It’s Nykaa’s 10th Birthday – So Here Are 10 Of The Best Buys I Am Adding To My Cart To Celebrate

by Divya Pal

It’s Nykaa’s birthday weekend and if you are a big fan of the brand just like me, you are in for a treat. On this special occasion of Nykaa turning 10, the entire site is offering amazing deals and great discounts. This being the perfect opportunity to start stocking up on a few fun pieces and basics for spring and summer, which you know Nykaa Fashion has tons of.
While Nykaa Fashion’s in-house brands are so good across the board, from apparel to accessories and more, their vast and well-curated assortment of other brands can easily get you to fill your carts full in a matter of minutes. So obviously there’s a lot to choose from, but to take advantage of this weekend of exciting offers, you’ll need to act fast. I’m here to help with that. I scanned through thousands of pieces and selected 10 of the best buys that I’m confident you won’t regret ordering—especially while they’re temporarily at discounted prices. Read on to shop with me.
If you love bold blooms as much as I do, you’ll probably love this dress.

After all, a good loungewear set is essential.

These vintage-looking (but not vintage) pants are one you’ve been searching for.

If you’ve been on the hunt for these sold-out white sneakers everywhere, you’re welcome.

The perfect ethnic dress for summer does exist.

This bejewelled necklace makes whatever you’re wearing look cooler.

Who doesn’t love a good sweatshirt that’s sexy as well as in the sunshine hue?

This one and done bag that is surprisingly very spacious with good looks.

Retro prints and light ethnic staples are important this festive season.

This will be my armour for all the summer movie nights with my girls.

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