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Must-Have Trendy Handbags for Women: Elevate Your Style with Nykaa Fashion

Adding a bag with your outfit will affect your styling game. Bags enhance your outfit by accessorizing it. Styling bags it all depends upon needs, color, shape, size, style and everything about handbags.  Your bags are to showcase your style. Bags come in different sizes, styles and colors. It depends on your outfit and the occasion on what type of bag will look good. Minimal bags will look good with bold types of outfits. 

If you are looking for various types of bags for women, you are at the right place at Nykaa Fashion. You will get from a wide range of bags with unique design and pattern.  

Types of Handbags for Women on Nykaa Fashion

Let’s look into the diverse world of handbags, trendy bags, must-haves bags every woman should have in their wardrobe.

  • Sling & Cross Bags for Women

These types of bags are suitable for everyday or even weddings. These slings & cross bags for women are styled across the shoulder. It keeps your hands-free. They are usually smaller in size like, square, rectangular and round shape which usually comes in. It also varies in straps, like it depends on the bag style, some have a metallic strap and some with the same material of the bag. 

  • Tote Bags for Women

These types of bags are bigger in size than other bags. These Tote Bags for Women are spacious, it is ideal for 9 to 5. It has two handles on top with the same color and material or some bags have different color handles to highlight the bags. Handbag MINI WESST Black Textured Tote Bag is a spacious bag that allows you to keep multiple items and also at times this bag is perfect for a one day trip to keep your essentials.

  • Clutches for Women :

These bags are very small in size. One can carry in hand or tucked in their arms. Very few clutches for women come with tiny metal straps which can be styled across the body. These handbags are usually styled to highlight your outfit. It is perfect for special occasions, parties or formal occasions. It goes well with western as well as traditional outfits.

  • Belt Bags for Women 

These are the trendy types of bags. These belt bags for women are styled around the waist, you can also adjust with buckles to fit on your waist. These handbags usually go with western wear. It comes in different sizes and textures. 

Styling Tips for HandBags 

Your look will enhance by styling with these handbags according to your outfit : 

  • Office Elegance

Tote bags are perfect for the office as they are spacious and are easy to carry laptops and office essentials in. Look for more comportments so that you can carry multiple items in it and it should have zip closure so you do not lose important things. 

  • Day Delight & Night Glam

Sling or cross bags are perfect for carrying during the day while going shopping as your hands are free and can carry various shopping bags in hand and during night you can style with suit sets or dresses for women.

  • Compact Handbags :

You can style with satchels for women handbags with jeans as well as with suit sets. It is small in size so it is good for exploring cities where you can keep your passports, cell phones and wallet.

  • Casual Handbags : 

With your casual wear you clutch styles perfectly. It just adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Important Things to Consider When Buying Handbags for Women

While purchasing handbags you should look according to your need and style preference from the wide collection at Nykaa Fashion

  • Price

You should set your budget while looking for handbags. Price range depends on the brand and quality. At times on Nykaa Fashion you get handbags at a good discounted price. If you set your price range then it is easy to look for bags as there are various bags available.

  • Pattern :

There are different types of patterns in handbags. You should know which pattern you are looking for, there is solid, textured, printed, strips, embroidered, and much more.  

  • Occasion :

Every occasion has different types of bags, so you should buy handbags according to occasion. For example, in weddings you need embroidered sling bags and for casual day out you need clutches or wallets.

  • Water-Resistance

This is the most important to look at while buying a bag, so that you know which you carry during monsoon season.

Buy Stylish Handbags For Women At Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion has the best collection of handbags for women. There you have a lot of options for selecting the best handbag for you. Buy from our top product from the category. You can select and order from Nykaa Fashion as it gets delivered in 3-4 working days and also some have express shipping depending on your pin code with 7-days return policy. So pick up your favorite one, add it to the cart and place an order!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which handbag is perfect for 9 to 5?

Tote bags are good for 9 to 5 as it is very spacious and has compartments which allow you to keep laptop and office essentials.

2. Which color of bags goes with every outfit?

Black, white, beige, navy blue will go with your all outfits.

3. Which bag will look at a wedding?

Sling or cross body bags will look good at a wedding with your suit sets, wedding gowns and sarees which are embellished and mostly golden color or shining type.

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