How the Nykaa Fashion Army makes working from home, work for them

by Aakriti Patni

Just three months into the new decade and we’ve had to adopt a new way of living. While networking and co-working spaces may have been the trend last year, now it’s all about social distancing and working from home. And those of us, who’ve always worked in an office set-up, are now struggling to remain productive and motivated as we find ourselves sitting alone at our work tables. So, we decided to ask the Nykaa Fashion Army what they’re doing to beat the monotony of work from home.

The one thing that I feel really helps me stay productive while working from home, is exercise. Whenever I start to feel lethargic because of sitting at one place on my laptop, I take a quick break to do a small workout. It can be as simple as doing some leg exercises or even a few surya namaskars. Getting my body moving instantly makes me feel more energetic!
– Maia Shroff, Social Media Executive

To save myself from procrastinating, I like to keep a fun task like baking or playing the piano at the end of the day; this way I have something exciting to look forward to. This helps me ensure that my work is finished on time, and also beat the boredom that comes with staying inside.
– Shimoli Kapasi, Stylist

The challenge for me during this work from home has been to stay motivated and creatively inspired. I miss having the energy of my colleagues around. So, whenever I start feeling lazy or unproductive, I look up artists and their works which inspires me to get right back to work and create new designs!
– Jheel Tanwani, Assitant Manager, Design

Working from home has had its challenges, especially since I get easily distracted from what’s happening around the house. To overcome this, I divide my work every day, ensuring that I factor in short breaks every now and then. And if I’m feeling sluggish during the workday, then I take a 12-minute power nap. I always wake up feeling more productive and alert.
– Jasnoor Anand, Content Executive

For me, the problem is that working from my bedroom day after day has now become mundane. I’ve realized that to work productively, I need to put timelines and a deadline for each task, and make a to-do list the night before. This helps me prioritize my tasks and ensures that I remain efficient.
– Avantika Rana, Senior Marketing Executive

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