Which fall style personality are you?

by Gianella Masceranhas

Are you a trend enthusiast or do you follow your heart? Do you favor vintage-cued classics or embrace contemporary silhouettes? Or are you someone that prefers the consistency of a uniform? Style is elusive at best, but, your vibe, the holidays you take, the playlist you listen to and who you spend your time with — it categorizes you and personalities do emerge. So, where do you fit in?

The Minimalists

For you, less is more  everything. Leather pants, black maxi skirts and sweater dresses are your wardrobe heroes. Hoop earrings, sculptural rings and metal cuffs are right up your alley. You gravitate towards pared-down pieces and never over do it — simplicity is the name of the game.

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The Classicists

Your style is chic and understated. You value longevity over trends and stick to pieces that have stood the test of time; we’re talking a buttoned-down white shirt, a blazer and a turtle neck (think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly). As for color, you’re more of a neutral-hued devotee.

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The Mavericks

You don’t follow the pack. Ever the pragmatist, you appreciate unusual pairing, bold cuts and avant-garde styles. Think a tuxedo jacket with a feminine dress or a tunic dress with chunky gladiators. You’re innovative, bold and have that cool-girl look on lock. You don’t obey all the rules, you just want to have fun.

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The Maximalists

If you find yourself with plenty of not-so basic basics, then you, my friend, are a maximalist. You pride yourself on your ability to marry prints, layer fabrics and put an entire outfit together before you can say Jack Robinson. Your closet brims with pieces that reflect a flamboyant relationship with dressing up. Your motto: Don’t try to fit in, when you’re meant to stand out.

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