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2019 Winner List
Take a look at our final winners of the year.
Style Icon of the Year - Female
Anushka Sharma
“I think she has really evolved through the years. She is absolutely effortless. She somehow manages to just grow with time always being so au courant!”
-Alia Al Rufai, stylist
Style Icon of the Year - Male
Akshay Kumar
“He’s super fit so he looks great in whatever he’s wearing. Akshay has always been a personal favourite of mine, he manages to stay on trend while making the look his own.”
-Jacqueline Fernandez, actor
Emerging Fashion Star - Female
Janhvi Kapoor
“I have watched Janhvi grow up since she was 3. Her sense of style has evolved ever since and can carry off modern contemporary fashion and a sari with equal ease. She can transform like none other and definitely gets that quality from her mother.”
-Manish Malhotra, designer
Emerging Fashion Star - Male
Diljit Dosanjh
“Diljit’s style is very honest because it has had its own evolution. I think he dresses like the person he always wanted to be when he was a young and now that he is that person and dresses like one, it’s like the best coming of age story, style-wise.”
-Kusha Kapila, content creator
Most Stylish Couple of the Year
Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri Khan
“A couple who has always retained their individual personalities and yet so seamlesslyblended together for so long. Both of them deserve awards of every kind! Toast to the most stylish couple!”
-Kajol, actor
Style Influencer of the Year
Karan Johar
“Karan’s creative genius never needed validation — whether it was giving us iconic celluloid moments with his larger than life films to getting up close and cleverly personal with the stars on Koffee with Karan. He wears his characteristic candour, wit and humour as well as he does his haute fashion creations, for which he has been christened the consummate entertainer.”
-Natasha Poonawalla, philanthropist
Designer of the Year - Bridal
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
“I would like to wish my closest friend Sabya huge success in what he has made into what an Indian Bride should look like. I was a Sabyasachi bride and Sabya helped me look the way I wanted or ever dreamed. Thank you Sabya for making lakhs of girls beautiful Indian brides, the way you do it no one else can.”
-Rani Mukerji, actor
Disruptor of the Year
Hrithik Roshan for HRX
“Nothing about him is ordinary . He’s a gorgeous being—so kind and true to his beliefs. Gifted yet consistently dedicated to outshine his own self each time. Congratulations Hrithik on this award, no one deserves it more than you.”
-Vaani Kapoor, Actor
Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year
Masaba Gupta
“What I love most about Masaba is her vibrancy in the colours and prints that she uses. It’s that perfect blend of the wild gypsy within elegant flowing silhouettes that I personally find exciting and attractive.”
-Soni Razdan, Actor
Fashion Legend
Tarun Tahiliani
“In his 25 years at the helm of Indian fashion, Tarun Tahiliani has been responsible for moulding the aesthetics of the Indian woman. But he’s far from done now—his latest endeavour is the light-as-air lehenga that bring an effortless ease to wedding wear.”
-Priyanka Khanna, fashion features director, Vogue India
Rising Star - Womenswear
Saaksha & Kinni
“Saaksha and Kinni made their runway debut in 2016 and already boast a client roster dotted with celebrities and influencers for the statement-making yet inherently breathable styles. What I love about the duo is how they seamlessly blend east with west by bringing languishing textile traditions to cool contemporary silhouettes.”
-Adwaita Nayar, CEO, Nykaa Fashion
Rising Star - Menswear
Kunal Rawal
“If there’s one thing Kunal Rawal has mastered it’s putting a twist on traditional menswear silhouettes and making them seriously cool. I love that his designs are defined by sharp cuts that command attention. For him, the devil is really in the details.”
-Oona Dhabar, Senior Vice President, Nykaa Fashion
Rising Star - Bridal
Jayanti Reddy
“Every traditional bride-to-be’s trousseau, in my opinion, is incomplete without Hyderabad-based designer Jayanti Reddy’s pieces. Her fairy tale-worthy styles see attention-grabbing colours and beautiful embroidery all without compromising on ease and elegance. She has a certain, crucial balance down pat.”
-Adwaita Nayar, CEO, Nykaa Fashion
Rising Star - Accessories
Deepa Gurnani
“Deepa Gurnani brings beading techniques honed at the world’s finest fashion houses to handmade jewellery that’s so vibrant and painstakingly created, I believe it comes with transformative powers - it can elevate even the most pared-back basics.”
-Oona Dhabar, Senior Vice President, Nykaa Fashion
Revivalist of the Year
Sanjay Garg for Raw Mango
“What really fixated me to his label is pure minimalism. His garments are a rich display of Indian textiles and colours. Sanjay’s work speaks of simplicity and luxury. His clothes are so enriched in culture and heritage that he makes sure that tradition is the heart of his brand.”
-Prerna Goel, luxury consultant and influencer
Minimalist Designer of the Year
Rina Singh for Ekà
“Eka has attitude, flair, integrity and  it defines cerebral fashion. A brand that has the magic of an artisans fingers and a designers emotion is always a win win for everyone.”
-Mini Mathur, actor
Maximalist Designer of the Year
Amit Aggarwal
“I've been a muse for Amit so I have to say that I agreed to walk the ramp for him back in the day because I loved his style. He is so innovative, cutting-edge, and he is a trend setter. I love what he does and he does it with a lot of love— he truly deserves this award. Kudos to him.”
