5 Smart-Casual Trouser Styles All Men Should Own

by Simran Arora

Since most of us have been working from home for the most part of the last two years, getting dressed for work seems like a unique endeavour we’ve to learn to master now that work-from-office season is returning in full swing this year. Ditching the regular pair of comfy PJs to a pair of clean trousers is a transition, that we all need to make before we step out of the house. If you’re shaking off the style cobwebs, and need some help with your formal wear closet, we’ve got your back.
Here’s your guide to different kinds of workwear trousers with our top picks from each section to help you give your closet a refresher before you gear up to step out regularly again.
A crisp alternative to denim, a pair of khakis don’t just come in a single shade as implied by the name. Also called chinos sometimes, this trouser style has its origins in the US Navy, back when it was worn by officers for service. Soon after, it was picked up by civilians to become a post-war statement trouser style.
Try styling your pair of khakis with boots in Winter with minimal sneakers or loafers.

Flat Front Solid Trousers


Khaki Ankle Length Chinos


Mens Khaki Cotton Solid


Khaki Trouser


Men Khaki Trouser


Wool Trousers
Back in the day, wool trousers were typically worn as part of a suit. In recent years, one can also style them as a part of smart separates. Complete your outfit with wool trousers with solid pair of brogues or Derby shoes.

Brown Trousers


Blue Self-Design Slim..


Navy Blue Solid High


Permapress Navy Blue


Black Check Formal Tro…


Pleated trousers
Pleats add definition and fullness to the outfit. They are also more comfortable moving around for a day-long engagement. Here are top picks to choose from.

Black Stripes Pleated


Grey Trousers


Men Cotton Blend Black


Blue Solid Slim Fit Tro…



Brown Solid Slim Fit…


Wide Trousers
The wide-leg trousers can be best matched with a fitted or closely-tailored shirt. Unlike slim silhouettes, a wider leg needs to be of the optimal length and needs to be tailored to that measure.

Grey Solid Regular Fit…


Black Solid Slim Fit…


Black Regular Pants


Grey Men Bell Bottom…


Grey Regular Pant


Cropped Trousers
If you’re wearing cropped trousers, your trousers should neither be too long nor too short, but just the right length. Ideally, they should be at a length where they break ever so gently over your shoes.

Brown Solid Trouser


Men Khaki Flat Front


Khaki Ankle Length Chinos


Men Grey Trouser


Polyester formal Trouse…


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