Nykaa Fashion Army on how their mother has inspired their fashion choices

by Aakriti Patni

Since we were young, we’ve trusted our mothers for everything. As a child, we’ve followed her footsteps blindly. As a teen, we relied on her to solve our girlish arguments. As a young adult, we nervously told her about our first romantic relationships. As an adult, we’ve come to realise her that her sage advice is priceless and she’s always been a friend, a confidant and our support system all rolled in one. We’ve admired different aspects of our mothers for years now, but this Mother’s Day, we decided to celebrate her impeccable dressing style. So, we asked four Nykaa Fashion staffers what they love about their mum’s fashion sense and how it has inspired their own personal style.

My mother has always nurtured a keen eye for fashion and is extremely particular in her style choices. She has passed down her love for fashion to me. The one thing I have learnt from her is to push myself to experiment with new prints and vibrant colours. She loves to sport vivid hues, often complementing her pastels with pops of colour. Her sense of style always encourages me to have a youthful spirit and have fun in with what I wear.

Since the time she was young, my mother has had an affinity for statement sleeves. She made it a point to stitch on sleeves on all her outfits. From the voluminous balloon sleeves on her blouses to leg of the mutton sleeves on her maxi dresses, she’s had a discerning eye for them all. I too have inherited this love for sleeves extraordinaire. In fact, that’s the first feature that draws my attention while shopping for anything waist-up. The bolder the sleeves, the better!”

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve seen my mother wear classic silhouettes in natural fabrics. From her, I picked up the habit of looking for evergreen styles which work for my body shape, instead of chasing the latest trends. Another tip I’ve learned from her to always looking at the fabric mix on the label to know if the piece is crafted from natural fibres. Both our wardrobes feature style staples like denim jeans, tapered trousers, solids & striped tops, and floral summer dresses.

I’ve seen my mother follow a simple motto when it comes to fashion: wear it with confidence or don’t wear it at all. Growing up and even today, my mother doesn’t hesitate to wear runway styles for her regular day in the office or sport the latest trends from the fashion world. She makes bold choices when dressing up, be it pairing dizzying print on print pieces or experimenting with unconventional items. Her poise has inspired me to retain and flaunt my personal style, whether I’m playing it up with dramatic prints or subdued hues.”

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