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Puma - Phase Unisex Purple Backpack
Phase Unisex Purple Backpack
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KLEIO - Light Weight Backpack For Women/Girls (HO6009KL-BL) (Black)
Light Weight Backpack For Women/Girls (HO6009KL-BL) (Black)
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Redefine Style with Backpacks for Women on Nykaa Fashion

Do you also believe fashion is about what's new and trending? But what if we tell you that there is one accessory that has challenged this belief and has remained timeless for ages? That accessory is Backpack! It is a practical and functional accessory that is often overlooked but has the power to transform your overall look. From carrying makeup kits & pouches to laptops and camera equipment, a backpack is great for carrying heavy loads and keeping your hands free. 

Whether you want to pack light for a jungle trek or carry important documents and devices for a corporate conference, Nykaa Fashion has different styles of backpacks that you can effortlessly merge into your lifestyle. So, break the norms of conventional fashion and embrace the functionality of these bags while making a fashion statement.

Find Your Backpack For Every Adventure on Nykaa Fashion

Each backpack has a unique style and function. They are designed to cater to different needs. Whether you are looking for the perfect laptop backpack or shopping for a travel backpack to keep your hats & caps, Nykaa Fashion has got you covered. 

  • Casual Backpack

Casual backpacks are a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. These backpacks usually have simple designs with padded straps and multiple compartments to keep daily essentials like gadgets, books, wallets, etc. They are crafted with durable fabrics like cotton and polyester to ensure longevity and comfort. 

  • Backpack for Everyday Use

Backpacks designed for everyday use are similar to casual backpacks but offer a little extra protection and organization. These bags have designated compartments for laptops, chargers, and eyewear & sunglasses, making them suitable for individuals of all age groups. They are often made with waterproof fabrics and are available in a variety of designs. 

  • Formal Backpack

Formal backpacks are specially designed for professionals who seek functionality without compromising on the appearance of the bag. These backpacks are made with high-quality fabrics like leather to add a touch of refinement. The feature compartments to store laptops, business documents and small pockets for business cards. 

  • Travel Backpack  

Travel backpacks offer practicality and comfort to the travelers. These backpacks are crafted with durable, lightweight, waterproof materials to withstand various climate conditions. They contain numerous pockets and compartments to store traveling accessories while providing efficient organization to enhance accessibility. Further, travel backpacks are usually equipped with additional security features to prevent theft. 

  • Backpack for Sports

Sports backpacks cater to the different needs of athletes. These backpacks are made with durable materials and have specialized compartments to carry sports equipment. Some of these backpacks feature ventilated pockets for storing sweaty clothes and towels. They include external attachments to secure things like balls, helmets, or mats.

Fashionable Ways to Style Your Bag 

Accessorizing the same old laptop bag over your shoulder every day can become a bit boring. However, we have listed a few styling tips that can help you turn heads with a little creativity. 

  • The Perfect Chic Look

A casual chic look never goes out of style. Take a favorite pair of denim jeans and pair it with a comfortable sweater and knee boots. Complete the look by adding a tan-colored leather backpack as a cross-body bag to create an effortless monochromatic look. 

  • Make Your Bag a Statement Piece 

Grab a backpack with bold patterns or boho designs. You can make your bag stand out and get attention by keeping the overall outfit simple paired with a sleek metal watch

  • Hold it From the Top  

Most backpacks, like the Khaki Beige Pilot Backpack, have top handles, allowing you to hold them like a tote bag. Pair your backpack with a flared dress or formal trousers and shirt for a sophisticated look. 

What Should You Look Out For When Purchasing a Backpack? 

Apart from choosing a backpack that catches your attention, considering the below factors can narrow your choices and help you select the right bag for yourself. 

  • Purpose 

Evaluate the primary use of your backpack. For instance, If you are looking to buy a backpack for college, then opt for a bag like Offroader Nx 02 Laptop Backpack Grey with designated compartments for a laptop, books, water bottles, etc. On the other hand, if you need one for trekking, look for a bag made with waterproof fabric. 

  • Durability  

Determine the materials used in the making of the backpack as it impacts the durability. Choose bags made from leather or nylon to prevent small wear and tear. Also, choose zips that are made from sturdy metal. 

  • Comfort 

Ensure the backpack you are purchasing is comfortable on your back and shoulder. If you are an individual who travels longer distances with backpacks, then opt for a bag with padded support and adjustable straps. 

Buy Backpack From Nykaa Fashion

Carry your essentials in style every day with a backpack from Nykaa Fashion. We offer an elaborate range of backpacks from renowned brands in different styles and budgets that offer utility and fashion-forward living. 

So register on Nykaa Fashion today and find an amazing range of bags in one place. Besides, grab benefits like free COD and express delivery, impressive discounts, numerous payment options, simple filters, and wishlist features. If unsatisfied, opt for our flexible return and exchange policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I select the correct backpack size?

Evaluate your purpose and the items you need to carry. For everyday use, a medium-sized backpack is ideal, while for traveling, you may need a large size.

  1. Can I carry a backpack as cabin baggage on flights?

Yes, most backpacks meet the guidelines of cabin luggage on flights. 

  1. Are there backpacks convenient for children?

Yes, there are backpacks particularly manufactured for children with small sizes, adjustable belts, and playful patterns.  

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