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VERO MODA - Girls Floral Print Multi-Color Dress
Girls Floral Print Multi-Color Dress
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Make Play Dates Fashionable with Dresses for Kids on Nykaa Fashion

In a world where everyone seems to be dependent on fashion trends, why should little ones be left behind? What's a better sight than your little girl twirling in a pretty dress or your cute little son exuding boyish charm? Dresses for kids are not just garments; they are a pure delight, not just for the wearer but also for the purchaser! 

Whether it's a picnic or a birthday party, Nykaa Fashion has a wide collection of dresses that can make your little one collect extra hugs and kisses on any occasion. And yes, worry not about their comfort, because every piece is crafted with special care! 

Explore the Different Types of Dresses for Kids on Nykaa Fashion

Shopping is fun, but for most parents, shopping for kids is a challenging task. However, Nykaa Fashion makes the shopping experience delightful with its collection of dresses for kids to suit every budget and preference.   

  • Gown Dress

These are long, voluminous dresses usually worn on special occasions like weddings or birthday parties. They have a floor-length skirt with a bodice in different colors, styles, patterns, prints, and fabrics. These dresses are also available in intricate detailings, embroidery, or borders for a polished look. The flair and tulle of the gown make your little girl look like a Disney princess. 

  • Maxi Dress 

Maxi dresses are full-length dresses that offer style with comfort. These dresses are usually form-fitted towards the top, while the bottom of the dress tends to be flowing and loose. Open to unique options and necklines, these are suitable for casual family outings. Maxi dresses are also available in different fabrics for different seasons. These dresses are very comfortable, stylish, and surprisingly versatile for kids.

  • Knee-length Dress

It is not too long nor too short; its hemline is between mini and maxi dresses. Knee-length dresses are universally flattering as they create a balanced look. These dresses are all-time favorites for kids as they offer ease and fashion together. They come in different designs, patterns, and fabrics, making them suitable for everyday wear or evening events. 

  • Mini Dress

Mini dresses are a fashion staple for every kid. These dresses are found in every kid's closet. They usually have a short skirt with a length that falls around mid-thigh. The bodice of a mini dress can vary depending on the individual's choice of sleeves and necklines. Gymboree Girls Pink Mini Dress is ideal for summer and offers easy movement while looking adorable and stylish. 

  • Tutu Dress

Tutu dresses are inspired by classical ballet costumes, which look extremely gorgeous on kids. Generally made of silk, tulle, or nylon, these dresses can be worn with simple or embellished tops to create an attractive look. Buy Foreverkidz Ice Candy Floss Tail Dress White, featuring a tulle of multiple layers made with lightweight net-like fabric to give a signature fluff to the dress. They come in various colors, styles, and lengths to cater to the requirements of different occasions.

Shine like a Diamond! Simple Styling Tips for Dresses for Kids

Every parent wants their kid to shine like a diamond on the occasion! With such beautiful and cute options on Nykaa Fashion, here are a few styling tips for dresses to make them look the showstopper: 

  • Play With Colors

Don't restrict the color options based on gender, like baby blue or yellow is only for boys, not for girls. Choose funky and vibrant colors for your kids to look like fashionistas. For example, pair a bright blue chiffon print dress with fancy sports shoes for kids for a stylish and daring look. You can also add a hat to the outfit in hot weather. 

  • Redefine Everyday Attire 

Adding accessories refine the attire of your kids. Combine a mini flower-patterned dress and jeans for kids with accessories like a leather belt and a sling bag for a chic and stunning look. You can style it with a pair of quirky sandals for kids.

  • Be Party Ready

When it comes to birthday bash or wedding functions, nothing can beat the shimmer and fluffiness of the dazzling gowns. Dress up your real princess in a stunning gown with statement hair accessories like a cute little headband to give them their favorite fairy look. Also, add some blush on her cheeks for a natural rosy complexion. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Dresses for Kids

With so many options available for kids, it's common to get confused. So, to choose what's best for them, follow the factors mentioned below for a smart and stylish look. 

  • Size for Growing Kids

Due to the growing age of kids, you can never be sure of their size. Therefore, always opt for sizes that are one size bigger, as their current size can become small in a few months. 

  • Fabric Quality

Kids have very sensitive skin, and considering the fabric is of utmost importance. Look for fabrics that are soft and light on kids' skin. You can look for organic and breathable materials for a comfortable, flared fit. 

  • Kid's Preferences

If your kid is old enough to point out their choices, you must consider them. Children these days get attracted to certain colors and designs and want to incorporate them into their attire. This makes them feel more cheerful and confident about their choices.

Buy Dresses for Kids From Nykaa Fashion

Shopping for kids is more of an emotional feeling, but parents usually get overwhelmed. Nykaa Fashion offers a broad range of dresses for kids in different fabrics, colors, and patterns in different budgets and brands to help parents choose the best for their kids. So register on Nykaa Fashion today and get first-time user discounts. Also, take advantage of services like free COD, complimentary express delivery services, various payment options, and incredible customer support. Did you order the wrong size? Happens! Return or exchange easily with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ideal bottoms for kids that can be worn with dresses? 

Bicycle shorts, tights, and leggings are a few bottoms for kids to wear with dresses. They provide comfort and warmth. 

2. How do I handle dress fittings for growing kids?

When buying dresses for kids, it is advisable always to buy one size bigger with elastic waistbands for accommodating sizes. 

3. How can I involve my kid in shopping for dresses? 

Show your kids all the options available online and let them choose from different styles and colors. Allow them to express their preferences.

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