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Maternity Innerwear


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Enamor - A112 Full Support Cotton Bra X-Frame High Coverage, Non-Padded & Wirefree - Blue
A112 Full Support Cotton Bra X-Frame High Coverage, Non-Padded & Wirefree - Blue
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Inner Sense - Organic Antimicrobial Soft Feeding Bra - White
Inner Sense
Organic Antimicrobial Soft Feeding Bra - White
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Sieze the journey of motherhood every day with stylish and trendy maternity innerwear From Nykaa Fashion

Fashion is changing with time and so is maternity fashion. Celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi are setting new fashion trends, but in all that we have not forgotten to put comfort first. From maternity dressesmaternity tops, maternity kurtas, track pants & joggers to pajamas we have everything to keep you hooked, and to keep it comfortable we dived deep into maternity inner wears.

From cotton to microfibre, we have all the fabrics to keep you comfortable all day. Whether you want padded or non-padded these styles will keep you satisfied and comfortable.  

Explore Popular Types of Maternity Innerwear at Nykaa Fashion

Every fashion mom needs comfortable maternity innerwear to seize the day effortlessly. Find the best pick below 

  • Nursing Bra

Maternity innerwear shouldn't just be worn during pregnancy but after too. The nursing bra is a perfectly stylish and functional essential to keep you comfortable yet stylish all day long. Nursing maternity innerwear makes feeding a baby effortless and comfortable. The padded nursing bra is a great choice for keeping you warm and cosy. Could be worn under maternity kurtas and maternity tops.

  • Maternity underwear

Finding perfect maternity underwear can be an exhausting task, not only the fabric but the fit of the underwear should elevate and hug your body. High-rise pregnancy panties are perfect for keeping you warm on casual days and could be worn under maternity dresses. Low-rise panty is a great choice to enhance and keep you cosy in your party outfit.

  • Bra-underwear sets

Embrace every day in style and comfort with the fancy and comfy maternity innewear. A printed bra-underwear set is a perfect choice for summer days. Seize every day in a style with these bra-underwear sets.

Discover maternity innerwear according to the occasion: 

Maternity innerwear is a must-have apparel for every wardrobe. Every occasion needs a different maternity innerwear to keep you in style and yet cosy. Below are some best picks:

  • Everyday essentials:

Staying cosy every day should be your top and foremost priority, these everyday essentials maternity innerwear will keep you warm and stylish. From padded to non-padded bras, and low-rise panties to high-rise panties all the styles scream comfort and fashion.

  • Party maternity innerwear:

Party innerwear shouldn’t be only about fashion but comfort too. Choosing the right maternity innerwear could be a task, padded non-wired laced bra is a perfect choice to wear under a party wear gown.

  • Casual maternity innerwear:

Stay stylish and comfortable with the vast variety of casual maternity innerwear. A soft anti-bacterial printed bra is an ideal choice for everyday go-outs. 

Your essential buying guide for maternity innerwear:

Too many options and choices can make a person feel overwhelmed but with the right guidance and notes, you can choose the perfect maternity innerwear you wish for. Here’s what you must note down:

  • Size, Shape and Fit:

While buying maternity innerwear keep the correct size and shape you want in mind and if you are confused check the size chart. Because the best fit and size will give you the look of your dreams and will enhance your outfit like anything.

  • Apparel Closure:

Hook and eye back closure is an ideal choice for maternity innerwear. But there are many closure options, you can choose whatever suits you the best.

  • Design Work:

Whether you are a fan of printed, laced,textured, we have got you covered with all kinds of styles and prints. You can choose what suits you best from the wide range of maternity innerwear collection.

Buy Fashionable Maternity Sets Online At Nykaa Fashion

When surfing online for comfortable and stylish maternity innerwear, choose Nykaa Fashion to be at your service with the best options. Explore designs, patterns, colours, and size like never before, and choose product that surprise you the best. Sign up on the platform today and grab exciting deals with secure payment options and swift doorstep delivery. So, start shopping now and add your favourite maternity wear to the cart today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of closure is better for maternity innerwear?

Hook and eye closure is an ideal choice of maternity innerwear, front closure is a good option too, you can choose whatever suits you the best.

2. What material is best to wear maternity innerwear everyday?

Cotton is the best material for everyday maternity innerwear, because of it’s softness and richness.

3. How do you wash the maternity innerwear?

A simple handwash is enough to keep the garment's colour and design intact.

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