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U.S. POLO ASSN. - Black Denver Slim Birdseye Dobby Chinos
Black Denver Slim Birdseye Dobby Chinos
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AD By Arvind - Geometric Printed Twill Casual Chinos
AD By Arvind
Geometric Printed Twill Casual Chinos
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A comfort-oriented fabric is used in the composition of chinos for men, meaning it is made from lightweight cotton fabric making it the most suitable choice for daily use and nailing the off-duty look. From being a regular everyday fixture for many men all over the globe to mingling seamlessly into a formal dress code, surely chinos pants men's have become a staple of men’s trend. With a variety of styles, cuts, and colors at your disposal, every body type and size can find their distinct chinos jeans within their price range. You know what chinos are by now, but discovering how to wear chinos is a different ball-game completely. From simple and sober styles to eccentric and sophisticated finds, shop the latest range of chinos jeans for men's or chinos for men online from the comfort of your home with the Nykaa Fashion online shopping store and get them delivered to your doorstep hassle-free from anywhere in the world.


Colour is significant, but the fit is core to pulling off men’s chino trousers. Our most magnanimous tip? Try black chinos men's on and observe how they complement your physic and height. Fitted men’s slim-fit chinos, which are neither too tight nor too baggy, will work exceptionally well. They’ll also extend and streamline your aesthetic and companion flawlessly with a tucked-in lightweight button-down shirt for offhand styling. Choose woven belts with your white chinos men for a finishing touch that is simple and will complement a modern silhouette. Chinos should never be too long. In reality, there is no special chinos style that has to be followed but rather it is the versatility of this men’s bottomwear that makes it the perfect selection of attire for various dress codes and nearly every occasion.


Chinos are amazingly versatile and all-comprehensive when it comes to rendering you with out-of-the-box outfit solutions. They let you wear your wanted look on almost all occasions. The common rule of thumb is that the chino should make you feel good. It doesn’t matter if it is men’s grey chinos, or if it is plain or men’s checked chinos, formal or casual chinos men’s, khaki, or vibrant chino. All you need to do is style them with the right accessories, and out are all set to rock. Cotton chinos men are exceptionally easy to style. For a more informal aesthetic, go for chambray and linen shirts tucked into slim men’s grey chinos for a look perfect for sunny days. For a more formal take on chinos, opt for blazers in contrasting colors to amp up looks. Also, go for personal touches with more subtle shades from American Eagle . Pocket squares and knitted ties will also work miracles to dress chinos up in a more comfortable manner.


Just like any other dress, the fashion men's chino style fit particularly depends on the physique, individual fashion statement, and modern fashion trends. These three perspectives must be kept in mind while finding the perfect chino. As a common rule of thumb, put on the chino, and scrutinize whether it makes you feel and look good or not? If the response is yes, then check for the following features.

The Waist: It is quite simple to decide when it comes to the waist. Pick up your favorite chino pants from Louis Philippe and if you need a belt to hold the chino up or if you feel a need to undo the button after your supper, then that's not your perfect fit.

The Hips: It depends more on the hips and less on chinos, you say? Well, you are somewhat right. Just assure that you can bend and sit easily and that there is no sagginess or too much strain. If you think you would tear the stitching while sitting, you better ask for a larger size.

The Thighs: It doesn’t matter if you have thin legs or healthy ones; ankle-length chinos men’s cover-up for both pretty seamlessly. The best chinos from Peter England are slim fit and narrow and perfect in size, which means you won’t have a lot to worry about how your legs might look. However, avoid skin-tight chinos, for they can be a big discomfort if they get shredded apart amidst some gathering.

The Calves: After donning the chino under consideration, if you can pull it all the way up to the knees without putting in a lot of effort, the chino is proper for you. However, if you find it unmanageable to wear a sock because you can’t pull the pants up, they are too tight for you.

The Length: It depends on two circumstances. One, how tall you are, and second, how many breaks you want. A frail break is never a bad idea if you are medium to tall heightened. For vertically challenged people, even no break at all also works fabulously.

Shop stunning men’s chino trousers online in different colors and patterns created with intricate details and contemporary designs only at your one-stop-shop, Nykaa Fashion.

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