WORKLEISURE: Your guide to Workwear as dictated by the NF staffers

by Preshita Thakur

Ever since the pandemic, the office culture has not been the same anymore including the kinds of clothes we’re wearing to the office. Hybrid, working from home or working in the office, the new working culture has manifested a new kind of workwear, ‘Workleisure’, which in layman’s terms is athleisure that is stylish enough to wear to work!
And as tradition holds, here we made five of our staffers share their pick of the latest in workwear they’re pining to hop in next!

“Structure yet comfort is what my go-to style has been & these picks easily seep in if we think Workleisure!”
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Work Brown A Lasting Impression Jacket


Work Brown Booming With Style Shorts


Black Women Core Up Minime Backpack


Black Arizona Solid Regular Width Sandals


“Comfort-first, these are high on style and very ideal for a relaxing day at the office!”
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Men Navy Blue Round Neck Short Sleeves Sweatshirt


Premium Sweatp Blue Casual Track Pant


Anti Stain & Anti Odor Cotton Polo with No – Curl Collar – Ocean Grey


Colourblocked White Sneakers


“Throw in an oversized shirt, a good pair of sneakers & gold accented earrings, and, yes, that’s the outfit for me!”
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Women White Spaghetti Square Neck Slim Crop Top/p>


Women Beige Pants


Solid Multi Shirts


Gold Number 8 Earrings


White Retro Sneaker Shoes


“It might be the latest in workwear, but anything comfy in black or darker tones has always been my work uniform!”
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Black Casual Sweatshirts


Men Drake Roller


Max Cushioning Premier Vantag Black Walking Shoes


Black Dial Watches For Men – PCBJ10


“These are super versatile, something I’d wear to many places beyond work, maybe a party after work?”
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Tie Front Satin Blouse-Green


Black 4 Way Stretch Bootcut Livin Pants


Solid White Heels


Gen B1 Touchscreen Unisex Stainless Steel case smartwatch for Mens-GENB1-PINK


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