6 Summer Staples That Every Closet Needs

by Dhruv Kapoor

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A capsule closet is one comprising easily interchangeable pieces that all complement each other. Imagine being able to go to your wardrobe every morning and just picking out one top and one bottom at random, and effortlessly enough, they match. The idea has been popularised by tech honchos and celebrities alike.
How do you build such a closet? Well, first you would need to identify the key pieces you need to compose your look. Choose between tees, turtlenecks, shirts, or sweatshirts. Then between jeans, joggers, and trousers. Add a sprinkling of either ankle boots, loafers or sneakers and round it off with your choice of jacket, coat, or hoodie. Between 2-3 kinds of tops, a preferred bottom, a type of footwear (or two) and a type of outerwear, you should end up with 6 staples.
Most capsule closets are minimalist by nature, as the style lends itself seamlessly to mixing and matching within like colours. The trick to nailing your signature look is picking a base colour or key piece that you would always wear. We’ve known people to build around a black turtleneck or a beige trench coat. The important thing is to pick what you’re inherently comfortable in and wouldn’t mind having on day after day.
Finally, we’re bringing you a comprehensive list of articles that you can pick and choose from to start your own capsule wardrobe. These are like building blocks, don’t hesitate to experiment with fit or colour to get your look down.

T shirt, t shirt for men

Solid Grey T-shirt


Navy Casual T-Shirt


Solid Olive T-Shirt


Men Dark Green Solid Mandarin Collar Cotton T-Shirt



Black Turtle Neck T-Shirt


Men Khaki High Neck Sweatshirt


Men Solid Full Sleeve Stylish Casual Hooded Sweatshirts


Olive Printed Sweatshirt



Men Solid Knit Shirt Black Knit Shirts


Men’s Solid Slim Fit Long Sleeves White Shirt


Men Light Blue Regular Fit Check Formal Shirt


Black Solid Formal Shirt




Women’s Beige Linen Blend Woven Design Saree With Unstitched Blouse Piece


Black Cotton Mens Jeans


Blue Solid Jeans


Blue Jeans



Blue Solid Trousers


Grey Structured Flat Front Trousers


Khaki Solid Chino


Men Supima Cotton Flint Grey Men Supima Pants



Black Solid Hoodie


Grey Solid Hoodie


Solid Black Trackpants


Black Revolutionary G99 Plus Antiviral Travel Safe Jogger Pants



Grey Suede Chelsea Boot Leather With Rubber Forepart


Olive Leather Tassel Moccasins


Arno Solid Tan Loafers


Trinity Men White Sneakers



Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Patterned Casual Blazer


Men Genuine Real Leather Jacket


Men Black Thumbhole Open Long Jacket


Corduroy Robe Jacket


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