7 Trendy Celebrity-Approved Sunglasses For Women

by richa popat
7 Trendy Celebrity-Approved Sunglasses For Women

If someone asked me about one thing that’s always in my bag, it would have to be sunglasses. Between Audrey Hepburn’s classic pair from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Meryl Streep’s uber trendy ones from The Devil Wears Prada, sunglasses became a non-negotiable for every fashionista, globally. With new designer sunglasses for women making an entrance almost every other month, there’s no dearth of shades to choose from. Although, out of all the classic designer sunglasses for women, the wayfarer is still the most iconic one. It’s practical, functional, and looks great on all face shapes. What’s not to love? Priyanka Chopra, the Kardashians and Jenners – everyone’s favourite celebrities are sporting one. While the options for shades for women are aplenty, picking the right one that matches your face shape is equally important. Because, it’s not always about the style, it’s about comfort too. So, here’s a list of 7 sunglasses for women that need to find a spot on your shelf (and bag)!

#1 Aviators

The oldest, yet one of the coolest designs that everyone covets are the aviators, which have enjoyed the spotlight for decades. Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise made sure of it! This timeless Ray-Ban design has undergone multiple alterations over the decades, but is still the go-to choice for many. The best part about them is that the design is supremely functional, made to efficiently protect the entire under eye area.

Best for: Oval-shaped faces

Here are the best aviators from Nykaa Fashion

#2 Wayfarers

There are no sunglasses that fit the bill of ‘functional yet stylish’ better than a pair of wayfarers. Kate Middleton and Reese Witherspoon would agree with us! While we may love experimenting with quirky new shades, a classic like wayfarers never really go out of style. The best part? They look just as good on everyone. So, if you don’t have a pair of these, you should get one ASAP!

Best for: Round and oval-shaped faces

Here are the best wayfarers from Nykaa Fashion

#3 Cat Eye

Supremely feminine with a retro touch, cat-eye sunglasses have our heart! These designer shades for women like all others have undergone numerous design alterations over the years, starting with the giant exaggerated cat eye glasses, to the present day skinny frames. We recently spotted Sophia Richie and Shay Mitchell making a stunning statement in their favourite cat-eye frames. Safe to say, these are going to be reigning supreme among the celebs this year and for good reason.

Best for: Round-shaped faces

Here are the best cat eye sunglasses from Nykaa Fashion

#4 Polarised

POV: You’re heading out on a super sunny day; the sun’s ablazed but polarised sunglasses have come to your rescue. These shades help block the blinding light of the sun, saving you from squinting your eyes to see clearly under the sun. There’s a reason why these are the go-to shades for most cricketers out there. Functional and adaptable to most sunglass styles, invest in a pair to save your eyes from the blinding glare. Make sure to pick one as per your face shape.

Best worn for: Driving and outdoor sports

Here are the best polarised sunglasses from Nykaa Fashion

#5 Teashade / Round

Commonly known as the John Lennon sunglasses; this type of sunglasses went out of fashion post the 60’s. These perfectly round sunglasses are reminiscent of the rock era. Anushka Sharmar and Hailey Bieber love sporting these vintage sunglasses, that cover very little of your face, but still look great!

Best for: Heart and square-shaped faces

Here are the best teashade/round sunglasses from Nykaa Fashion

#6 Oversized

A Kardashian-Jenner look trademark, oversized sunglasses that cover half your face are all the rage right now. It’s the new IT girl frame, and perfect for concealing your eyebags without makeup or just saving you from the occasional judgemental gaze. Available in a variety of different shades and shapes, pick your favourite to match any and every look.

Best for: All face shapes (P.S. Make sure the frame fits your face perfectly)

Here are the best oversized sunglasses from Nykaa Fashion

#7 Slim/ Skinny

While the oversized glasses may be taking over, the skinny sunglasses too are making their way into our sunglass collections. Think Keanu Reeves from the Matrixs. We’ve spotted Bella Hadid in multiple pairs in this style on one of her off-duty days. This was among the many sunglass trends that faded away and were brought back to life by present day models.

Best for: All face shapes (Depending on the frame shape)

Here are the best slim/skinny sunglasses from Nykaa Fashion

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