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Think cool gusts of wind, think water droplets from above-think monsoon! With the monsoon, comes the relief from the tropical heat. Monsoon brings with it weather to die for and then weather to brave for. Grey skies which are ready to burst with water at any moment and sludge around the roads remind us that we need to buy and unpack our monsoon essentials. The staples for monsoons are umbrellas and monsoon shoes. Whether it is children or adults, all need to get ready for the joys of monsoon with these staples. However, with the monsoon, apparel becomes a concern as we want them to dry easily and not get spoilt while travelling too. Here is our guide to enjoying monsoons without the hassles.


1. Based on Length

In the case of monsoon clothing, we want clothes that will be fuss-free. The monsoon clothing for women is determined by the attire’s hemline as the dirty puddles are our bane. Knee-length dresses and skirts are the best to meander through monsoons. In the case of monsoon clothing for men, since trousers are mandatory, they can avoid tight ones and go for regular fit trousers and loose fit pants for casual settings. The shirts too could be a regular fit for more comfort. Layering the clothes with blazers for work and a light monsoon jacket on casual occasions is an easy trick to jazz up the outfit as well as protecting yourself from cool winds. They can also wear well-tailored shorts for casual occasions. For children too, frocks and shorts do the trick.

2. Based on Fabric

In the case of fabrics, the weather makes our choices. Since monsoon is the time where clothes get spoiled easily but dry pretty slowly, the fabrics of everyday monsoon clothing should be lightweight and the ones that do not get damaged easily. The thick, heavy fabrics such as denim, silk, jute, cords are to be avoided, as these take a longer time to dry. Instead, fabrics like nylon, chiffon and cotton could be donned. For a pop of colour amidst the grey atmosphere, rich jewel tones like purple, blood red and emerald could be worn. Men can similarly opt for dark blue, navy blue, rust red, chocolate brown, olive green. Light pastel clothes such as lilac, lemon yellow, peach could be avoided as they tend to be easily spoiled in rains. Traditional block-printed clothes are best kept in cupboards as their colours tend to run in water.

3. Based on Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, minimalism is the key. When you are battling with the rain with the help of your umbrella, you do not need excessive baubles to tie you down. Sticking to one or two classic pieces can brighten up the outfit and save you trouble. A brightly coloured scarf, a solitaire ring, statement earrings or a bracelet worn along with an elegant outfit can make you look leagues ahead of others. For men, a sophisticated watch , classy wallet and a stylish belt will make them a truly urban man.


1. Formal Monsoon Footwear

Monsoon footwear is another thing to be taken care of. Like the outfits and accessories, they need to be fuss-free yet stylish. The closed shoes for men such as boots, loafers, sneakers are simply not suitable as they tend to collect water in them and take a long time to dry. Similarly, for women, stilettos, wedges, booties and other heels and highly embellished shoes are too difficult to carry. Stylish flats for women and modern sandals for men are the best in monsoon.

2. Casual Monsoon Footwear

Let’s see what other types of monsoon shoes are available. For the ultimate casual home-like vibe, crocs can be opted by both men and women. For men, they come in colours such as black and dark red and suit their manly personality. Monsoon footwear for women comes in red, green, yellow, and purple colors to suit their vibrant personality. The women who love understated fashion will definitely love Nykaa Fashion’s range of transparent footwear which are the ultimate monsoon vibe. For Indian wear, Kolhapuri chappals are saviours for both men and women since they are traditional as well as perfect for the rainy season. Flip-flops are perfect for an effortlessly chic vibe for catching up with friends on an easy-breezy brunch or a night out. The shoes mentioned above are available at Nykaa Fashion’s men’s and women’s sections respectively.

3. Monsoon Footwear For Kids

The rains bring playtime for the children. Walking in the rain and jumping in puddles, the children are ecstatic in this season. Be rest assured about their footwear with Nykaa fashion. Gone are the days of simple black sandals for the children. Today you will be spoilt for choices for your munchkin! From crocs to flip-flops and from sandals to flats, all are available with us, for both boys and girls. There are abundant colors to choose from, from neutrals to pastels to bright hues. Along with the shoes, fun children’s umbrellas are also available with us which will make your child glee in delight every time they use it. Check out the range of shoes and umbrellas with Nykaa Fashion.


The monsoon is enjoyed the most when everything you need is with you. This is ensured with the help of monsoon bags. There is a bag for every occasion at Nykaa Fashion. From the classic tote bag to the sleek sling bags and from travel-friendly luggage bags to everyday handbags, we have it all! The tote bag is perfect for everyday use in the monsoon since the essentials increase during that time with the inclusions of sanitizer, waterproof pouches, umbrella, tissues, perfume, and much more. Check out the range of bags from the finest brands at Nykaa Fashion. Choose the ‘water resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ in the filter ‘Water Resistant’ to shop for your ideal bag.


While we have covered the essentials and the guidelines for monsoons, it is important to know the brands that could provide us with the essentials. When it comes to kids products, the brands such as Kicks and Crawl, ToniQ, Melissa, Crocs provide a great range of essentials. For women, the bags from Lino Perros, Modern Myth, Bagsy Malone provide the bags which will suit your everyday needs. The men can opt for brands such as Fastrack and Casio for amazing watches to suit them during monsoons. So prepare yourself for monsoons with Nykaa Fashion!


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