-Shilpa Shetty, actor
Patron of Crafts of the Year
Manish Malhotra for Mijwan
“I would describe Manish as a relentlessly diligent person. In almost every room that he walks in, he has always been the guy who will talk about how long he works and how much he loves his work. That kind of passion is rare. I have seen him transform into the country’s most coveted costume designer and stylist and bridalwear designer. I am particularly proud of his association with Mijwan—his support of Indian craft—that shows a certain maturity in a designer. More talent in the country is following his tracks. In that sense it has been a real renaissance of fashion and design in the country. It’s not just about how we consume, but also how we make clothes. How we are benefiting the lives of others with what we do. With Mijwan Manish has come a long way and I truly applaud him for that.”
- Priya Tanna, editor-in-chief
Trailblazer of the Year
Rahul Mishra
“He was the first Indian winner at the Woolmark Prize and has had his work showcased at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. But as a fashion observer, what really excites me about Rahul Mishra’s work is his consummate storytelling that really transports you from origin to completion of his nuanced techniques and designs.”
-Priyanka Khanna, fashion features director, Vogue India
Designer of the Year - Evening Wear
Falguni Shane Peacock
“Their design sensibility is so glamorous, opulent, and yet modern. You simply can’t miss a Falguni Shane Peacock ensemble at a party.”
-Gauri Khan, interior designer
Designer of the Year - Resort Wear
Payal Singhal
“Payal Singhal, to put it simply is an artist! She has this unique vision that has sustained years in the business and that continues to be so successful! When you watch her work it is like watching a mad artist, the way she plays with colour, silhouettes and fabrics. Having the ability to truly care about your craft and clientele is what has helped her evolve in the most gracious way.”
-Shibani Dandekar, Television Personality
Vogue x Nykaa Fashion Sustainability Award
Anita Dongre
“Anita’s aesthetic is one that celebrates Indian craft and heritage, while keeping the clothes elegant and contemporary—perfect for the modern Indian woman of today.”
-Mira Rajput Kapoor
Designer of the Year - Womenswear
Dhruv Kapoor
“Dhruv Kapoor, Right from his first collection, Dhruv has mastered the art of construction and immaculate finish. He brings his keen eye for storytelling into the styling of clothes where each layer is as much a standout piece as a whole look. His use of mixed media prints, embellishment and silhouettes show the immense thought and depth he puts into each garment.”
-Priyanka Kapadia, associate fashion director, Vogue India
Designer of the Year - Menswear
Gaurav Gupta
“We cannot get enough of his inimitable creations  celebrating a dandy decadence. We cannot get enough of his distinctive sensibility. We cannot get enough of his edgy bent of mind. Basically we just can’t get enough of Gaurav Gupta, our menswear designer of the year.”
-Anaita Shroff Adajania, fashion director, Vogue India
Global Indian Designer of the Year
Ashish Gupta
“Ashish Gupta is our favourite maverick who can give street cred to sequinned ensembles. His collections channel the crucial message of diversity making his work not just relevant, but an essential expression in the times we live in.”
-Anaita Shroff Adajania, fashion director, Vogue India
Couturiers of the Year
Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
“Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla are quite simply an institution. For thirty three years they have led the way for the fashion industry in India with their extraordinary design expression and phenomenally diverse body of work. An impeccable mix of unsurpassed craftsmanship and highly original design has seen them rule the ramp and our wardrobes. As someone who is privileged to know and love them as friends from my childhood I have witnessed their genius. My children are now the third generation of our family to wear Abu Sandeep. And I am certain future generations will too. It speaks to their dynamism as artists that they are not merely relevant but utterly coveted by women and men of every age. Constantly restless to hone their expression, absolutely passionate and uncompromising when it comes to excellence and always staying at the top of their game, an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla ensemble is decidedly current and also, forever. The trends they have set have become classical standards of style for every designer and fashion consumer. Bringers of Beauty and my personal favourites, Abu and Sandeep are national treasures and occupy a unique place in Indian fashion that will always be all their own.”
-Shweta Bachchan Nanda, author
Stylist of the Year
Anaita Shroff Adajania
“The best term to describe her, in the most complete consummate sense of the word is that Anaita Shroff Adajania is a force of fashion. She is truly in love with her work. She makes work seem like play and play can also involve work, it is seamless. To anyone who thought styling was about putting pretty clothes on pretty people I would suggest you see her in action. It’s about grit, details, chasing perfection and getting every shot right. Having worked with her for 13 years, I had the opportunity of seeing her genius at work. Whether it’s prepping a star for the red carpet or convincing a model to get into something radical, fashion is such an integral part of her DNA that for me in a lot of ways, she is fashion.”
--Priya Tanna, editor-in-chief
Model of the Year
Saffron Vadher
“The perfect blend of Britain and India, Saffron is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity as she strides global runways. Saffron is a woman emerging from our sub-continent but the versatility of her look has made her a style chameleon blending into a variety of Vogues across the world.”
--Anaita Shroff Adajania, fashion director, Vogue India
Brand collaboration of the Year
Adidas X Parley
“For long we have derided fashion for being part of the problem. But here’s a conscientious collaboration that offers a solution to our current state of climate emergency. Parley for the Oceans and Adidas steer fashion to where we can all get by seizing an opportunity (reusing plastic waste in the ocean) and finding solutions (with an innovative design). They are the vanguards we need in an era when we are driving species into extinction. Because today, the problem is so vast that carrying a tote bag to the supermarket is no longer an answer.”
-Megha Mahindru, Features Director
International Designer of the Decade
Mary Katrantzou
“Mary Katrantzou is a true maverick. She can take on colour, texture, prints and turn it on its head and give the audience something they wanted but didn’t know they did. From her early days as a cool new designer in London to the incredible showcase at the Temple of Poseidon, Katrantzou has work has always been a step ahead of her peers.”
-Priya Tanna, editor-in-chief
Photo Credits
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