7 Types Of Denim Jeans To Elevate Your Look

by Preksha Mangla
7 Types Of Denim Jeans To Elevate Your Look

In the world of fashion, only a few items have stood the test of time as resolutely as a pair of denim jeans. Denim jeans have transcended the boundaries of mere clothing to become an iconic symbol of fashion’s versatility and endurance. Born as rugged workwear in the 19th century, jeans have evolved into a wardrobe staple of every trendsetter today. It offers a wide array of options varying in cuts, silhouettes and washes to choose from. Whether you seek the elegant simplicity of straight leg jeans, the laid-back charm of boyfriend jeans or the flattering form-hugging skinny jeans, there is a pair of denims for each one of you out there, suited to your preference and taste. We have curated a list of the types of jeans for you to feel fabulous in, in your denim-clad moment.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, as the name suggests, hug your legs from the waist down to the ankles, emphasising your curves. If you prefer a sleek and form-fitting silhouette, this is your go-to. They come in two options, high rise and low rise. In the early 2000s, low rise skinny jeans were everywhere, paired with other trends of the era like peplum tops and heels. Now, the preference has shifted towards high rise. These jeans have mostly been paired with a plain white tee by Anushka Sharma and Ananya Panday for everyday looks, making it a wardrobe staple. A black pair of these is an especially versatile piece that goes with tops as well as kurtas for an indo-western look as seen on Rakul Preet.

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans have made a major comeback from the ‘70s. If you’re looking for comfort, these can be your first choice. Typically, a pair totally opposite to skinny jeans, is wide all along, from the waist down to the ankles, and is mostly seen in high rise. High rise wide leg jeans make your legs look elongated. And, styling crop tops with them, accentuates your waist. You can complete the look with sneakers. From Deepika Padukone to Gigi Hadid, we have seen them adorning this easy-going style.

Mom Jeans

A name given to high waisted women’s jeans that were fashionable in the ’80s, mainly worn by adult women. Characterised by a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs with slightly tapered legs, they exude a relaxed vibe. Such a pair makes running errands and getting work done comfortable. For a casual day-time look, pair it up with a graphic tee tucked in and sneakers. To transition into night, swap sneakers with heels and throw a party blouse on.

Cargo Denims

Talk about utility, functionality and comfort all in one, cargo pants top the list. Originally developed for military use, they have transitioned into everyday wear, both for men and women. They are similar to straight fit jeans in silhouette but with pockets on both sides. The number of pockets vary depending upon the style, offering ample space to carry items . As seen on Hailey Bieber, they can be styled for casual outings and parties, and definitely for your next excursion, too.

Bell bottoms and Bootcut jeans

Bell bottoms, popularised in the ’60s and ’70s, are characterised by their wide and flared leg openings that gradually widen from the knee down to the hem. This style was closely associated with the hippie culture and became an iconic symbol of that era. On the other hand, bootcut jeans, which gained prominence in the ’90s, are more subdued in their flare. They feature a slight widening right near the ankle, accommodating enough space to fit a pair of boots. Worn multiple times by Kendall Jenner, this is a timeless piece and a balanced fit that can effortlessly be dressed up or down.

Straight Leg Jeans

Having a straight cut with no tapers, this is a versatile pair that will go with everything you own. Style it with a shimmer blouse for parties, a T- shirt for running errands, or a shirt for work, it’s a staple. Ending right at the ankle, they make for a great pair for you to show off your sneakers.

Boyfriend Jeans

Marilyn Monroe was first seen sporting her boyfriend’s loosely fitted jeans, and this pair has gained popularity ever since. Slightly relaxed, sometimes slouchy and always comfy, they can be paired with a T-shirt to make a perfect everyday look. Their distressed details add a touch of edginess to any look. Seen on celebrities, from Zendaya to Alia Bhatt, these jeans can become your best friend, owing to their comfort. They offer a chic and effortless alternative to more structured silhouettes, capturing the essence of laidback fashion.

In short, denim jeans are a timeless companion that weather the ever-changing tides of style. Unfold this guide on your journey to live your best denim life.

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