Puff Sleeves For Every Occasion

by Samantha Noronha

There’s no doubt that the puffed sleeves trend has been dominating the fashion world for a few years, gaining prominence in recent times. Aren’t puffed sleeves the best way to accentuate any outfit? What began as a trendy look several years ago is now a full-fledged classic piece in any wardrobe.
There’s no denying this look feels regal and romantic, adding a little something extra to your outfit with minimal effort. Whether you’ve had enough of the oversized sleeve or not, we can certainly expect these statement sleeves to stick around for another season at the very least.
Prance in to Summer With a Puff Sleeved Dress
Dresses are for leggy moments, long strides, and hot nights — which may all be in your future. Just because they’re popular, puff sleeve dresses are anything but basic; you’ll make a statement wearing these frocks. Another plus? With the amount of love they’re getting, you can find puff sleeve dresses at every price point.
Puff sleeved dresses channel extra-but-in-the-best-way energy. But if you want to take the extra down a notch, consider a longer hemline. A midi dress can help tone down the look while still staying on top of the puffed sleeve game. To get the most out of your dress avoid party-specific fabrics like sequins and satin. Just add a chunky gold chain, sparkly necklace or big glittering earrings to switch it up for the festive season.

Black Puff Sleeve Wrap


Grey Off Shoulder Puff…


Green Short Dress With…


Puff Sleeve Tops to Save the Day
With the top half of your wardrobe getting all the screen time, a statement top is an easy way to give a basic work-from-home outfit dramatic flair.
Hop onto your Instagram explore page and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone wearing these balloon-like sleeves. It’s a hit with influencers. An it-girl silhouette for the trendiest of women. From bright hues to classy nudes, puff sleeve tops are often paired with mini skirts or ripped denim, strappy sandals, and micro bags.

Cotton Blouse-White


Talia Puff Sleeve Super


Puff Sleeve Corset Top


Pull Out All the Stops With a Puff Sleeved Jumpsuit
Every wardrobe needs a jazz hands element. A jumpsuit that makes you look smart and makes you smile: that’s a match made in heaven.
When styling puffy sleeved coords today, it’s best to keep things simple. Not everyone wants their puffy-sleeved clothing to look sickly sweet. This is when you should experiment with texture and prints. Leather, neon, and animal print are all fun to play around with. You’ll want to create an interesting contrast between the sleeves and the other pieces in your ensemble.

Rust Polka Puff Sleeve



Lilac Puff Sleeves Wrap…


Black Printed Puff Sleeve


One thing is definitely true about puff and balloon sleeves: you either love them or hate them, but they certainly won’t leave you feeling indifferent.
With spring on the fast approach, Bridgerton (aka cap puff sleeve porn) fever still raging, and the cottagecore movement gaining more traction than ever, the puff sleeve trend is precisely what our wardrobes need going into the new season: a little romanticism and a whole lot of drama.
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