Workleisure Takes You Just About Anywhere

by Dhruv Kapoor

Gone are the days of dressing up in uncomfortable suits and ties for work. A new smarter version of athleisure has taken center stage and it’s being called workleisure. The idea is simple – people are incorporating comfortable pieces of clothing into their office looks. They want to look sharp but feel like they’re lounging at home. Trousers are elasticated, so is denim, and joggers are an option too! Shirts no longer have to be tucked in and ties are passē. Blazers are lightweight and sneakers are an accepted alternative. If you’ve said to yourself, “I’m so used to pajamas now I couldn’t possibly wear pants again,” then this trend is what you’ve been waiting for.
Joggers and jogger-waist trousers have made it mainstream. Add these to your sartorial cabinet.

Desi Girl Saree


Men Grey Casual Trouser


R.y.v. Sweatpnt Black


It’s like a coming of age for modern man-made fibers. Until now sweat wicking and stretchy lycra were absent from the domain of workwear. But people have gotten used to feeling at ease in their clothes and no longer see the point in wearing stuffy clothes to work. Men have gone from the Don Drapers of the last century to the california tech types at the turn of the century to now including leggings in their work wardrobes. So is the evolution complete? We’ll let you tell us what’s next.
You can incorporate smart tees or half sleeve shirts into your work wardrobe.

Men Blue Red Striped


Men Pink Cotton Solid


Men’s Orange Floral Slim


Mens Casual Navy Blue


In the meantime, let’s walk you through what workleisure is and isn’t. It is not sleepwear or the easy loungewear you wore at home all of 2020. It also isn’t the business casual of days past. It is about taking workwear essentials and making them more comfortable while elevating athleisure basics to a going out status. A state that also makes it perfect for travel, especially work related travel.
You could take a dolce vita (as they’re called in Italy) sweater, which is a turtleneck, and layer it with a casual blazer.

Black Turtle Neck T-Shirt


Brown Solid Slim Fit Blazers


Multi-Color Printed Casual


Men Navy Blazer


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