How To Style Yourself Right This Party Season

by Shubham Ladha

December, also known as “Party Season”, is right around the corner. And as spaces have opened up, there’s no doubt that after a long time of staying in, you will want to go out looking and feeling your best, to have the best time you possibly can. In such situations, the best thing to do to stand out is to add some shine to your attires. Sure, the trend might seem like the simplest trick up one’s sleeve, but there’s more to it than just throwing on some sequins or beading. From conventional styles to more traditional ones, we’ll show you how the trend can be reimagined and reinterpreted in myriad ways. For men, while this might be an experimentative stretch, we’ll also show you how you can dress up for parties in ways which simply get the job done best:
Start off easy by choosing simple metallic colours to work with. Through woven fabrics and textiles, the trend can shine through in simple yet bold, 2-dimensional renditions, which lustrously reflect the light off of you. Wear colours such as gold, silver, rose gold and bronze in singular iterations, or in combinations that complement each other.

Shimmy Dress


Black & Gold-Toned


Bronze Tissue Linen


Bright and dynamic, sequins have become a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, be it in any form, because they’re so versatile. The embellishment can be used as a part of beading, or be embroidered as part of any tapestry. But they always guarantee an instantaneous and eye-catching shine, letting you feel as if you’re the light of the party.

Gold Blingy Nightwear


Metallic Ready For The


Shimmery Tie Dye Mint


A more 3-dimensional form of embroidering embellishments, beading is a very intricate technique. The resulting shine can carry a lot of movement and shine, while still being strong in the place it’s been stitched in. The variety of shapes and materials in beading also offer a diverse range of styles that can be very unique to your garment.

Black Contrast Flower


Valancia Mid Blue Mom


Embellished Black Saree


Traditional Techniques
Apart from Western-inspired ways to shine, there are also so many traditional techniques to deploy that are indigenous to India. Embroidery forms such as mirror-work, gota-patti, and foil prints have also been favoured to shine in, but with a hint of that Indian touch. While they’re unique because of the intense labour that goes into them, they’re also versatile enough to mix with western styles, making sure you can find your sweet spot for them anywhere you like.

Embellished Teal Saree


Off White Gota Work Shirt


Grey Foil Print Straight…


Party-wear styling for men has always seemed a daunting task, especially while trying to balance the line between looking confident yet not over or underdressed in any capacity. It’s why we’re telling you that it can be made much easier by a little self-assessment about how you want to look and then only using a slight of those elements into your look. From basic styles to feeling dapper, here are some looks that could work like magic for men.

Grey Slim Fit Patterned


Blue Collage Printed Shirt


White Kurta With Pyajama


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