Wellness experts on how to stay sane while staying in

by Drishti Mistry

There are enough virtual classes and courses to aid your effort of staying physically active while staying in but what does it take to stay mentally fit while staying in? After all, it’s a question many of us are contemplating during this lockdown – a challenge, for those among us who are away from our families or loved ones and living in isolation – it’s easy to let the negativity and uncertainty of this situation sink in and lower your spirits. So, to help you care for yourself in quarantine, we reached out to experts from the wellness industry and share a few mood lifting practices. Here’s what they swear by…

“The best way to stay sane in these times is through a stress-reducing, holistic approach, ensuring all your “bodies” are taken care of – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. If one body isn’t taken care of, the others may suffer. So, sweat regularly to flush out toxins and release endorphins for positive feelings in your brain – HIIT workouts are great for indoors to get the heart- rate up. Imbibe daily gratitude exercises and affirmations like, “I am healthy, happy and all is going to be well” in your routine to shift your brain out of habitual negative thought patterns. Also
remember that meditation is the best medication! I personally practice Vipassana Meditation but one can always start simply by counting their breath. Each inhale and exhale is 1 count. When you get to 10, start over. If you lose track, start over. Lastly, as much as television can act as a great escape from reality, binge-watching is simply an unhealthy practice – anxiety-inducing content will lower your vibration, so don’t forget to limit your screen time! Focus on creating vs consuming – it could mean preparing a new dish in the kitchen or even starting a new business you’ve always dreamed about!”

“Set-up daily goals and follow a routine. Simple rituals like waking up at the same time every morning, taking a shower, making time to eat meals and exercise and making sure you’re mindfully present during these little rituals can all be very helpful in creating a structure for your day, especially if you’re working from home. Otherwise you may find yourself never taking breaks and working late into the night. Sparing some time to indulge in self-care is very important. Your list doesn’t have to necessarily be overly ambitious like baking a loaf of bread
or deep cleaning your closet. Even simple, achievable goals like following a skincare routine religiously on the daily should lift your spirits up.”

“I have a very simple approach to problems or when things go wrong. If something is in your control, make it your mission to change your circumstances and feel better. If the situation is unpredictable and beyond your control, just let things flow – it doesn’t help developing anxiety. It’s best to embrace the situation and look at the brighter side. This is the time to find joy in doing all the things you love – big or small – with the people you love. There’s nothing more therapeutic than FaceTiming with your friends and playing games like Scrabble and QuizUp with them. Have date nights at home with your partner – complete with wine and some homemade pasta! Take out the time to watch the sunset and if things get too difficult, there’s always chocolate!”

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Mona Dalal April 13, 2020 - 3:06 pm

Thank you for your great tips
I made a great dish today in the kitchen feels great


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