Sneaker Slangs That You Ought To Know

by Simran Arora

What makes a person a sneakerhead? Is it their impressive collection of kicks or their keen watch on the latest drops? Either way, if you wish to dip your toes in the world of sneakers, the first step starts with knowing what different sneakers slangs stand for, here are a few to get started with:
1’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s
The sequence stands for Jordans that were in production each year, and are also numbered likewise. This means that if someone says “Hey, those threes are pretty dope,” they’re referring to Jordan 3s.

Beaters refer to your go-to sneakers. Despite the regular wear and tear over the years, it’s the pair you would prefer over any other.
Breds stand for the colour pairing of black and red which also happens to be the signature colourways of Jordans.


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A sneaker’s colourway is the mix of colours used in a sneaker. Sometimes, popular colourways are given nicknames.


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Deadstock or DS, is an acronym that refers to sneakers that have never been worn before.
Grails is similar to a bucket list. Grails are shoes that sneakerheads want in their collection before they die.

A Hypebeast is a sneakerhead who goes with the ‘hype’, this means they’ll keep tabs on every new cool sneaker drop and get the pair as soon as they can.
The Hyperstrike refers to the rare limited edition drops. These generally drop without warning and due to limited supply, their prices skyrocket instantly.

Retro refers to a sneaker silhouette that is re-released in response to overwhelming demand.
Tonal refers to a single-colour sneaker silhouette.

Player Exclusives
A player-exclusive sneaker is designed for the player. PEs aren’t meant for a larger production.Colourways are one-of-a-kind and only come in one size.
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