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Carry Your Style and Belongings With Trendy Handbags from Nykaa Fashion

Handbags have been essential accessories for a long time, and they have become fashion tools over the years. They do not merely carry your stuff; they help you add another layer of style to your overall looks and express your sense of fashion. Be it going to the office, visiting the nearby market, or hanging out with friends, with a handbag in your hands, you have everything you need on the go! 

With the occasion and event, the requirement for handbags will change. Considering the various needs of women, Nykaa Fashion brings to you a diverse range of handbags made with versatile materials and features catering to different budgets.

Exploring the Popular Types of Handbags for Women on Nykaa Fashion

Handbags are designed in varied sizes and shapes to provide the space and style required for specific requirements. Check out the following types of handbags for all your style preferences and practical needs.

  • Sling & Cross Bags for Women

These sling & cross bags for women are designed to hang from one shoulder or across the body. They tend to be smaller in size than many regular handbags. Square, rectangular, and round are common shapes. The straps can be made of the same material as the bag or metallic chains. There are countless choices when it comes to fabrics, patterns, and colors.

  • Tote Bags for Women

These large and versatile tote bags for women generally feature two handles that you can put over your shoulder or carry in the palm of your hand. The spacious bags will allow you to carry multiple items. Totes mostly appear in square and rectangular designs with or without multiple compartments and chained or buttoned closing. These bags are available for both casual usage and office purposes.

  • Wallets for Women

Wallets are designed to keep and carry cash, coins, cards, and other valuables in an organized manner. It can be a long, rectangular wallet or a smaller, square wallet. Round wallets are also trending currently. Bi-fold and tri-fold wallets are typical options that may have zippers, buttons, or no closing mechanisms. Solid, plain shades and textured wallets are the most popular picks.

  • Clutches for Women

Clutches are small, elegant handbags that can be carried in hand or tucked in the underarms. Some clutches can have thin metal straps to hang over the shoulders. These handbags often come with eye-catching designs and sequins to create bold statements at events. Western outfits and traditional attires pair equally nicely with clutches for women.

Tips to Style Handbags for Women in Versatile Ways

When the world of handbags is exciting and versatile, take advantage of them to enhance even the simplest outfit.

  • Make a Statement in a Handbag

Pick a bag in bold color, dramatic sequin, or any other flamboyant details to turn heads. It can be totes, sling bags, or satchels for women. Try to keep the rest of the outfit simple and allow the bag to shine. 

  • Find the Perfect Fit for Office

You need a polished and sleek bag in an impressive brown, black, nude, or dark green shade. It should have enough space to carry laptops, files, and other essentials. Opt for a zipper-down bag with multiple pockets to keep things organized and secured. 

  • Rock the Wedding & Festive Looks

Find a matching clutch when wearing heavily embellished traditional outfits, like sarees, lehengas, or salwar suits. You can buy a golden or silver clutch to go with various attires. They will also add the much-needed bling to the day.

  • Carry Casually

Slings and cross bags complement casual jeans and T-shirts, kurta and pajamas, and dresses for women. Select the size depending on what essentials you need to carry. 

Important Things to Consider When Purchasing Handbags for Women

A handbag should be equally useful and stylish. Think about the following factors to choose the ideal fit for you from the varied range of options.

  • Material

Handbags are made with leather, polyurethane, and other materials and fabrics. Wallets, totes, and satchels for women are mostly made with leather. Fabrics are used in clutches and Potli bags. While leather exudes a more polished vibe, fabrics can offer soft elegance and festive vibes. 

  • Pattern

Solid-coloured bags in browns and blacks are easy to pair with multiple outfits. Experiment with sequins, prints, checks, stripes, pleats, and so on to make a fashion-forward or bold appearance. 

  • Occasion

Be it the color or the designs, keep the occasion in mind. Pick something subtle for work or regular use, and go for ornate designs for special occasions. 

  • Water-Resistance

Since handbags carry our valuables, the water-resistance feature can add extra protection. 

Buy Stylish Handbags for Women from Nykaa Fashion

At Nykaa Fashion, you can find a handbag for any event, whether you are a minimalist or a statement-making diva! The collection of handbags here is impressively wide-ranged. The sorting options and filters will make the process of browsing the best options even better. Pick your favorite, place your order, and receive the handbag at your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of handbags look best with long gowns?

For a gown, you need something small. Pick a clutch or a miniature satchel. If the gown is casual maxi-style, you can pick a fun tote bag.

  1. Do I have to match my bag to the outfit to look more sophisticated or polished?

Not at all! Just ensure the bag complements the color or design of your outfit. Matching the bag with a belt, shoes, or accessories can create a uniform or polished look.

  1. What color bag goes with everything?

White, black, and brown color bags generally go with most outfits.

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