Krésha Bajaj Zaveri On Holidaying In Style

by Drishti Mistry

With an envy-inducing Instagram feed full of food flat lays, fashion finds and far-flung destinations, it’s safe to say Krésha Bajaj Zaveri is every millennial’s source of inspiration for reasons more than one (she currently flaunts a following of 136k and counting). From what dictates her destinations to what goes behind her perfectly color coordinated captures and what forms the building blocks of her packing list – armed with all these questions and more, we reached out to the designer and frequent flyer – we asked, she answered. Read below the excerpts from the tête-à-tête…

On her dream destination…
“Most of my destinations usually revolve around diving because it’s something Vanraj and I are really passionate about. So, our bucket list usually consists of all our dive spots and then if there’s anything interesting around that area then we usually extend that trip and explore. Next up on my wish list is Norway, I’m really looking forward to go snorkelling with orcas.”

On her most memorable holiday…
“It’s a place in Brazil, it’s a little island called Fernando de Noronha. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a protected marine park with secret beaches and one has to buy a pass to enter certain areas of the island. I still remember the magical experience of being on the cliff overlooking the sea with sharks and turtles swimming beneath.”

On shopping overseas…
“I’m someone who likes discovering hidden gems wherever I travel like may be a shack on the beach that has cool coverups. I also make a lot of my clothes so that temptation of buying new things is not really there, but I do shop for shoes and bags when travelling mainly that isn’t available in India. I also shop odd collectibles, cutlery and crockery while I’m travelling.”

On her most cherished vintage find…
“I love vintage and I would fly to Paris just to buy vintage but when I was studying in New York, I would go for research work, put on different things, study the pattern, understand how things were made. One time, I tried on this Chanel blazer at a vintage store called Marly in Wetherall and I instantly fell in love with it. But I was a student back then and there was no way I could afford it. So, I literally starved for three months and survived on fries and chips and saved up enough money to buy it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account the additional tax that comes with it. So, when the cashier gave me the whole amount with the tax, my face just dropped. She felt so bad for me and ended up charging the original amount barring the tax.”

On her packing hack…
“I have to tell you I make the most of my luggage allowance. When I’m going diving, I pack light because I’m also carrying a lot of equipment. But if it’s a laid-back holiday, I make sure I have a packing list, so I just have to throw things in and take things out. Lenses, glasses, sunscreen, adapters, jeans, lots of coverups, sneakers, fun hats, funky sunglasses and layered dresses that are easy to dress up or down are a constant on my list.”








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On her flat lay formula…
“Most importantly, carry what you’d actually use – fun looking makeup, interesting knick knacks that you would have collected over a period of time – like pretty mirrors, a bunch of rings, an exciting lipstick. Additionally, use similar colored tones with clothes you’re carrying – preferably tinier pieces that you don’t have to fold a lot because sometimes folded clothes, no matter how nicely placed, just don’t look good. And lastly, I think flowers make any picture look stunning!”

On her travel savvy sartorial advice…
“The one thing that I always talk about is investing in really good pieces. People think they need to buy a lot of outfits in order to have a lot of different ensembles, but I think the key is to use one thing and style it in many ways. While packing, think of how you can change a piece up by adding or removing just one accessory or just one piece of clothing to create a different look. Also rolling my clothes is my biggest savior when I pack. I roll them as tight as I can and lay it at the bottom of my bag so when I open it, I don’t actually have to remove anything to find anything. I can see every color, every print and I just have to yank out a roll of what I want to wear. It almost looks like a little eyeshadow palette.”

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