Workwear Selects For Every MBTI

by Preshita Thakur

Our personalities influence various aspects of our life, which includes fashion, and when it comes to MBTI, these can turn out to be freakishly accurate. Here, we confront every MBTI, about how they would possibly dress up for work, what we would recommend wearing for the office, a place where we spend the most time, fashion-wise!
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As one of the rarest personality types, INTJs are insightful, imaginative, strategic, and problem-solving, which gives them little time for dressing up or putting together an office fit. But even so, they make sure to put the emphasis on classic clean-cut minimal styles, darker colours, and neat pieces.


Red The Anita Dress


Solid High/Low Pants


White Contrast Topstitch


Black Solid A-line Dress


With an unapproachable, imaginative, flexible yet very logical and pragmatic approach to life, INTPs are a little less invested in fashion compared to other counterparts. This is exactly why comfort and ease are their priority, but there’s always time for a statement or a quirky addition to their look.

Balloon Sleeve Tiered Cotton


Solid Pleat Sleeveless Drum


Navy Blue Solid Dress


Black Peter Pan Collar


Bold, ambitious, and outgoing, ENTJs are the ‘it’ power dressers when it comes to office dressing. Their fashion choices are clothes that reveal their strong will and desire for success, opting for pieces that are largely considered classic office wear staples.

Tan Work In Style Dress


Maya Linen Blazer Dress


Blue Leaves Top And White


Beige Formal Blazer Loose


As one of the most playful, quirky, and enthusiastic personality types, ENTPs aren’t afraid to have fun with their fashion choices. As curious thinkers and bold debaters, they’re always curious to experiment with varied styles, favouring creative quirky styles that make them stand out.

Women Olive Color Woven


Jaipur Nia Green Co-Ords


Women Maroon Solid


Multi-Color Striped


As their names suggest, INFJs are advocates (for the right causes), idealists who are private, mystical, creative, and inspiring. Thus, their fashion sense inclines toward classic, practical, conscious, and ethical styles with a room for personal style and flair.

Off White Turtle Neck Midi


White Reservations Top


Elastic Waist Denim


Beige Stripes Pant and


Idealistic, creative, and altruistic, all INFPs have an individualistic personal style, varied to each one of them, with styles that truly reflect them. They dress as a means of self-expression and are not afraid to follow their own rules, especially in fashion.

Aqua Cotton Asymmetric


Holly Berry Stripes


White Solid Striped Neon


Sharon Co-ords


Charismatic and inspiring leaders, ENFJs are leaders able to mesmerise crowds. Dressed for the occasion, they pay attention to trends that compliment them, their individuality, and likeability opting for bold yet composed styles.

Dull Blue Peplum Top


Beige Collar Neck Half


Navy Making Style Waves


Daria Dress Black


Sociable, creative, and optimistic, ENFPs are expressive and love to be the centre of social gatherings including their offices. Hence, they are attracted to bold and bright colours and fun prints with a natural flair of fashion that shows off their individuality.

Rust Ruffle Sleeved


Solid High/Low Pants


Blue Lagoon Coordinate


Red Sweatheart Sleeveless


Reserved, practical and fact-minded, ISTJs will always have a neat and orderly sense of style. Opting for comfortable and practical pieces, ISTJs’ sophisticated sense of style represents their personality with styles that are considered classic, immaculate, and polished.


White The Anjali Dress


Chambray Jumpsuit with



Black Solid Wrap Dress


The Khadi Coordinate


Warm, generous, and dedicated, ISFJs are gentle, caring, and always ready to defend their loved ones. They are also very grounded, pragmatic, and conventional, in terms of their style, striving to dress classy in a conscientious way rather than standing out.

Black Printed V Neck Midi


Daphne Shirt Dress With


Floral Ruffled Blouse And



Blush Polka Dots Fit


Excellent leaders, administrators, and managers, ESTJs are hardworking, orderly, and unsurpassed at managing projects and people. Given the qualities, their sense of style has practicality, comfort, and balance as the top denominator while also including some personal style signifiers.

White Solid Shirt Dress


Janelle Midi Shirt Dress


Black Blazer Button Down


Multi-Color Solid Midi


Caring, social and popular, ESFJs dedicate a great deal of energy to helping others. Thus, their wardrobe inclines towards practical and comfortable pieces, which allows room for movement and being able to fit in and harmonise with others.


Brown The Nirvuti Dress


Solid High/Low Pants


Beige Color Dress For


Green And Navy Blue Boat


Independent, adventurous, and experimental, ISTPs are creative with a strong appreciation for sensory experiences which reflects in their outfits. But when it comes to office wear, ISTPs prefer versatile, functional, casual clothes that match their professions, appropriate for many activities.

Pink Oversized Blazer


Women Maroon Solid Shirt



Powder Blue Regular Fit


Pearl Jacket Paired With


Driven by curiosity and passion, ISFPs are artists, although not exactly in the conventional sense. Always ready to explore and experience something new, ISFPs’ fashion is a combination of creativity and practicality.

Margaret Detachable Dress


Buttondown Strap Midi


White Hemp Print Coord


White Utility Dress


One of the smartest, most energetic, and perceptive people, ESTPs’ clothes reflect their passion for opportunities, whether it is socialising or personal pursuits. Although the ESTP closet is harder to define, their style rotates between wearing popular trends but in their own way.


White The Anjali Dress


Blue Printed Shift Dresses


Round Neck Watercolour


V Neck Floral Shift Dress


As the name suggests, ESFPs are spontaneous, energetic, and enthusiastic people who love to be the centre of attention. Their fashion is one of their creative outlets, fun, playful, and daring, which is reflected in their personal style.

Solid Eve Co-ord Pant


Yellow Cropped Jacket


Solid Waisted Shirt Dress


Peak Collar Blazer Paired


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