plain colour bedsheet with no distracting prints. This luxurious red satin bedsheet could be your ally for livening up your bedroom.

5. Light Bedsheets

A stylish cousin of pastel bed sheets, the light bedsheets are also perfect when you do not want to think about which shades qualify as pastels and simply want to buy the soothing colourful bed sheets. These bed sheets can either be tastefully printed or can be a plain colour bedsheet. You can opt for this beautifully calming dreams sterling xl bedsheet in colour peach or you can opt for this abstract print bedsheet set for your bedroom.


Now that we talked about the bedsheets in terms of colours and looks, we can explore the sizes of the colourful bed sheets. The bed sheets can look amazing, but if they are not taking to your bed size perfectly, then it looks very jarring and aesthetically poor. So, in this section we will discuss some popular bed sizes.

1. Coloured Bedsheets For King Size Bed

The most popular and well-known bed size, the king size bed has a lot of varieties since this bed size is still the one preferred in most families. The biggest one in the sizes, this kind of bed occupies the maximum space and therefore is seen first when you enter any bedroom. So, it's really important that you pick the best colorful bed sheets for this kind of bed. Check out this amazingly printed double bed sheet for your next spread.

2. Coloured Bedsheets For Queen Size Bed

A tad bit smaller but not the least grand, queen size beds are also popular in homes with nuclear families and more compact homes. The bed size is also has adequate sleeping space and also deserves to have a beautiful bed sheet. You can choose from either solid bedsheets or printed ones, obviously. Check out this Maspar blue bedsheet for your bedsheet closet.

3. Coloured Bedsheets For Double Bed

The simple definition of double beds is that it is bed fit for two adults to sleep in. Such a compact type of bed is perfect for the increasingly compact homes. The double beds are advantageous since they give space for the other kinds of furniture and knick-knacks to fill your room and make it your own. But then you do not need to compromise on the style section for this. Check out this Swayam floral double bed sheet for your next spread.

4. Coloured Bedsheet For Twin Beds

This kind of bed is growing popular amongst the newer generations who are room partners or friends and are looking to make the most of their living space. These are two separate beds in one bedroom, letting both the people have their individual sleeping place while being in the same room. So, to keep the bedroom look amazing you can opt for a single bedsheet in a pack of two for a very synchonised look. An example would be this D’décor orange bedsheet set. In case of children sharing a room, you can opt for this playful cartoon character bed sheet.


When it comes to bedsheets, material has to be of prime importance. The very fabric decides whether you will have a restful night of sleep or not. So, it is but natural that we will discuss the popular materials for the colourful bed sheets in this section. Let us explore this section further.

1. Cotton Coloured Bedsheets

An undoubtedly well-loved material is cotton, a perfectly smooth and sweat-absorbent fabric that is a godsend for us in a tropical climate. So, you can expect a lot of variety from this material. You can either opt for various printed ones such as geometric, abstract, natural, floral, and other kinds of prints. You can opt for this alluring colorful queen bed sheet set for an incredibly soothing look for your bedroom. You can also opt for solid bedsheets that look minimalistic and beautiful against your bedroom decor.

2. Linen Coloured Bedsheets

The linen bedsheets are another important part of the natural fabrics family. Like cotton, they are incredibly comfortable to rest on yet they are sturdy enough to be used for a long time. You can spruce up your home with some printed colourful bed sheets in prints such as geometric or abstract if you feel you want to show your love for art, or you can go with floral and natural prints for a soothing effect. The solid colour bedsheets are perfect for a minimal and chic look.

3. Silk Coloured Bedsheets

A very luxurious material that is perfect when you want to feel incredibly pampered, whether in terms of me-time or for a perfect festive decor. The material is so plush and indulging, that solid color bed sheets are the ideal choice for this material. Since this material looks very rich, it's only fair that one beautiful hue becomes the center of attraction in this material. A rich jewel tone such as purple or a bold hue such as crimson red is a great choice when purchasing colorful bed sheets in this material.

4. Polyester Coloured Bedsheets

A man-made fabric that has a growing popularity now in the clothing and fabric industry, polyester has been known to be very strong and lasting for a long while since it can bear the depreciation. This also makes sure that your favorite colorful bed sheets are in your closet. With his material, you can splurge a bit on the vibrant printed bed sheets since the material is going to last long and you can get the opportunity to experiment with your bedroom look. Check out this beautifully printed queen bedsheet set for your next buy!


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