Spring/Summer 2024: Shop These 12 Latest Fashion Trends

by Sana Naaz
Spring/Summer 2024: Shop These 12 Latest Fashion Trends

The world’s biggest – a.k.a. “the big four” – fashion weeks are underway as we write this. The most coveted labels are unleashing chic upon chic designs, and experts are nodding (and pursing lips) in the direction of what’s expected to be in (and out) for summer/spring of 2024. Attention must be paid, dear reader – these runway looks have already been spotted on the red carpet and will soon make their way to your wardrobe.

After endless scrolling, squinting, scribbling, and consulting with fellow Nykaa Fashion-istas, we’ve put together the 12 best picks from the latest fashion trends for all you ladies. From New York to New Delhi, these latest styles will rule 2024.

1. Take a Bow

Hailey Bieber wearing bow hair clips

Remember when social media was flooded with photos of Gen-Z adding bows to everything? Hair, shoes, outfits, and even nails? Turns out, it was more than a microtrend. At the beginning of this year, Pinterest predicted that ‘bow stacking’ would continue to be huge – and it’s true. Thanks to the generation that has mastered the art of self-expression, we get to dabble in this ultra-female fashion trend that embraces an adult-appropriate, wearing-pretty-bows-and-filing-my-taxes iteration of our lost innocence. You, too, can put a bow on it with our recommendations below.

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2. If It Shines, It’s In

Suhana Khan wearing a gold sequin saree

Sequins, shimmer, metallics, and all things blingy have been on a steady rise for a while. This year, too, we will see a surge in shiny, high-glam attires (especially golden). Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a Western outfit or a desi one (courtesy of our muse, Suhana), bling is one of the biggest trends for ladies right now. Invest in one of the recommendations below and thank us later.

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3. Rose Is a Rose Is a (3D) Rose

Emma Stone’s gold floral sheer gown for Golden Globe Awards 2024

Emma Stone blessed the Golden Globe Awards this year in a shimmery gown embossed and embellished with roses. Internet trolls may say that the dress made her one with the photo backdrop but we couldn’t care less – it was arguably one of her biggest fashion statements. Speaking of big, florals are never considered ground-breaking in fashion. But in their 3D avatar? Let’s just say that it lifts (literally) the appliqué appeal. If flora popping out of your clothes will not make you stand out, what will?

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4. See It Through, Sis

Hannah Waddingham wearing a black floral sheer dress at the Golden Globe Awards 2024

Bowing down to another Golden Globe Awards appearance, our muse for the see-through/sheer trend is the Primetime Emmy winner Hannah Waddingham. The actress flaunted a classic look in a black sheer lace dress. Sheer has been trending in all types of clothes and accessories of late, and there’s no sign of this fashion trend dying down. Seek out a lace dress, mesh top, or a cover-up skirt for some peek-a-boo this summer.

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5. The ’90s Lives On

(Left) Clueless (1995) and (right) K3g (2001)

Grey tailored pieces, camel pencil skirts, ballet flats, argyle, boyfriend jeans, white shirts…is our present fashion reality a simulation of the 90s? We can’t answer that, but we’re sure not ready to part ways with some things from the past. The runway is recycling and repackaging styles from simpler times as the 90s fever continues to rise. If you still haven’t hopped on the big yellow 90s fashion trend bus, we are here to gently nudge you in. Channel your inner Poo from K3G (2001) or Cher Horowitz from Clueless (1995) to keep things interesting, time and again.

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6. Blinding Whites

Model wearing a white dress

Among the many familiar but elevated fashion trends spotted on and off the runway, this one’s the simplest – the whitest shade of white. Reminiscing the quiet luxury and clean girl styles from last year, we are going to be dressed in a not-eggshell, not-off-white, only-the-purest-white white this summer. Get yourself an all-white ensemble from the recommendations below to rock this style for female fashion.

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7. Skirts, skirts, skirts

Kendall Jenner wearing a black leather mini skirt

Right from grunge-inspired minis to dramatically full tulle, skirts of all kinds are very welcome this season. Move over dresses, we’re brushing up our layering skills and living in skirts this summer. Psst: In case you’re wondering how to do that, give this blog a glance.

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8. Polo-club Vibes

Taylor Swift in a black oversized polo t-shirt and brown leather boots

Next up are rugby and polo t-shirts – or anything with stripes, really. While this trend may seem a bit far out for the masses, we encourage you to dress sharp in a polo t-shirt or top paired with a skirt, jeans, or tailored trousers for the next brunch. A polo dress, on the other hand, would make for a cute date outfit, especially if you’re tired of the same old floral dresses.

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9. Big Baggage

The bigger, the better – that’s what she said (when asked what kind of bags she likes). We finally got tired of trying to stuff our daily luggage (and emotional baggage) into an apathetic little handbag, didn’t we? Finally, the obnoxiously big shopper and mega-tote are ruling! We say pick one of each in a basic colour, sis – these big babies are here to stay.

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A Note on Colours for 2024

Fall fashion from 2023 told us red would be huge – and it was. However, spring 2024 trend-spotters are noticing less red and more of what’s on the exact opposite side of the colour wheel – green. So yes, go green by all means this summer. But if that’s not the colour for you, we have two more toned-down recommendations. Read on!

10. Green Hues

When legacy labels and A-listers are going green, who are we to contest? We know, we know – not every shade of green suits everyone, and, perhaps for that reason, most of us may reject this trend. But you need not go full-throttle and end up looking like a broccoli. Simply add a pop of green to a neutral outfit or accessorise with green jewellery or a handbag to keep it minimal. Get a set of green cat eye nails to match.

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11. Millennial Pink 2.0

It’s 2016, and a certain shade of pink has taken over the world. Sounds familiar? Say hello again to Millennial Pink, as it’s back to restore the ways of fashion in a post-Barbiecore era. If you’re looking to tone it down after the heady hot-pink phase, this is the shade of pink you need to shop this year. Let your inner feminine energy come forth in a Millennial Pink head-to-toe ensemble.

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12. Lilac Love

One of the biggest colour trends for this year is lilac, as per experts. I was thrilled to stumble upon this revelation during my research, as it’s my personal favourite. Aside from that, it also suits (in my opinion) most skin tones. This subtly purple-ish colour adds a balanced touch of playful and chic when styled well. Take it from a lilac lover – pair it with white.

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Cop these 2024 spring/summer essentials to look fresh and fabulous.

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