Pick from these top 5 super popular menswear trends

by Yash Bharati

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As the circle of style trends spins again, there’s something new on the block for fashion enthusiasts to experiment with. Men’s fashion is a great blend of staple, sharp fits and over-the-top extravaganza. But, the golden spot pretty much lies in striking the right balance. Stunning in a sharp suit but still looking laid back or relaxing in an oversized fit but still retaining a certain sharpness. This can be largely achieved by staying on-trend, and here are five current trends to pick from.


Whether it is a beaded necklace with many pop colours, and even a smiley emoji, or a bling silver pendant chain, jewellery for men is working; and standing out. Super easy look-elevators, try as many as you can. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and even nosepin (for the extravagant soul), EVERYTHING WORKS. 

jewellery, mens jewellery

Oh Acuti Unisex Handcuffin In Silver


jewellery, mens jewellery

Avni by Giva O…


jewellery, mens jewellery

Silver Bullet Pen…




The most functional pair of pants, cargos are unimaginably high on fashion. Earlier made for tool-workers and farmers to accommodate more pockets, pleated cargos pants, corduroy cargos, slim-pocket cargos and more are emerging style-first categories to pick from.

cargos, mens cargos

Navy Cargo


cargos, mens cargos

Navy Blue Solid Cargos


cargos, men cargos

Men’s Khaki Cotton Solid Mid-Rise Cargo


Print on print


Printed shirts shouldn’t go only on solid pants. And, prins can extend to pants too. With the growing popularity of co-ords, it is only a matter of time that your eyes get comfortable with print on print. Style them sharp, pair a chequered pant with a striped shirt to start with. Self prints work great for print on print too.

shirts, mens shirts, printed shirts

Men Shorts Sleeve Resort Shirt


mens shirts, mens printed shirts

Blue Printed Relax Shirts


mens, mens printed pants

Mens Grey Camouflage Printed


Statement Shirts


They say your shoes do most of the talking or are primary eye-attractors, and while that’s true, a fresh pair of white kicks should sort you out on that end. Fashion extends to the outfit too and hence your shirt needs to do a lot of talking, bring in some jazzy print and stand out.

mens shirts, mens fashion, mens trends

Men Striped Casual Shirts


Grey Printed Casual Shirt


Navy Blue Linen Embroidery Shirt


Relaxed jeans


Safe to say that skinny jeans are a dated fit. As the style trend circle spins again, the boot cut, relaxed jeans have made a comeback. Amplify this pick by going for ripped relaxed jeans and pair it with neat white sneaks and a loose overshirt or an oversized tee, street style supremacy.

relaxed jeans, mens jeans,

Men Black Jeans


relaxed jeans, mens relaxed jeans

Blue Cotton Mens Jeans


relaxed jeans, mens relaxed jeans

Grey Mid Rise Relaxed Fit Cropped Jeans



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