What you didn’t know about Pantone’s colour of the year

by Neharika Manjani

Every December, the Pantone Colour Institute announces the star shade of the year and we couldn’t help but notice that it’s choice for 2020, Classic Blue, was a distinct departure from colours that have typically made the cut. In 2019, the institute picked Living Coral and in 2018 it was Greenery, both colours that command attention. So, to find out what prompted the decision to declare Classic Blue the colour of the year, we did some digging and came back with three reasons that have convinced us to bring it to our closet. Scroll down to learn more.

Colours impact our emotions. Classic blue is frequently dubbed anti-anxiety blue because the familiar, dependable colour instills a sense of calm and stability in a world defined by uncertainty and unrest.

The selection of the solid shade is rooted in mindful consumption. A hue this classic is likely to be reused and not replaced.

Inclusivity is more than a mere buzzword and the colour of the year reinforces that by being omnipresent and relatable.

Jumpsuit, FKNS by Narendra Kumar, Rs 7560

Maxi dress, The Jodi Life, Rs 5,813

Top, Only, Rs 900

Shirt, Forever New, Rs 2,040

Jumpsuit, Faballey, Rs 1,430

Joggers, There!, Rs 5,000

Dress, Notebook, Rs 8,500

Jacket, Purvi Doshi, Rs 11,100

Dress, Truebrowns, Rs 1,960

Dress, Knotty Tales, Rs 7,500

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