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When it comes to sprucing up any drab or empty corner of the home, all we need to do is give it a new dimension. This usually happens when we style our space in an interesting way. When you style your floor with a unique rug, your home looks rich, elegant, and unique. Rugs are a type of floor coverings, which add an eye-catching touch to the whole look and vibe of a particular space. Floor rugs are particularly common in eastern continents where various intricate tapestries are appreciated and preserved. In this blog too, we are going to focus on rugs and how they can liven up your space in the upcoming festival of Diwali. Without further ado, let us get to know various kinds of rugs online and how they can best suit your home.


With the market flooding with options, it might become difficult to choose the best floor rugs online. It is easy to feel drowned and overwhelmed while you buy rugs online. But we, at Nykaa Fashion, are here to help you out. In this section we will cover rugs for different rooms of your home. This will give you an idea to figure out different modern rugs according to the space and usage. We will help you select rugs for your living room, bedroom, outdoors, kitchen, and bathroom. These spaces need to look their best and rugs are here to up your décor game.

1. Living Room Rugs

Since it is the first room from where people enter, the living room must make a stellar impression. This is the room where most guests will be seated and spending their majority of the time, the room has to look brilliant and harmonious. The chosen rug should cover all the existing furniture equally, without overwhelming the room space. You need to make sure that the rug is not so large that it touches the walls of the room but looks like a piece which uplifts the decor. Some of the popular rugs are rectangular rugs, round rugs, and throw rugs. Some of the examples could be a classic woolen rug or a fierce red rug for a pop of color.

2. Bedroom Rugs

The bedroom rugs could be smaller and elegant as the room is compact and the bed will occupy most of the space, along with maybe other furniture such as a table, or a chair where you work. If you plan to keep the rug under the bed, make sure the rug looks evenly spaced out from the bed and not tattered or haphazard. A better option would be placing multiple smaller bedroom rugs, maybe round rugs, so that the room can be used optimally, with quirky corners making the room ready for Diwali. Runner rugs can also give your decor a new height. An example of a bedroom rug could be this mustard colored rug, which can make one of the most amazing bedside rugs.

3. Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug is the one which makes an impression even before the living room. At the same time, an outdoor rug faces a lot of wear and tear. Some of the most popular outdoor rugs are in bright, bold prints and colors. The geometric and aztec print brings a certain charm and sophistication that is hard to ignore. Place these rugs with light-weight jute, wicker, or polished wooden chairs and a small table. The overall look will be laid-back and picturesque. Some of the examples are this classic modern rug and this rust geometric printed rug.

4. Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is where all the delectable festive food, fun, frolic, and lots of revelry happens. It is natural that this important space of your home is decorated too. For kitchen, accent rugs are ideal. These kinds of rugs can be used as kitchen rugs. They are not very large and are just enough to give the space a much-needed oomph. As their name suggests, they are ‘accent’ pieces that highlight decor. The kitchen is where a lot of buzz and work is done, especially in Diwali and the parties hosted around those times. Pop up your kitchen space with either an elegant floral rug or a cheerful yellow rug.

5. Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom décor should never be ignored. One of the spaces which is used more as parties become frequent in festive times, bathroom rugs can be a quick way to make the space attractive. As people meet and greet more frequently during this time, you need to make sure that bathroom rugs look beautiful, are soft and, durable. One popular choice is a solid shag rug matching with the color scheme of the bathroom. To jazz up the place more, you can also opt for a beautifully patterned rug or make a bolder choice with this bright yellow rug.


We are always intrigued by colors. They hold a special place in every choice of ours, where aesthetics are concerned. This includes our homes too. We all know by now that home is an extension to our personality. We want everyone to know us through our decor choices. We at Nykaa Fashion understand your need for the same and help you make choices regarding the aura you want your home to exude, through colors and patterns. In this section, we will discuss some classic colors which give your home a wholesome look. Let us dive into the world of colors!

1. White Rug

A timeless color which gives the aura of tranquility and harmony, white is a favorite amongst the minimalists and lovers of modern decor theme. The color reflects light and gives the illusion of space, which makes your home look bigger than it is. A white rug can be used for a clean and peaceful look, when the room needs a break from clashing colors. For those who want to stay away from complete whites, you can opt for white rugs adorned with abstract, geometric, or floral prints. Some of the examples are this beautiful abstract print rug or a serene floral printed white rug.

2. Grey Rug

Another classy, understated, and compelling color, is grey, also a favorite of people who love neutral colors in their homes. Grey can also be an amazing choice to balance out any loud colors in the room. A grey rug can look right at home with colors such as ocean blue, chocolate brown, crimson red, or classic black. These colors in the furniture can give a contrasting effect and lead to an overall chic and understated look. Some of the examples can be this beautiful modern grey rug, or this hand-knotted rectangle rug.

3. Black and White Rug

One of the most intriguing color combinations, a black and white rug has been a popular choice for all those who want to instill sophistication in their homes. The play of dark and light takes your home decor to another level. Here too, you can play with prints as they suit you. For a more defined and sharp look, opt for geometric patterns. To lend a cheerful touch to your decor, floral prints could be your bet. The abstract prints are obviously an all-time popular choice. Some of the rugs to choose from are this classy abstract print rug or this lovely floral print rug .

4. Blue Rug

Last but not the least, a royal color fit for your abode. Blue has always been a popular choice, be it any shade. The lighter shades such as sky blue and teal are perfect for outdoors while the darker shades like azure, midnight blue, and cobalt can be amazing for living rooms. If you like the best of both worlds, you can check out this blue geometric print rug with color gradation of light to dark blue. Abstract and floral prints in a blue rug can also give a novel aspect to your overall space.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Nykaa Fashion rugs page for the recommended rugs online, whether cotton rugs or wool rugs and impress your guests this festive season !


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