Top Trends To Follow Through In 2022: Menswear

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While minimalism and muted tones were a major focus of menswear in recent years, the pendulum is beginning to swing. This “less is more” approach is taking a back seat in 2022 with a “more is more” attitude taking its place. We’re turning to our closets to see happy colours and playful patterns, and this year’s trends understood the assignment. Are you ready to reconnect with the outside world but your current wardrobe isn’t cutting it?
Read on for the top four trends you’ll want to plan all your future outfits around.
The Takeover of Maximalism
What is maximalism, you ask? It’s essentially the opposite of minimalism, with a focus on utilising every inch of clothing in a bold way. When it comes to incorporating this trend into your 2022 men’s fashion wardrobe, strive for personalization.
This could mean a head-to-toe look in a repetitive pattern or a single statement piece mixed with a loud print. If patterns aren’t your thing, turn to exaggerated silhouettes like extra-long cardigans or wide-leg trousers. Do any of these daring elements pique your interest? We encourage you to draw from this melting pot of styles and see what works best for you.

Set Reverse Green Wave


Top with Jogger Pant


Drop Crotch Pants


The Bolder, The Better: Prints + Colours
It’s been said that colours can impact your mood, so who couldn’t use a dose of daily jubilance? Men’s fashion 2022 is all about injecting bright colours and eye-catching prints into your day-to-day dressing. Adventurous hues like acid green, striking blue and electric yellow take centre stage.
Not to worry, these vivid shades aren’t completely replacing our comforting neutrals but rather complementing them. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of red or pink to your beige jogger and sweatshirt set. Prints are having a refresh as well with psychedelic swirls, digital patterns and painterly florals. Did you ever think getting dressed could be this fun?

Casual Black Red Sweater


Block Printed Shirt


Printed Eye Bow Sneakers


Retro 90’s Comeback
The nineties are calling and they’re lending us their logos and leather. Baseball caps and snapbacks with obvious branding are finding their way back to the fashion scene this year. Looking to wear them in a modern way? Skip the sideways placement à la Will from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and wear your hat front and centre.
If hats aren’t your jam, T-shirts and sweatshirts with large logos are popping up on catwalks everywhere. Mix trends and layer your graphic tee with a biker jacket for a bit of edge. To round out your nod-to-the-nineties look, grab a pair of your loosest-fitting jeans and slip on those nostalgic checkered Vans.

Unisex Solid Black Cap


Basics White Sneakers


Blue Slim Fit Jeans


Purple Pull Over Sweat


Lunge to Lounge Staple Athleisure
What’s next on the 2022 men’s trends highlight list? With sustainability on the brain, it’s the perfect time to consider adding multi-use clothing items to your closet. Cutting down on the amount of clothing you own can help minimize the stress on your closet.
Let’s welcome athleisure to the conversation. We love a pair of pants that can take us from the treadmill to the beach—no outfit change required.

White Pullover Sweatshirt


Navy Blue Tracksuit


Action Cotton Pants


It’s 2022, so the idea of gendering tops and bottoms is definitely behind us. With a world of possibilities at your disposal, the best time to experiment and find your aesthetic is now! These menswear trends are going to be everywhere and are sure to revamp your wardrobe for the rest of the season.
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