Sleeping with a bra on?

by Preshita Thakur

It is time to end the debate. Do you wear your bras to bed?
A range of opinions will pour right in if you ask this question. Some will say yes because it prevents sagging, and some will say no because “how can you? It’s uncomfortable?”. Many will come back with a list of health risks involved.
So, is sleeping in your bra bad for your health?
The answer is no, but it can be, depending on what exactly you wear. To be precise, the connective tissue in breast tissue innately loosens over time, causing sagging, which can be combated by wearing a bra during the day. However the tissues do not have the gravitational pull when lying down at night, so you don’t exactly need to wear a bra for sagging if that is a major concern. Moreover, sleeping in a bra that’s too tight or restrictive can also cause:
-Skin irritation and indentations
-Restricted breathing and blood flow
-Worsened symptoms of acid reflux
This is why it’s important to decide the kind of bras you wear to sleep. In fact, the below NYKD pieces will equip you with comfort, soft fabrics, the freedom of movement and no spillage, exactly what your body needs while sleeping.

Designed and crafted in lighter-than-air stretch fabric that moves with you, this seamless longline wireless bra will give you total freedom and an ultra-soft rash-free sleep experience.

This double-layered non-padded slip-on bra has been designed with moulded cups and super-soft cotton stretch fabric that hugs your body and makes you feel at ease round the clock. It is so comfy that you will want to wear it to sleep or do yoga.
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