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Chloe Flap Over Clutch Bag
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Add a Touch of Chic to your Style with Clutches from Nykaa Fashion

You need a purse to carry your essentials. But you don't always need a huge handbag. There are times when you want to carry the bare minimum and look stylish. Investing in some good clutches will keep you sorted for such occasions. Chic and elegant, these little beauties can elevate your style quotient by a few notches. 

Nykaa Fashion opens up a whole range of exquisite clutches for you to choose from. Available in varying sizes and styles, pick a few that will suit every occasion. Whether you are looking for smart clutches to carry while on a shopping spree or an elegant one to match your ethnic wear, Nykaa Fashion has it all. 

Find Clutches for Every Occasion on Nykaa Fashion

Clutches can enhance your look with their often understated elegance. Any occasion calls for this stylish carryall that is functional and also ups your style statement. Check out the different types of clutches that you can find on Nykaa Fashion. 

  • Formal Clutches 

On days when you are not in the mood to carry a handbag to work, a formal clutch comes in handy. These are usually clutches with a zipper at the top or a flap. You can opt for an envelope clutch, which, as the name suggests, looks like an oversized envelope. To get that perfect boss lady look, match your clutch to your heels. 

  •  Everyday Essential Clutches

These are multi-purpose clutches that can be carried to work or for shopping. With their simple elegance but functional design, these are easy to carry around. With multiple compartments, you can keep your cash, cards, phone and lip balm in these clutches. 

  • Party Clutches 

When going to a party, add bling to your look with a party clutch. Usually embellished with sequins and pearls, carry your essentials in these. If you are planning to go dancing, a clutch with a strap like a box clutch would come in handy. If you enjoy parties, make sure to get a few party clutches in different designs to match your party dresses.  

  • Festive Clutches 

Whether you are going to a wedding or a festive celebration, your look is not complete without a festive clutch. Specially designed to match your ethnic wear, these are available in various sizes and patterns. A solid gold clutch bag will look perfect with your saree or designer lehenga. Opt for a bracelet clutch that you can wear around your wrist to elevate your ethnic look. 

  • Casual Clutches 

If you are looking to add a fun quotient to your casual wear, pick a casual clutch. For a day out in the sun, go for an embroidered clutch with a strap. If you are planning for a day out with your girl gang, go for a solid-colored clutch. These clutches look great with jumpsuits

Style your Clutches Right and Make a Style Statement 

Buying a good clutch is only half the battle won. You need to style it the right way to make a fashion statement. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Casually Trendy

When you are thinking of pulling a casual yet chic look, pair your dresses and rings with a fabric clutch. Go for clutches with vivid colors or geometric patterns to add pop to your girl-next-door look. Pick solid-coloured clutches to pair with jeans and crop tops. 

  • Formally Elegant 

If you are looking to pull off a formal look for a business meeting, pair your business suit with an envelope clutch in solid colors of black, tan or navy blue. Pair your cocktail dress with an elegant pair of earrings and a metallic clutch to give out a professional vibe. 

  • Ethnically Chic 

Your ethnic clothes call for clutches with elaborate embellishments. Check out Saba Mother of Pearl Embellished Clutch. This will look great with your designer saree and a halter-neck blouse. Pair your Anarkalis with clutches that have Meenakari done on them.

  • Party Fun

A night out in the city with friends calls for a box clutch that is easy to carry and enhances your party look. Wear your little black dress and pair it with a stylish clutch in a popping shade of hot pink or fiery red. 

Tips for Choosing Clutches to Add to Your Collection

Accessories can make or break your well-thought-out look. Hence, keep a few important things in mind when looking for a clutch to add to your collection. 

  • Size Matters 

Choosing a clutch that complements your body is always a good idea. If you are petite or short, carrying a small, sleek clutch will do. Big clutches are best suited for you if you are tall or have a large frame. 

  • Consider the Colour 

You need to choose a clutch color that will be in tandem with the occasion. A neutral color is perfect for a formal as well as casual occasion. However, if you are buying a clutch for a celebration or party, you can opt for clutches in brighter colors or metallic shades. 

  • Versatility Makes a Difference 

When choosing a clutch, check if it is versatile and can be used for different occasions. You should always have one clutch that will go well with every look and will suit every occasion. 

Shop for Stylish Clutches on Nykaa Fashion

With Nykaa Fashion, adding a few elegant-looking clutches to your closet has become easier. Whether you want a clutch to carry to work or one to match your party wear, we have got you covered. Find the best clutches for every occasion with our wide selection of modern, chic clutches. These make for a great gift, too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I buy a clutch? 

A clutch is a very versatile fashion element that is also very functional. If you choose the right clutch, you can carry it to any occasion. A good clutch saves you the effort of lugging around a huge handbag. 

  1. What clutches are best suited for daily use?

Clutches made of fabric or leather are best suited for daily use. These materials can stand the tussle of daily life, thus improving the longevity of the clutches. 

  1. What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a clutch?

No matter what occasion you are choosing a clutch bag for, you should make sure that it is functional. A clutch bag that has enough space to carry all your essentials is the perfect clutch. 

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