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Shoetopia - Upper Bow Detailed Peach Slip On Loafers for Women & Girls
Upper Bow Detailed Peach Slip On Loafers for Women & Girls
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Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion - Mustard Bow Suede Loafers
Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion
Mustard Bow Suede Loafers
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Put Your Best Foot Forward With Stylish Loafers At Nykaa Fashion

Are you going through the 'what shoes do I wear with my dress' dilemma quite often? If yes, it's a sign from the universe that you must opt for a fresh footwear collection. And if comfort and style both matter to you, loafers would be the best option any day. These are designed with a slip-on closure and feature various patterns that will make you go 'wow.' 

Also, their soft, cushioned footbed pampers your feet, and you can consider wearing them for extended periods. So, when you set out to replenish your footwear closet, remember that Nykaa Fashion has an on-point, trendy loafer collection.

Stay Stylish, Wear Loafers: Find Top Picks at Nykaa Fashion

As you are reading this, it seems that you are already on a loafer shopping spree. However, to get the best ones in your shopping bag, glance at our best pick categories below:

  • Casual

Offering a relaxed, laid-back elegance, every casual loafer pair seamlessly blends style and comfort. Crafted from durable materials like synthetic, leather, canvas, etc., these add a polished finish to any casual outfit. Whether you are searching for them in wedges or platform heels, we have them covered on our platform. Available in various patterns like textured, embellished, printed, and more, you can wear these to casual outings like movies, brunches, etc. You can give our best pick- Tan Chunky Block Loafers a try.

  • Party

Grab all the spotlight and let your loafers do the talking as you buy them from our exclusive party range. Crafted from plush materials like suede, faux leather, PU, and more, these reflect an unusual shine and are designed to perfection. Popularly found in pointed-toe design, these feature sleek metallic embellishments and bows on the upper. Available in flat, block, and even kitten heels, these are sure to make your heart flutter at first sight.

  • Formal

Walk around confidently in our sleek and elegant formal loafer collection. These are designed to transform your office look, offering a refined touch of sophistication. Crafted from premium materials and featuring metallic accents, textured and solid patterns, these are just perfect for any of your boardroom meetings or upscale office events. Also available in round-toe and square-toe designs, these make you look chic and offer optimum comfort that lasts hours.

Drive Your Inner Fashionista: Handy Tips to Style Your Loafers

These footwear are versatile fashion accessories that can go with several outfits. However, to style them to perfection, you can use our tips below:

  • Give Layering a Shot

When wearing a loafer pair, dress up in chic tank tops and skinny-fit jeans. Curate a cohesive look by layering on with some trendy bomber jackets for a smart urban look. 

  • Choose the Right Bottomwear

Selecting the right bottoms can make or break your look. For instance, for a refined appearance, wear chinos that show your ankle slightly. That way, your loafers will look like a statement piece. Alternatively, you can also pair them with shorts or cuffed jeans.

  • Complement With Practical Accessories

You may wear a cute summer dress and pair your loafers with trendy, printed belt bags. It brings a practical touch to your ensemble and reflects a smart fashion sense.

A Simple Blueprint to Loafer Shopping: Top 3 Tips

Building a loafer collection will serve you well in the long run as they cater to diverse fashion preferences. However, when shopping for them, follow our tips below to make smart investments:

  • Check the Ankle Height 

On our platform, loafers are available in regular and mid-top ankle height. Both of these promote agility without risking any injuries. Thus, make a choice depending on your comfort level.

  • Consider the Sole Material

Different designs are available with different sole materials like TPU, rubber, polyurethane, etc., to ensure longevity and enhanced foot comfort. So, the next time you shop, ensure you don't forget this criterion.

  • Explore Vivid Color Combinations

Whether you prefer funky color combinations like pink, yellow, navy blue, and red or are a fan of sophisticated color palettes like tan, beige, brown, or black, we have loafers in all hues. Check out one of our best picks- Black Women Slip On Loafers.

Buy Chic Loafers Online At Nykaa Fashion Store

Up for some loafer shopping? Don't miss the latest designs at Nykaa Fashion. We bring you a variety to choose from, so you have a better shot at making the right choice. Our beautiful loafer collection will astound you as there is a pair for every fashion taste. Simultaneously, you can explore our jeans & jeggings collection for a balanced look. Also, get some irresistible deals on your favorite loafer picks as you add them to the shopping bag. So, sign up today and enjoy your shopping spree, followed by a prompt doorstep delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to care for your loafers?

Clean your loafers frequently with a shoe brush or a clean cloth. Store them with the help of shoe organizers and maintain their structural integrity. 

  1. What to do if your loafers are a bit tight?

You can stuff them with crumpled newspaper balls until they stretch. Alternatively, wear socks followed by the shoes, then apply medium heat with a blow dryer at the tight areas.

  1. Can you pair loafers with ethnic wear?

Absolutely! Loafers are versatile and can complement any fashion ensemble, including ethnic wear. Plus, they also offer comfort, making them an apt choice.

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