Everyday sustainable: 6 easy ways you can make your lifestyle more conscious

by Preshita Thakur

No, it is not just a key trend or terminology, but to actually go SUSTAINABLE is more than just its plain countertop definition. It is about changing the way we live and practice sustainability. Small habits, small changes, mere fixes, and a mix of dos and don’ts can help formulate and manifest a sustainable future, something to really work on when the world needs changing at a pressing ticking rate.
Below are a few ways to formulate the ‘sustainable’ in your lives, simple easy tricks and habits, a basic game plan to make your lifestyle a more conscious and sustainable one.
Fix your everyday inventory
Our everyday commodities, from our toothbrushes to our water bottles, to what we wear, are all that needs fixing. Swap your plastics for metals or other eco-friendly products, swap your polymer-based fabrics with natural fabrics. Shop less and invest in timeless pieces, even if that’s as small as buying metal chopsticks or straws rather than plastic ones.
Better your closet
This one’s a no-brainer. Aren’t we all guilty of buying too much regardless of what exactly we’re wearing or how often we would be wearing? Clothes are our major inventory that needs fixing as these are what end up overwhelming our landfills and local economies. Therefore, shop less, revise your closet, shop consciously, and opt for classic timeless rotatable pieces.
Go non-toxic
If there’s one thing that we’re all consuming, are chemicals day in & day out. These could be the shampoos we wash our hair with to the makeup we wear on an everyday basis. Now’s the time to actually research your detergents, fragrances, skincare, etc., to avoid chemical wastes and longtime health risks.
Reuse, recycle & upcycle
Again, not just a trend or a hobby, the above ought to be everyone’s life mantra sooner, the better. Thus, move away from single-use plastics and throwaways and opt for ways to upcycle and amalgamate reused and recycled materials into your daily lifestyle. The most fitting way to start with is your clothes!
Invest responsibly
This one is again about what and where you’re spending on, but thinking on the lines of investment rather than anything else. Think you’re not shopping for a sari, but you’re shopping for THE SARI, that’s bound to live for ages, passing it down to family even. This simple mindset in shopping and investing, in timeless products and mindful businesses, is what it means to invest responsibly.
Shop Local
Whatever it is that you’re buying and consuming, from what we eat to what we wear, it is high time we shop local. Support your local businesses, buy organic, hop into your nearest farmer’s market, support indigenous homegrown labels, in every vertical possible and you’re on the right track!
Travel sustainably
Walk, bike, or take public transportation for all your traveling, at all times, is one of the best changes that one can actually commit to. Your travel footprint is directly proportional to the massive air pollution and the rest (climate change) is the reality. So think over your lifestyle choices, change and do the needful right now!
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