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Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion - Brigitte Blue Solid Skinny Jeans
Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion
Brigitte Blue Solid Skinny Jeans
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Flaunt A Modern Flair With Jeans and Jeggings From Nykaa Fashion

Have you ever faced a situation where you glance inside your wardrobe and think, 'I am running out of clothes?' We bet almost every fashion-forward woman has faced such situations. At such times, jeans and jeggings are your saviors as they enable you to curate several outfits. This dynamic fashion duo blends style with comfort. 

Jeans, being the timeless classic, offers versatility, while jeggings blend the iconic look of jeans with the comfort of leggings. Thus, if you are looking forward to some jeans and jeggings shopping, Nykaa Fashion has some of the best on-point options.

Go Trendy With Top Picks of Jeans and Jeggings At Nykaa Fashion

Elevate your wardrobe with chic selections from our wide range of jeans and jeggings. We bring you some of our best picks below that promise to keep you ahead of the trend curve:

  • Jeggings

Each pair of jeggings in this collection is designed to flatter your silhouette and make you look the absolute best. Stitched to perfection with various breathable and lightweight materials, like cotton, polyester, blended fabric, and more, jeggings in our collection ensure complete comfort. Also, we spoil you for choice when it comes to several jegging patterns, like checks, prints, solid plains, etc.

  • High-Rise Jeans

Elevate your style game with these jeans as they sophisticatedly sit above your natural waistline. These are crafted to accentuate your body contours elegantly, offering an optimum fit. So, whether you want a skinny fit, a comfortable or a normal fit, or even a tapered fit, we have it all. You can try one of our popular picks- Dark Blue High Waist Ripped Denim.

  • Mid-Rise Jeans

The waistband of these jeans sits just between your navel and the hips. If you are someone who seeks comfort without giving up style, these jeans are a perfect match. Also, these feature various leg styles, from straight cut and wide to boot cut, flared, cropped, and more. These jeans are more versatile, making them an impeccable part of any fashion ensemble.

  • Low-Rise Jeans

These jeans are curated to sit below your natural waistline, offering an uber-cool look. Considered perfect to reflect a sleek silhouette, these jeans are ideal for casual outings with friends. These add a rebellious charm to your outfit and help make a bold style statement.

Draw Inspiration to Style Jeans and Jeggings: Handy Tips

Although jeggings and jeans may seem easy to style, some secret tips will enable you to curate out-of-the-box looks. Here's to what you can do with the duo:

  • Casual Chic

Wear your navy blue jeggings with cool, graphic-printed T-shirts and embrace the casual flair. Accessorize smartly with Wayfarer sunglasses and a trendy handbag.

  • Street Smart Vibe

Get that urban edge look by wearing high-rise or low-rise jeans with sweatshirts & hoodies. You can further complement the look with casual shoes and accessorize with minimal jewelry.

  • Get Vacation Ready 

Whether going for treks in the mountains or building sand castles at the beach, wear mid-rise jeans with a printed cropped top and make an iconic fashion statement. You can also layer your look with chic printed jackets.

Buying the Perfect Jeans and Jeggings: Concise Checklist

On a shopping spree for modern bottomwear? Of course, stylish jeggings and jeans are on your shopping list. But to make smart fashion investments, use our tips below:

  • Pay Attention to Reinforced Stitching

Considering the stitch around the pockets, side seams and hems tell you a lot about the quality of the jeggings and jeans. For instance, zoom in on the image of Mid Rise 312 Slim Fit Jeans online. You will be assured of its durable stitch factor.

  • Check Stretchability 

Always opt for buying jeans and jeggings with a stretchable fabric. These hug your contours gracefully, offering the desired appearance. Also, these offer longevity and freedom to move with ease.

  • Refer to the Size Guide

Bottomwear with a comfortable, snug fit is a dream buy for many. But for you, we have made things easy with our elaborate size guide. Keep your measurements handy while placing the orders.

Buy the Best Jeans and Jeggings From Nykaa Fashion

If there's anything that women desire to have on-point, except makeup, it is surely on-point jeans and jeggings! And Nykaa Fashion is here to help. We bring you a variety of the said bottom wear from top brands in various hues, including navy blue, black, white, beige, etc. For curating a cohesive look, you can also check out our top picks collection of sports shoes. All you must do is sign up, explore and bag exciting deals from renowned brands. So, get some jeans and jeggings shopping done today and be assured of prompt doorstep delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you wear jeans and jeggings with sneakers?

Absolutely! You can wear them with sneakers and take your style game to a whole new level.

  1. Can jeans and jeggings be machine-washed after first use?

It all depends on the quality of the fabric. For better results, always head to the product care instructions.

  1. Do jeans or jeggings shrink on ironing?

Shrinkage may take place if you iron the jeans or jeggings at a very high temperature. Thus, be careful with the temperature; set it to lower-medium levels.

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