Meet Bollywood Star Alaya F for nykaa fashion

by Shubham Ladha

Nykaa Fashion’s fashion-forward and curation-led platform welcomes its brand new face, Alaya F. The budding actor, rising in Bollywood as an actor, is also a keen fashion enthusiast. Within and beyond her work, Alaya enjoys experimenting fashion on her own terms. And that’s why she’s joined hands with Nykaa Fashion, celebrating the Nakhrewali in her and so many others who shop from Nykaa Fashion, who like to stay on top of trends, but are empowered with the freedom to personalise them.
With Nykaa Fashion, Alaya has starred in a Nakhrewali ad and TV campaign, showcasing the thoughtfulness that goes into curating only the most on-trend looks by Nykaa Fashion’s team of in-house stylists and experts. It aptly captures the campaign’s unique vision: For Nakhrewalis, By Nakhrewalis. Dressed in the latest collections from Nykaa Fashion, Alaya’s confident and easy-going style elevates every look to be inspiration for other Nakhrewalis watching, and makes it versatile for them.
Scroll on to read our interview with the star, where she talks about how she feels about the collaboration, her own relationship with fashion, and how fashion has empowered people today:
How do you feel about your association with Nykaa Fashion?
As an actor and public figure, fashion is a big part of my professional and personal life. I enjoy using it to express myself.. and I really enjoy experimenting and having fun with it! So naturally, being the face of a platform like Nykaa Fashion is a milestone in itself. As one of the biggest players in the world of fashion. Their curations are extensive and I get to discover new brands and styles at an instant. I’m proud and excited to be a part of Nykaa Fashion’s journey.
How do you enjoy being a Nakhrewali? Do you also have nakhras when it comes to fashion?
Being a part of this social media age, there are a plethora of fashion trends that come our way on a daily basis. And even though I love experimenting and playing around with fashion trends I’ve come to realise that there are many factors that should be taken into account when choosing the perfect outfit. Body type, height, shape all of these wonderful aspects of a person can be accentuated so beautifully with the right outfit! So as I grow more comfortable in my own skin, and learn more about myself and what I personally feel looks best on me, there are some nakhras that I’m particular about in my personal wardrobe. For example, I love sneakers but prefer those with platform soles. Drape me in a vibrant sari any day, but I’ll like the blouse to be dainty and short. Blazers? Yes please, but I’ll make sure I wear a cute crop top below it so that I’m not floating in fabric! Good style is discerning and speaks your mind, and I’m totally here for it! It’s all trial and error, but it’s always great fun!
Being a part of Nykaa Fashion’s unique Nakhrewali campaign definitely enriched my relationship with my personal style. I am thrilled to represent all my nakhrewalis out there, who know what they want, and now know where to get their perfect matches!
How has the experience of becoming the face of Nykaa Fashion been? What was your initial reaction to the opportunity?
It’s been great. I enjoy fashion, not just because of my work, but because it gives me pleasure to express my different facets through it. And Nykaa Fashion allows for that self-expression in a confident, bold and unapologetic way. I’ve been ordering a lot from both Nykaa fashion and Nykaa beauty for a long time and I’ve always loved everything about their platform! So being the face of it is such an honest match that I was delighted and so ready to jump onto the opportunity because I truly believe in their curations and everything they stand for!
What about your sense of style — personal or otherwise — resonates with Nykaa Fashion’s style values? What made you choose Nykaa Fashion?
My personal sense of style is very versatile. It keeps changing with time. Similarly, when you shop at Nykaa Fashion, it feels like the platform has something for everyone, and their every mood. You have the freedom to shop for whatever you want or like, and their curations are also just as versatile. I feel that’s what resonated with my sense of style and fashion. Additionally, you always end up finding new brands that suit your style. And their deliveries and returns are quick, easy and convenient.
What’s your relationship with fashion? How do you enjoy it?
I like to have fun with it and I love that it keeps changing! There’s always a new trend coming up from somewhere and I like the choice of knowing that I can hop onto it or skip it altogether! I keep discovering new sides to myself through fashion, and it also happens through discovering new brands on Nykaa Fashion. Their curations are very informative, diverse and fun to browse through. Comfort is obviously a priority, but I like taking risks and going bold too. Sometimes I know what I want and I find it on Nykaa Fashion, and other times I have no idea what I want, but with Nykaa Fashion I’m able to very quickly figure it out because of their options!
What do you think about Nykaa Fashion’s curations?
With one eye on global fashion trends and the other on my personal preferences, I like my outfits to carry the best of both worlds. At Nykaa Fashion, it’s easy to find the perfect match. With so many curated collections for every mood, relevant filters and the biggest brands, it’s always exciting to find the next piece for your wardrobe. Not only that, but Nykaa Fashion’s hand-picked curation of homegrown labels, Hidden Gems is one to watch out for. From basics to statement pieces, you’re sure to find a diverse range of fashion.
Do you think they help people style themselves more effectively and effortlessly?
Definitely, yes. I think having these sharp and interesting curations gives some direction to people who are looking to expand their personal styles, learning more and new stuff about fashion and experimenting with it, without any inhibitions.
How do you go about curating your personal style or look?
Before stepping out, I like narrowing down my style options so I know in my mind what I’m wearing and how I’m going to look. At any point of time, I like wearing at least one statement item, be it clothes or accessories. I’m particular about my choices and what I like to wear. A lot of thought and discernment goes into making any look work.
How do you feel fashion has empowered people today?
Fashion is a way to speak to your mind, mood and personality. As all of these aspects of our life change on a daily basis, I find it easy to express myself through fashion. From young Gen-Z finding their voice to those more set in their paths, fashion is a way that unites us all, yet makes each of us unique. Fashion is also such a quick uplifter! I’ve seen my mood go from 0 to 100 once I put on the right outfit! Getting dressed and ready is such a positive experience overall that there’s no reason it should feel anything less than amazing, that’s why Nykaa fashion is so wonderful! Because as amazing as it is to find the perfect outfit, it’s equally as frustrating when you go through your wardrobe and find ‘NOTHING TO WEAR!’ That’s where Nykaa fashion always has your back, there’s something there for everyone, you’ll always have something to wear and make you feel your best!

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