Travel Essentials For Him And Her: What To Carry On Your Next Trip

by richa popat
Travel Essentials For Him And Her

Who doesn’t love travelling, right? But it’s all fun and games until you have to get down to packing. Apart from the everyday basics, shoving every piece of clothing you own into your suitcase isn’t going to help ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Making a list of travel essentials definitely helps, but does it work even when you’re packing your clothes and accessories? Absolutely! And that’s exactly what you’re going to be reading about here. We took some time to go back to our packing experiences and came up with a list of must carry travel essentials for both men and women. Oh, and bookmark this so you don’t miss out on packing any must-haves for your next trip!

For Him and Her: White Shirt

A classic white shirt never disappoints; this easy to style option is an airport look staple for both. You can create numerous outfit options from just one white shirt. For men, pair it with chino shorts or wear it with a comfortable pair of jeans. For women, an oversized white shirt goes a long way – if it’s long enough, make a dress out of it, wear it with leggings, or tuck it half way in your jeans for a casual look.

White Shirt For Him:

White Shirt For Her:

For Her: Stole or Scarf

Windy vacay ahead? A trusty scarf or stole is sure to come in handy. Apart from that, a stole or scarf with a pretty print can work well if you want to add a layer to an otherwise plain outfit.

Stole For Her:

For Him: Jacket

A light jacket or a dapper denim jacket is a great way to add layers to a look. Also, jackets can help to elevate your overall look and make you look dressy enough for a night out in town or a fancy dinner.

Jacket For Him:

For Him and Her: Walking Shoes

Vacations are sure to involve long days of walking and exploring, and having to do that in uncomfortable shoes could actually make you feel more tired than you would be. Been there, experienced that! Make space for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that will get you through long days of walking or short, simple hikes on your trip.

Walking Shoes For Him:

Walking Shoes For Her:

For Him and Her: T-Shirts

Just chilling in your hotel room, headed to make the most of your breakfast buffet, or need something simple underneath your button down shirt — t-shirts to the rescue! A good old solid colour t-shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing, and one you can’t do without irrespective of where you’re headed. If you’re one who can create any look with t-shirts, feel free to add a graphic t-shirt or two in your bag.

T-shirt For Him:

T-shirt For Her:

For Him and Her: Basic Blue Jeans

The most fail-proof outfit option that can be paired with absolutely anything in your closet. From a kurti to a fancy blouse, t-shirts to crop tops, the right kind of jeans can work with everything. Pack a pair of comfortable jeans, preferably something like a mom jeans for women. You can ditch the basic blue and go for another solid colour one as per your needs.

Jeans For Him:

Jeans For Her:

For Him and Her: Crossbody Bag

Every place you go to when you’re on vacation doesn’t require you to carry a heavy backpack with all your essentials. So for the times when you don’t need it all, pack a crossbody bag in a colour and/or print that will match all the outfits that you may have planned for your trip.

Crossbody Bag For Him:

Crossbody Bag For Her:

For Him And Her: Sunglasses

All those IG-worthy day time photo poses that you’ve saved on your pinterest board have one thing in common, sunglasses! Whether you’re at the beach, walking about town, brunching under the sun, or doing touristy things, your sunglasses are always going to be on duty.

Sunglasses For Him:

Sunglasses For Her:

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