Fashion Lessons Learnt From Alia Bhatt

by Preksha Mangla
6 Fashion Lessons We Have Learnt From Alia Bhatt

Time and again, Indian cinema screens have been graced with flowy saree looks with immensely beautiful backdrops from snowcapped mountains to lush green fields. Sridevi, Anushka Sharma and Kajol have often adorned the big screen with statement saree looks with one constant beauty moment – the pallu hanging loosely and flowing in the air, making the movie-goers gasp WOW. It makes us want to dwell in classics, femininity and take pride in our country’s culture and cinema. These scenes and with them, their sartorial magic leave a major impact on the audience empowering their dreams and influencing looks in their daily life.

Alia Bhatt has revived one such style – the chiffon saree era of Bollywood with the release of her latest movie only to make us realise the position of sarees in Bollywood’s storytelling. We have jotted down a few fashion lessons learnt from her that you can inculcate in your daily life or make a statement at an event that will only make heads turn.

Plunging Neckline

The most noticed blouse style from the movie is the slightly deep plunging neckline with a minimal back. This blouse can not only be worn with sarees but lehengas also, and gives a flattering look. It outlines your neckline perfectly, and the saree beautifully breaks the two from the center. The combination of her sarees and blouses has created a harmonious balance of traditional Indian wear with modern fashion sensibilities. Manish Malhotra – the designer behind all of Alia’s looks in the movie, has played with different techniques that have made the plunging neckline with the saree even more beautiful.

Saree Patterns

Designer and Costume Stylist, Manish Malhotra has experimented with modern techniques like colour blocking, paneling and ombre dyeing as well as traditional techniques such as leheriya and block printing while creating her sarees. The idea was to give her look a vintage film feel, full of drama and romance. This is your hint to bring back these styles and include them in your wardrobe.



The thing that elevated all of Alia’s looks were her accessories – a black bindi, silver nose ring and jhumkas. Additionally, the dark black kohl outlining her eyes added focus and was what brought the look together. You can note this down for your day-to-day looks whether it’s with a kurti, a lehenga or a saree, the black in these elements will beautifully put your entire look together.

Bright colours

To keep it relevant to the young audience, lots of bright colours like pink, yellow and blue have been used in her sarees. You can see mixing and matching when it comes to colours like the neon green with purple saree look shot against a scenic backdrop of snow tips and blue sky. All her sarees perfectly harmonized with the scenic settings and that’s one lesson we have learnt from her.



We have seen a lot of pieces designed by Manish Malhotra using chiffon for sarees owing to its canvas-like personality that has helped him imagine and experiment as he has done in the movie. It is perfectly mirroring the character’s journey in the film. The lightweight fabric keeps you going through the day. We can take a cue from this and wear chiffon sarees for daily wear, work wear and even festivities. Add a heavy jewellery set and put on some makeup for glam, and you’re good to go.

Hair And Makeup

Alia Bhatt is known for her simplicity in terms of fashion and styling. And, she has made yet another statement with her outfits from her latest movie. Try styling your hair with a straightener or a curler in soft beach waves with a side part or tie them up in a sleek bun for the next time you wear a saree and you won’t be disappointed. Brush your face with minimal makeup – dewy skin with soft blush and highlighter. As discussed earlier, don’t forget to make your eyes bold with Kohl. That’s it, you have achieved Alia Bhatt’s signature look that will make you look good with everything you wear and every occasion you go to.



The most important lesson we have learnt from her is that colours are the soul of sarees, and sarees are a story wrapped in 6 yards of elegance. This timeless piece that is not confined to age, size or body shape, will only bring you compliments and love. Hop on the trend that Alia Bhatt has set and see for yourself.

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