Trend based: Unconventional colour-ways for sneakers

by Preshita Thakur

Think pinks, a suede beige, or acid neons. These aren’t just quirky eclectic hues or materials we’re vying for this season, these are also what’s been up in the sneaker scene lately. Sneakers and their colourways have never been a random process or thing, but in actuality, a lot goes towards designing the perfect kick and picking out their colourways. Ask a sneakerhead and you’ll know!
So when it comes to sneakers, these street style basics have risen to be an undisputed fashion essential and it’s high time we explore the unconventional colourways of the season, we have at Nykaa Fashion.
For an amateur, it may feel like a boring colour palette, but a real sneaker connoisseur would know, the classics are the top of the top for a reason, & that two-tonals are far from boring with the kind of colours and hues available out there.

Bend Low Pink Regular


Vador Multi2 Sneakers


Royal Legacy Td Navy


Club C Legacy Blue…


Again, not your classic regulars, these have white uppers with coloured overlays. A white sneaker has been a crowd favourite and a hit but what really adds character, this season, are these coloured accents which truly stand out.

Ferrari X-Ray Speed Unisex


Japan S White Mens Snea…


White Retro Youth Sneaker


Suede Bloc Lth Men White


The season’s latest offerings are the neon colours and sneakers would be the perfect go-to to find it perfectly amalgamated and it shows from the way the combination stands out but not exactly in a loud way, but a wildly stylish way.

Boost Pure White Sneakers


Tie-dye Converse Unisex


Designer Ombre Blue And


Ree-Flect Black Running…


For all the minimal aficionados out there, sneakers with the most minimal off-whites, beiges, and/or whites tops, overlays, and accents will give you the same energy as any of your favourite monochromatic outfits will do.

Continental 80 Stripes


Structured Upper Sneakers


Rate Sneakers


Rubberized Chunky


Drama is a must, and in the sneaker scene, you get that thanks to leopard prints, overlays, and accents, added to your favourite kicks. Again, the shoes come out as a crowd-pleaser rather than anything else!

Leo Mix Trainers-Beige


Literide White Women


Women Beige and Animal


New Legacy Brown


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